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  1. Life

    The actual cosplayer. I wish she was my wife
  2. Life

    So I was down in London last weekend for an anime convention. It was smashing. The convention, I mean. London was fine and all, but bloody hot, and expensive. I liked the ice cream though... And I found this at the convention. And it was good!
  3. It's all about Super Mario Galaxy. The sheer whimsy of Gutsy Garden makes my spine dance with excitement. A0R6FnpqylE
  4. The threat of Big Dog

  5. Greetings true believers, So here's the problem. I've been playing a lot of games on this laptop. From Dawn of War 2, to WoW, Dragon Age, and everything inbetween. However, some games often fall short in FPS. Mass Effect in particular, and The Witcher often get 10/15FPS with absolute minimum settings. I checked my dxdiag, and realising that my drivers were dated at the 22nd January, 2009. Fiddlesticks! Checking the ati website, I was frankly overwhelmed at how much there was, and It was all a bit confusing. Because I'm not entirely sure what chipset to go for, I'm still unable to sort this out. If anyone could directly point me to what I should get, I'd be in your debt. Love you long time, etc. I hope that this driver update (I think they're factory drivers, doh) will help fix the FPS in some of this stuff. If it doesn't, what would you guys suggest? Cheers in advance!
  6. I'll be playing Germany. Do I need to rejoin the game or something? I'm miles away this week.
  7. Life

    Currently cursing the UK Royal Mail. I sent the contract to my new flat on the 20th of May, by First Class, and by recorded delivery. The best of the best, basically. Now it's the 26th, and I'm tracking it. It's still at the sorting offices, and it's going no more than 20/30 miles. Normally, this wouldn't bother me, but because it's meant to be in by Friday/Saturday, it's making me increasinly worried and frustrated. I've since e-mailed the accomodation place to inform them of this terrible situation. I hope it's sorted soon or I'm in trouble.
  8. I'll be away from Thursday-Monday, I hope my game auto updates the moves I leave it to.
  9. Dwarf Fortress: Succession Fort!

    40d is more consistent and less buggy for new players imo
  10. Day 1: Dropped next to an ocean so I can get clams. Aptly named "Rapture". No God or Kings. Only men. Day 2: Moved my scout West, and found an indignious tribe, who granted me a pair of their residents as further scouts. We moved Westward, seeking fertile lands, and used our second party to scout South, as we train a worker in Rapture so we can produce farming and worthwhile sustenance for the nomadic German people. Everything's coming up Germany. Day 3: We continue what we set forth the previous day. Things are still looking prosperous. The lack of other civilizations is worrying. Are we the only ones on this barren earth?
  11. Technology in classes/university.

    If I take my laptop into class, I end up on Spelunky. If I try to use books, I get irritated because I can't ctrl+f. The future is tricky
  12. Red Dead Redemption

    The last 2 guys I lassoed just acted like they were hit by a bullet. Bugs!
  13. Red Dead Redemption

    Just played for 7 hours, and hit Mexico. It's a rockstar game. Very repetitive and kind of "Go here and do this thing". "Now go and do this". "Now wrangle a horse" It's not BAD, it's just a bit...boring.
  14. Dragon Age

    It's a lot like World of Warcraft really friend. Say you play a wizard. You'd select your target, and cast spells from a taskbar, and inbetween that, you autoattack with a staff. Your party will play by AI commands and behaviours you give them. If you've played Final Fantasy 12, you'd get this better, but to boil it down, you give a person either a pre-defined set of behaviours (IE "Brawler" on your melee. They'd just run in and use as many skills as they can. Medic on healers means they'd target and buff your characters) or you purposefully program them to follow a stringent set of rules. For the most part, you select your man and click "die" on a baddy, and theyre very capable themselves. I hope this answers your question.
  15. Who wants Red Dead Redemption?

    I'd have it if ONLY I COULD SPEAK NORWEIGAN. Realistically though, couldn't you just send one copy back and claim cash back?
  16. Dwarf Fortress: Succession Fort!

    Nah it's all the same.
  17. Dwarf Fortress: Succession Fort!

    6 months is like, 2 seasons ingame. I couldn't say without testing, but that'd be roughly 5/6 hours maybe? Depending on who/if we get people, I'm sure we can collaborate things quite well. It's a surprising amount of depth, I'm afraid. It's the kind of thing that's pretty hard to get into, but that's just because of the SHEER depth that goes into it. It's essentially an engine built for emergent outcomes (Think a tile based FARCRY 2 I suppose). But that's one of the good things about it really. Even if you fuck up, you still have something brilliant to write about or experience, and let the next person catch up on it. I'd suggest reading the Boatmurdered for the kind of thing we'd have to put up with. I can field a lot of questions if you have any. Also this.
  18. What if renting/borrowing became extinct?

    I'd buy a hell of a lot less games.
  19. Sombres German empires lives. Prepare to be crushed by our efficient and well organised boot.
  20. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    I'm like a motherfucking caged lion. From Hells heart, I stab at thee! With my last breath, I spit at thee.
  21. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    At one point, I realised James was wiping out a guy, so I sent him a ton of weapons to reduce his fleets incase I was to fight him.
  22. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    Game to Murdoc! Will do a write up at some point to describe what happened with pics and shit. At the end, I just basically sent everything in all directions to spite everyone. I look forward to hearing how we all felt about the game.
  23. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    Or be a backstabber and slaughter innocent allies.
  24. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    I'm probably going to flicker and die soon, because I have finance applications to fill in, and housing applications at the same time. Too busy
  25. Help me help myself(Help my computer)

    Downloadint now, will update as progress goes (or does not)