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  1. Heavy Rain

    I enjoyed the QTEs in the previous game. I know i'm a minority, but I didn't feel like i was watching a cutscene, or was in the middle of a different type of action and then suddenly the game throws a QTE at me out of nowhere, like how they are used in most other games. The interaction mechanics were primarily based on a series of challenging QTEs, which is fine. It didn't pretend otherwise, or throw them at you out of nowhere. They were properly integrated, and for the most part I enjoyed them. I hope that in Heavy Rain they tone down the instant death on fail, and instead opt for some more branching paths for the QTEs.
  2. Dragon Age

    I hear that if you bring a dwarf 5 pickaxes he shows you his boobs.
  3. Dragon Age

    Surely Bioware would have seen the trailers beforehand though, right? The Doctors are pretty high up at EA these days, so i would have thought they could do something about marketing butchering their game like that. The whole situation is baffling.
  4. Holy shit you talked about Discworld Noir, I've never heard anybody else even acknowledge that game exists. It's probably my favourite non-lucasarts adventure game. I just searched for it so I could install it again, but I think I've lost it elmuerte: when you can't interact with your character, your character can't interact with the world. As opposed to cutscenes where you can't interact with your character, but it IS interacting with the world.
  5. I just got to the last level of Trine, and it's every bit as awful as chris said it is I'm not sure if i want to finish it now, or to just give up here.
  6. I enjoyed the 1st continent of Kings Bounty a whole lot, but there are some weird difficulty spikes around the place. For example when you are first able to go to the pirate isles the difficulty ramps up so much that i could kill anyone on the first continent with ease, but even the weakest of the island enemies wiped the floor with me. I can't remember where stopped playing the game, it's so long that i eventually just decided i'd got my moneys worth called it finished. Pretty cool game. You should try reading the quest text though, it's pretty weird & hilarious sometimes and clearly doesn't take itself seriously.
  7. [PROTOTYPE] In Stores Today!

    I'm going to go right ahead and say that i think the first and most important thing you need to have to be considered an open world game is an actual open world to explore at your own discretion. PoP, barring its extremely rudimentary hub system, is pretty much on rails with its environment design. I agree with you, otherwise. Prototype is often very light on making use of the world with it's mission structure.
  8. [PROTOTYPE] In Stores Today!

    I've played maybe 6 hours into prototype over the last few days & it's seriously the most fun i've had in a Video game in ages. As a game, overall it's pretty meh, but the one thing they got right is the insane over the top mayhem, and hot damn they nailed it. I don't mind flawed or otherwise mediocre games, so long as i feel they do one thing really well, and not screw up the other things so badly that it undercuts my enjoyment of that one thing (i'm looking at you, assassins creed).
  9. Box Art Design Challenge 1: Danté's Inferno

    It was supposed to be option A, but i'm afraid I ended up with something a bit generic. ah well, next time.
  10. Borderlands

    There is some shader trickery going on with the lighting, but it's not remotely cel-shading. I have this argument a lot. People just generally use cel-shaded to mean Not Realistic, and you can spend ages explaining that it's not cel-shading and people will eventually agree, and then turn around and call it cel-shading to everyone except you. Being stylised and exaggerated isn't mutually exclusive with gritty at all. I'd have to wait and see it in action, but so far i'd say it works for this game even better than it worked for PoP. I love that instead of going completely cartoony or failing at total realism, devs are starting to experiment with a more stylised realism. I like it
  11. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi. I guess i came here from SA too. I've been hearing about idle thumbs from a bunch of places for a while, and finally decided to come see.
  12. KOTOR: the Evil way

    My evil playthrough of kotor ended up being only luke-warm evil. I didn't do the really awful stuff, but i loved being an asshole. It was way more fun than a completely good playthough. Most games don't let you be evil enough, so i was pleasantly surprised to find that KOTOR was sometimes a little too evil. It's nice to have the option. In comparison, my fallout 3 evil playthrough was a huge disappoint.