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  1. Deus Ex 3

    The accompanying interviews especially have set my mind at ease. There is now enough information out there to feel cautiously optimistic.
  2. Telltale Jurassic Park

    Is this for real? It seems bizarre and awesome. Jake? Famous? Jurassic Park adventure game? It had better contain Goldblum laugh.
  3. Alpha Protocol

    Also, on the pc the controls for that minigame are abysmal. The keyboard side doesn't move quickly enough & the mouse side moves erratically and is extremely over-sensitive, getting it to properly line up on the matching code segment can be a nightmare. You do get used to it eventually. I started out thinking it was completely broken, but I can do it pretty quick now & haven't failed one since the start of the game. The game is full of terrible shit like that, but I am weirdly still really enjoying it. [edit] Chris, the left hand code segment is controlled by the keyboard WASD, with the space bar locking it in. The right hand segment is controlled with the mouse, left click to lock in. When the hack begins, start moving both segments toward the middle of the screen (so it's statistically likely to be closer to the appropriate code segment when you identify it) and unfocus your eyes to find the areas that aren't moving.
  4. Deus Ex 3

    I really, really love the Look of what they are doing, but i'm not sure about the actual trailer. It's sort of silly superhero action stuff, which is never how I played Deus ex. Although you could play that way, so it isn't really out of place I suppose. I like the title.
  5. Call of Duty: Space Warfare 3

    Actually, Call of Duty: Space Warfare interests me x100 more than whatever the hell the genuine announced one is.
  6. Bungie makes 10-year deal... with Activision

    It seems like the publishing deal that IW wished they had. Good luck to them.
  7. NeoGaf: Any of you post there?

    It took 4 months for my original application to be rejected. I reapplied with my university email address & it took 7 months before that was accepted. By that time I had mostly lost interest & only post rarely. Basically apply with your university or work email, even if it's not your main email account.
  8. Yeah, and the semantic acrobatics you used in weaseling around that are exactly what was amusing. I made a lame joke about it. At least one person found it funny. That's half the point of posting on a forum. The joke was at your expense and I thought you'd realise what you had done and laugh and/or take it on the chin. I didn't anticipate you getting so spectacularly offended. Bad judgement on my part, I apologise. You stay classy, dude
  9. My worthless post was was pointing out the utter ridiculousness of your line of reasoning. You said EA doesn't make games. That was your original argument. In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary you then conceded they do make games, technically, you suppose. But not really. That is some Ebert grade semantics right there.
  10. "EA doesn't make games" "Yes they do" "No they don't" "Yes, they actually really do." "But they don't make games that I like."
  11. Wasn't expecting a cast this week so this was an awesome surprise. Also, glad to see Sean's return. I played through the entirety of Far Cry 2 twice before hearing that it even had a hang glider. I'm weirdly pleased by this.
  12. You're not really saying that stress has no effect on performance in a skill based game and that the outcome is entirely a 50/50 chance like a coin flip are you?
  13. I don't know what Lords are in the context used in the cast. Do I want to? Good discussion on singleplayer games.
  14. How did they restructure blizzard? It looks like they restructured everything except blizzard.
  15. Wikipedia Notability selective enforcement is bullshit, it's true. I may have been convinced to pick up Metro 2033.
  16. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

    I have never played a Pokemon game or seen one being played for more than a few seconds. Thinking of picking this up to see what's up with this whole pokemons thing.
  17. Pretty much every other report of Splinter Cell: Conviction has been about the action-ey stuff. Now that I know you can still effectively play entirely stealth, I am suddenly incredibly excited for it. Flotilla sounds awesome, will have to check that out. semi-related: why isn't there a new Homeworld? is there some lame IP thing? great 'cast
  18. Mice for gamers.

    seconding the MX 510. The crappy default mouse i've used for many years died recently and I decided to get a halfway fancy gaming mouse. A bunch of people recommended the MX 510 or one of its cousins, so I got one and I'm very happy with it. They're old, so you can get em pretty cheap now too. Although, to be fair, it looks ugly as sin.
  19. BioShock 2

    Just finished it & it's pretty great. It suffers for not having a new character as strong and memorable as Andrew Ryan, but I feel that the rest of the story is better than the first game. The actual gameplay is unquestionably better.
  20. Civilization 5

    I like that unit stacks are now represented by multiple units, but that the movement system is now hex. Looks like they're rethinking the appropriate levels of abstraction for each game element, which is a good thing at this point, imo.
  21. It's a little weird. Although he is a dapper fellow.
  22. yeah, if the podcast is bi-weekly/monthly then it would be ok to have some longer ones. I wouldn't want you guys stretching, but if a conversation naturally runs longer then it's more okay to release a 2+ hour podcast sometimes. I like that when you haven't casted in 3 months and there's a whole bunch of new games to talk about, you spent 15+ minutes talking about System Shock 2. I missed you guys. ^^ syntheticgerbil is right about one thing, Steve is sharp. Not to imply that Jake and Nick aren't, but they sometimes have trouble articulating what they want to say, whereas Steve can go toe to toe with Chris in a discussion.
  23. Idle Thumbs ??: What is game?

    Hearing the finished version made me grin like an idiot for a good few minutes.
  24. Mass Effect 2

    Yeah, that happened to me at a couple of points in the game with different metals, but Just keep mining it - those bars that fill up aren't a good indicator of how much resource you need. Some upgrades later on can cost the whole filled up bar of metal, one even costs twice that amount. It's a really, really good idea to upgrade everything. [edit] Also, for anyone who has completed legions loyalty quest,
  25. Mass Effect 2

    About the complaints of bioware having taken too much rpg out of ME2... to me, this feels like what they were trying to do in the first game but just couldn't get right, being too entrenched in the more traditional rpg system tropes. This game now feels less like a mashup of two genres and more that it's becoming something new. I don't want Dragon Age in space, I want Mass Effect to be it's own thing. There's a bunch of little things in the game I don't like, but I can't fault their direction. I would be a whole lot more concerned if they hadn't just put out Dragon Age, but they did. So i'm pleased to see them going down a different path.