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  1. How has Idle Thumbs affected your life?

    The time I spent laughing on Wednesday's is considerably much higher than the other days. Unless I am drunk the other days.
  2. People write your jokes? That's it. No more WHIZARD for me.
  3. "...the trail was as cold as the doorknob of a whore house on Christmas...and I was hungry." Oh man, Chris your hilarious. I can't stop laughing. Oh man, you guys pissed of the Security Guard.
  4. Fuck another Wednesday at work without the Wizard. Damn you Jake.
  5. Yes this is David Simon... yes, that's me right next to him!

    After watching The Wire, I'm really looking forward to Treme.
  6. It would be awesome if you guys were playing a game as you did a podcast. The guys at Kotaku tried this once. They were interviewing the Insomniac guys when Resistance 2 came out, so they were playing the co-op online and asking them about the question, but the guy who was recording the video, had no idea how to play the game. I turned it off after 2 minutes. I'm sure you guys will not fail that bad, well maybe Jake.
  7. RSS feed broken?

    Yeh I have that for my home laptop but at work I can't install iTunes. I was wondering if Firefox was able to do it. I know torrent rss feeds for TV shows download automatically so I wonder if there is a reader for direct downloads. Chris, thanks for suggesting the history podcast. This should keep me busy Monday - Tuesday and Wednesday - Friday. Is it a weekly thing?
  8. Other podcasts

    Must listen!
  9. RSS feed broken?

    Is there a way to set up the feeds such that when a new episode is out it starts downloading it automatically?
  10. Would have been awesome if you guys had recorded your conversation as you were watching this. Jake and Nick would have just said "WOAAAAAA" and laughed over and over again.
  11. Oh shit. I know the face but totally forgot his name. The programmer from Independence Day.
  12. Jake FTW! Who's Jeff Goldblum? Too lazy to Google. I thought there was going to be some WIZARDON recordings at the end. I guess you lied. Another great show.
  13. Idle Thumbs 42: The Dreamcast

    Awesome episode! Bring back the voice mails.
  14. OH MY GOD! Wizard same sex marriage! You guys made me look like a crazy person at work, I could not stop laughing.
  15. Hey THUMBS, Can you post the list of books you guys mentioned in the podcast?
  16. Trine

    This looks really good, another awesome PSN game to add to my collection.
  17. Idle Thumbs 27: What is Game?

    YES! WIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZARD! Just heard that part, and got the biggest smile on my face.
  18. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Saw this on G4, it was hilarious.
  19. PixelJunk

    They are holding the naming contest, and I sent in PixelJunk: Terra. Tomorrow the contest ends, hopefully I won.
  20. Awesome ep! We need more wizard though.
  21. Final Fantasy XIII'th story sucks

    Haven't played one since FFX so I don't mind if the story is similar.
  22. Hilarious ep. Good Job guys. That ign twitter account is hilarious.
  23. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi, all. I guess I have to write something about myself, um, I'm 21 from Canada, doing my 3rd year of Electrical Engineering. I love listening to the Idlecast, and they always talk abotu the boards, so I thought I'd join to see whats good. I have a PC and PS3 but lately only playing PS3, until Guild Wars 2 is released than I'll be lost in my PC again. I've been playing a lot of Killzone 2 online lately if anyone wants to play with me online add me PSN: kosluftar My username is made up of two words, "Kos" which stands for Kosovo and "Luftar" which means soldier in Albanian. Anyway thats it about me. "WIZZZARD!"