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  1. When the people manufacturing the device claim that it's designed to be easy to "hack", there's nearly no value for developers to target the system as a primary or solitary platform. Piracy and jailbreaking is enough of a problem on the already existing devices.

  2. The bargo was busted by CVG. They gave it a 9.5, then pulled the video review down after noticing their error.

    Additionally, Skyrim could have also been beaten in like 3 hours or something dumb.

    I'm still really skeptical about Dishonored in general. I haven't seen much that has interested me.

  3. I borrowed a game off my friend many years ago. It was a Civ type game but scifi. There were several different races with different attributes. Each zone on the planet was layed out in a grid. people, ships, planes etc were represented by icons (the people by ones like you would find on a toilet). It was very very colourful.

    i didn't even like the game and gave up when i figured out that the computer was cheating atrociously even on the lower diffficulty levels, but i still would love to know the name of it! Ah, nostalgia making fools of us all.

    This was on the PC. I would have had the game around 1998 and i don't think it was much out of date at that point.

    Sounds like Alpha Centauri but that came out in 99.'s_Alpha_Centauri

  4. Yeah, I realized that long after I'd invested in a much more complicated "Supercharge + Charge Reconstitution + Charge Domination" build. Kinda wish there was a full respec option... I never take any damage, but it takes me a while to kill stuff.

    Give the game about a month, I'm sure a mod will come out for full respec.

  5. Torchlight II is among my top three of the year. Runic hooked me up with Steam codes to give away, and I think everyone should play it. If for whatever reason you can't afford it (please be honest), let me know. I'll give two out to people who actually need it.

  6. A strange thing happened after listening to this episode; something that I never thought I'd get out of what a video game podcast about video games. I was in my car, hearing you guys talk about Space Engine and dying to fly around the known (and unknown) universe looking at things. I followed the suggestion of throwing on an Italian opera singer in the background while I did it. Not knowing any I simply googled "famous female Italian opera singers" and threw the first name that I saw into grooveshark, Cecilia Bartoli. Added one of her full albums, "If You Love Me, 18th Century Italian Songs", and jumped into space.

    Space Engine is really cool firstly, love flying around and looking at planets and crap, but that music. I've seen my fair share of musicals on and off Broadway, but never came out of them wanting to listen to the music afterwards. My brain always connected musicals and opera together, so I figured that I wouldn't ever want to listen to it, particularly when I have *no clue* what the singer is saying. Boy was I wrong.

    This stuff is excellent. I've found myself closing my eyes and drinking it in. You don't need to know what Cecilia Bartoli is saying.

    Video games.

  7. I haven't tried it, but I bet you can actually upgrade in the middle of a round—which may help get through some of the tougher ones. But they also want to make it inconvenient unless you were just killed. You're right that if it's just going to happen at the end of rounds anyways, it doesn't make sense to not just make upgrades available everywhere.

    Yeah, you can upgrade mid-round provided you have the cash for it. Taking that time though, instead of fighting with your teammates, is probably not advisable particularly at the later stages.

    I typically play as a Medic, and it seems fairly worthless in MvM to continue to do so. You need to deal damage, plain and simple. One more person laying down pain is less robots.

  8. Alright, so I"ve continued playing a bit, but haven't touched Dota 2 since that first week. All the folks that want to play with me play LoL, so I've been doing that one night a week for about a month now, and some things really irritate me. It's easy for me to complain today because last night almost had me rage quitting.

    League of Legends seems to always limit which Lords are available to choose. Every week, there's a different set that I can pick from, so despite enjoying this one Lord Ashe the first week, I haven't been able to play as her again. I'm not completely sure, but it seems like that's their whole business model. Get you liking a character enough for a week to buy them so you can always use them. Then, you'll learn later on that they're not as great as you wanted and you'll look for someone else to buy.

    Ultimates in general are relatively stupid looking. When we played Dota 2, there were Lords who threw SHIPS at people. Totally awesome and felt ultimate! These? Oh look roots grew up for a split second and damaged them. Plus, the overall look of the game is stuck in the 90's. I know it's based on Warcraft 3, but it doesn't have to be straight Warcraft 3. The engine will often graphically glitch out as well.

    Dota 2 has none of those issues. It looks great, sounds great, lets you play with whoever you want whenever you want. Now, if I can only convince them to play some more Dota 2 than LoL. Problem being is they've already got tons of money stuck in it.

  9. It's more handy on bigger maps, especially if you're a Heavy who has to hustle back for upgrades or an Engineer who needs to reposition your stuff before the next wave.

    Then they need to do something else. It's not fun for the slow-ass heavy to have to walk back to the beginning of the map to buy upgrades, then get back to where he's supposed to be stationed for the next wave. It's even less fun when you're someone waiting for the heavy because you've already completed what you wanted to do.

    edit: I don't know why they didn't just allow the buy screen from anywhere, ala Counterstrike.

  10. I'm not really sure about MvM yet. I played for a couple hours on a private server, made it to the final wave then everyone "got tired" and had to leave. The pacing kind of sucks. I'd much rather not have everyone "ready up" in between rounds and just make it more frantic. Also, the map I did play on felt REALLY small. Basically two "rooms" next to each other.

    Plus, all the waiting sucks to get into other servers. I've heard people buy tickets to Mann Up, and still not get in to play quickly.

  11. CBS makes me laugh.

    Jonathan Blow, probably the most famous video game developer in the world, may also be the most feared.

    I really, really loved Braid. As a game, as a story telling device, it was incredible in many ways and had, to this day, the single best ending of any game I've ever played. However despite my heaps of praise, I cannot for the life of me understand why Blow is getting the press he is getting both within and outside of the industry. Many developers go through their entire careers not hitting the heights Blow has, yes, but before we start proclaiming him Jesus, we should probably wait and see.

    I'm personally very interested to see what happens with The Witness, but at face value it's tough for me to get overly excited about what, at face value, appears to be a Myst clone. In the video that I linked, Blow said that The Witness is "already better" than Braid. That's a pretty lofty claim.

  12. I played two matches last night with people I knew against bots. They are all League of Legends players and mocked the game basically the whole time. The first match, we were accidentally playing against hard bots and I picked a generic dude on a horse (forget his name, but he seemed angry). That didn't go well at all. The second I picked "Gyrocopter" because he looked funny and did reasonably well (we won that match). No, before you ask, I didn't plan ahead as to who I should pick... I just winged it. They want to teach me LoL instead of Dota 2 because "Dota 2 is stupid."