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  1. GoldenEye:Source

    Slaps only FTW
  2. GTAIV: The Lost and the Damned

    If anyone wants to try and win a free copy of this, we've got a giveaway for three copies over on evav. I'm currently just a little while into the game, but I like some of the stuff they did with the game. Specifically when you're in a pack of bikers you can regain health and even body armour as long as you're sticking in 'formation'. Not sure how much that will play into the whole game itself, but I thought it was pretty neat. Additionally, I just got done watching Masters of Mayhem on NatGeo HD, so it made me want to join a biker gang. (not really)
  3. BioShock 2

    I'm sure it'll be fine, but I can't help but think its just going to be a cash in title and not pay the IP justice. Oh, and I can't stand the design of the Big Sister.
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Glad you think so
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello. My name is Jim... I work over on Evil Avatar. I like the video games, and I like the 'pod' 'cast'.
  6. Resi 5

    I got a chance to play Resident Evil 5 two nights ago, and I was a little put off. Its a beautiful looking game, I really love the aesthetic but I can't feel that they could have updated the controls a bit more to fit the western audience. Sure it feels better than RE4, but its still clunky. Perhaps, like RE4, this will just take a little getting used to... but as of this moment, I'm not feeling it.
  7. I'm getting a 502 when trying to download the episode through iTunes. edit: there we go, must have hit it at a weird time... Hopefully you talk about Nick's role in this ShackNews/GameFly thing, but I'm guessing the podcast was recorded prior to the announcement.
  8. Great show guys. With Chris' permission I've posted the show to Evil Avatar news. Hopefully that helps out with traffic a bit. ~Jim