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  1. Street Fighter IV

    You son of a bitch. bTMtLW9ZRXE
  2. Street Fighter IV

    Tournament update is out. Go get it.
  3. The All New XBox Gamertag Exchange Thread!

    Sure, I'll bite. I'm Modeps Returns, because for some reason I can't get my original Modeps account back. It was created back in the XBL beta days... and there it sits, never to be used again.
  4. Street Fighter IV

    Roundhouse kick eh? I may have to try that.
  5. (

    Inspired clearly from Saturday Night Live, IGN has decided to throw quotes from popular internet songs into their reviews. "Chop my balls off, like a boss!" - "It's like a big blue watery road." - "Snack Attack Motha' Fucka" -
  6. Street Fighter IV

    I finally picked up Street Fighter IV last week and am loving it... except for some annoying problems. First, to unlock all the characters, you need to play against Seth and beat him at least 24 times. Seth is the most cheesed computer AI opponent ever created. Even dropping down to Easy difficulty and setting 1 round wins, he's brutally difficult, specially when using a character you're not interested in playing or learning. Basically to beat Seth, you've got to learn to game the AI instead of be a better player. That is not what Street Fighter is about, and never has been. Cheese is cheese. (Before I hear "well you're just not good enough, I've got 40 ranked wins with a 68% win percentage using Honda at up around 1000BPs from when I started playing) Second, matchmaking in general is broken. I took a video, embedded below the post, about a fairly common occurrence for me where I'll see opponents multiple times in the select screen but they are not even online. Furthermore, 9 times out of 10 when I try to play someone, it says that either the match is full, or just a general "can't play" message with no flavor text. I spend more time searching for a game than playing one. When I host, I never have anyone join. I've attempted to contact Capcom PR about it, and when their promised update would hit but even though they've been very forthcoming to me in the past, they have been silent on this particular question. (Before I hear "well, your network is screwed up..." I've checked all that, have an open NAT in Halo 3, and according to the network test for the 360, everything is fine) Finally, I'm a stats whore and there seems to be a severe lack of statistical information regarding the game. Sure you've got your overall percentages, but I want win/loss percentages by player presented in a clear, concise manner. In general, its a really awesome game, one that makes me feel the same way I felt while playing Street Fighter 2 on the SNES back in the early 90s while sitting next to my best friend who was a girl at the time who loved to be Chun-Li (and wanting to touch her boobs, but that's not related). zMmeHQjoRI4
  7. Funny how you guys aren't exactly up on Brutal Legend. Since the media started hitting, I never really understood why people were so excited about it. The little bit of gameplay that was released always, at face value, looked very generic. Yes, Tim Schafer is behind the game, so it'll probably be adored by everyone who strokes his... feet... but I'm wondering if there was a reason that Activision cut it loose, other than the fact that they didn't feel it was a recurring, money making series. I'm no metal head, and was never a metal head, so that draw is lost to me... Jack Black I can take or leave... so basically, there's only the humor and gameplay left.
  8. Far Cry 2

    I actually had the same issue, now that I'm starting the game. It told me to goto the bar, but I couldn't get into the building. It was a bit broken, like many parts of the game (the AI seriously needs to turn off wallhacks), but I'm really enjoying it so far.
  9. OnLive - high-end PC gaming without the PC

    I just dont see how they're going to get past the latency issue. No matter where you are, you're going to have problems. Conceptually, its really cool sounding, but logistically, no matter how much work they put into the underlying tech, it just seems very implausible. GameSpot has the whole press conference up on their site for view.
  10. Android

    I'd probably go with the iPhone if there wasn't a craptastic exclusive ATT deal. I still don't quite understand why I can't just buy a phone I want and have it work with the network I want (presuming they use the same technology).
  11. Impressions from playing Portal

    I feel that Portal was the perfect length and had a bit of replay value in there as well with their challenges. If it was much longer and I would have been like "Ok dude, I fucking get it."
  12. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    On that Last.FM page, the picture that comes up has a dude that looks like that guy from Entourage.
  13. BioShock 2

    I know that you play AS "the" big daddy, hell you played as one in the first game, I just don't want to play the WHOLE game as one. There's been talk that Bioshock 2 will be a prequel, and maybe that's still true (even though the events of B2 will take place AFTER the first game). It may be interesting to do flashback segments (pre-Bioshock 1) integrated with the post-Bioshock 1 content. Basically, it'd be a prequel, AND a sequel. *head a splode*
  14. BioShock 2

    I'm still not even sold that this game really needs a sequel at all, but at least it doesn't sound terrible... I just better not be playing as a Big Daddy the entire freakin' game.
  15. Hope you guys don't mind me posting a link here. My buddy and I have taken up the task of running the Evil Avatar podcast. Instead of rolling with an hour+ format, we're knocking it back to bite sized morsels of 15-20 minute increments, multiple times a week. Yep, its about games. We've been doing it for 2 weeks now, have 4 shows up. Shotgun Podcast
  16. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    The actual video is much better LDnXjx6Ht70
  17. Android

    I like Apple products enough, heck I work on a Mac at work (2x2.66Ghz Dual Core Intel Xeon w/4GB of RAM), but I'm not really interested in changing to AT&T for my provider seeing that everyone I know is on Verizon.
  18. BioShock 2

    Yes, the GameInformer Cover. Right underneath it, it states "Big Sister Awaits Your Return to Rapture". Either that's some seriously shitty and misleading reporting, or that is, in fact, the Big Sister.
  19. Hmm.. its about time for me to go home from work, and usually by this time I've got a new Idle Thumbs to download, yet today, I do not... sad panda.
  20. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    While its not really super humorous, I found out about Mint Royale through Youtube, and they rock. JBt_AoYjGg0
  21. Need Survival Horror recommendations

    I'd say Dead Space is great, but yes, its a bit actiony in parts. Still its a crapload of fun and will freak you out a few times.
  22. Android

    Have there been any additional phones announced, other than the G1, that are going to be running Android? I've got a Blackberry right now for work, and while I can get an iPhone, I'm thinking an Android phone may be nicer.
  23. Far Cry 2

    You know, thanks to Idle Thumbs and their incessant talk about FC2, I went and bought it... you know what's stupid? I haven't even fucking played it yet. Its sitting with the rest of my 360 games, unopened... for over a month. Just sitting there. I'm kind of scared to start playing it because... what if I hate it? Will you hate me?
  24. Lastfm Usernames

    I'm modeps over there, go figure.
  25. The Beatles Game

    I'm looking forward to it, but I can't see myself buying the full band set... I'm tired of plastic instruments.