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  1. Just look at Iceland's economy now. They ignored the austerity stuff, and arrested & prosecuted the bankers. They seem to be doing quite well thank you.

  2. Even before I read that, the austerity thing seemed a bit unusual to someone of modest macro-economic understanding (i.e. me). Surely when no-one has cash, spend more on building roads, infrastructure etc - this will create employment, meaning people have more disposable income who will then have more disposable income. When private firms are going bust, the only one with the power to create employment is the state itself.

  3. I am celebrating the end of the world with: Accounting now, booze later. Might have these in the wrong order.

    Accounting, then booze, followed by a phone call to a certain friend at a certain company, boozed up, screaming down the phone in an alcoholic sugar rush that one of her colleagues is a complete dick.

    Maybe. :eyebrow:

  4. Is this before or after the bomb? Anyway, the fact that she was right there and it was a conscious decision to just let her... fade away so that he would regain control over Jesse, is cold. I don't remember a great deal from the series as it has been a long time ago since I watched it, but that scene sticks with me (once I knew the context).

  5. Just mention in passing when you're next chatting that you met 'so and so'. Say something neutral like, "He can be quite forthright <insert non-insulting adjective of choice> can't he?". That should give her enough of an opening to mention something. If she says, "Him! He's a cnut!" or similar, then you can progress with the full story. If she likes him, well - that's another dilemma for you to solve! :) Chances are she won't though. If he's so contemptuous of her to someone he's just met (her) and rude to you, likely he won't be guarded or exceptionally discreet in the office area and she will know what he's like.