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  1. 'Enforcers'? That sounds pretty sinister!


    Also, last year I'd promised myself that I'd fly over for this. But no, forgot to buy tickets, and when I did think about it, they were all sold out. So maybe next year. Wanted to visit Boston for a long time.

  2. Ever since RPS previewed it in Oct, been waiting slavishly.


    The alpha is now out, for the princely sum of ~$8 - half the full release cost.


    It's blimmin difficult, particularly as there's no documentation around how the trap logic works - although that's part of the fun.


    The 'robbing' section seems a little crap at the moment, as if you fill your house with rottweilers and nothing else, it's hard to get around, as you probably can't carry enough guns (v. expensive) or drugged meat.


    So, some balancing required, or the game itself might reach its natural balance as people get more experienced.

  3. Check this shit out! Good effort from someone.




    Play4Real: Rumor has it that you are being paid by EA, is this true?

    citybuilder229: No, this is not true.

    Play4Real: Then why are you posting only good things about SimCity’s always online requirement?

    citybuilder229: Because I was told by EA representative to post them.

    Play4Real: But you said you weren’t being paid by EA.

    citybuilder229: I have not been paid yet.


  4. It didn't actually occur to me that you would have to use a guitar - there is the option, but because it's cloaked in schmup uniform, quite happy using the pad. I don't have a guitar any more anyway :)

  5. Anyone played this? If not,I strongly recommend that you try it! (Came out in August, so chances are you have :))


    Heard that it had come out on steam, a lot of good stuff written about it. so grabbed the demo from PSN. Played it solid for the last 3 hours.


    In short: Reverse schmup, but a beat-matching game. 'Gather' your laser blasts in time with the music, while avoiding bullets. Hm. Sounds lame when described like that. Don't listen to me - check out EG:

  6. Assassins Creed III sounds pretty good. I also bought Dokuro recently, which is a fab little game with really discreet puzzles and instant restart.


    Thinking about Marvel Vs. Capcom too.


    Currently holding my attention is Super Stardust Delta and Wipeout. (& Dokuro obvs.)

  7. It is not very much like WoW, beyond the MMO moniker I don't think. The permanent loss of gear for one thing makes it far more heart racing. There aren't many games that make you sweat and shake so much after a PvP engagement - more so if you happen to have a full set of snake implants.


    As for the cockpit business, the ships don't have a 'cockpit' in any real sense. The lore goes that you are in your 'egg' that is buried deep within the ship, and it interfaces directly with your brain, so there are no windows to look out of etc.

  8. I've been looking at an upgrade. With being so far behind on current tech, I have found 2 links which give a rough guide to prices/power:




    With the 2nd one having a better mobo (so I'm told), but the first one having a better gfx card.


    Here is a list of things that you could get for £685 (including taxes)


    128GB SanDisk Pulse, 2.5" SSD 7mm Slim SATA III - 6Gb/s, MLC-Flash, Read 490MB/s, Write 350MB/s, 8000 IOPS
    2 x Corsair 3XS Only Vengeance LP Black 1600Mhz C9 8GB
    Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H70 Core Performance CPU Cooler with 2x PWM Fans 120mm Radiator
    Intel Core i5 3570K,1155, Ivy Bridge, Quad Core, 3.4GHz
    MSI Z77 MPower
    Zalman Z9+ Case
    MSI HD 7850 OC 2048MB with Tomb Raider & Bioshock PC Games


    The numbers are meaningless to me at the moment, but that will change as I look into it. These could be a good starting point for you - but you can of course, spend as much as you want to. I've seen full on gaming rigs for over £6K!

  9. Well done completely mis-timing your trip so as to miss me at both ends, jerks.

    Haha! yeh, sorry. We were planning to swing through Tallahassee as we'd talked about, but halfway through the trip you jobbed a job and then a house! So we just missioned straight to Tampa. T'was a shame.

  10. Ah. Well we didn't know this - all anyone had really told us about in Austin was Franklin's. Never mind. Austin was our favourite place though, we think.

  11. Can I say HHGTTG? After that, was Eye of the Beholder 1,2 & 3. Then: Doom [Remember a friend excitedly coming into lectures with a huge sheaf of printouts - installation instructions and stuff about it. Think it was 0.6d or something at the time. We got hold of a copy]. I also remember playing it at uni (on my 486 DX2 dontch'a know) with the lights turned off and the sound piped through my stereo. The speakers were behind me. Absolutely terrifying - especially those pink bastards that would snarl from the darkness. X-Wing/TIE Fighter around the same sort of time. Dark Forces, another one that Tycho mentioned, although that was a bit later and I had to play it on a friend's pentium when I should have been revising for my exams. This was also back when star wars games were any good :tup: .

    Then I couldn't afford a PC, and everyone had PS1s (excepting me) - until my friend, who wouldn't stop banging on about this game called 'Half Life', booted it up. ZOMG! I stayed as late as I could, but had to drive back to bristol. Still skint, so it wasn't until 2000 that I actually got to play through it. It was in this period of being poor that I also missed Full Throttle and Fandango :tdown:. As it happened, at this time I was sys/network admin of a multimedia company, who had HL DM games at lunchtime. Bliss. Also discovered Q3A online (then CS, DOD and the rest), and that was it. Cue many, MANY late nights using the company's 256K leased line (woooOOOOOooooo! Price at the time: £11K/year) for mass murder in space.

    Depends on your definition of immersion, but it wasn't until I got hold of a more powerful machine to play Rome:TW that I got so absorbed again. Like 14 hour game sessions absorbed. Fabulous game.

    I'm sure there were a few between then and 'modern' times, but more recently Dishonoured and Journey. Not much can absorb me now - so few games actually grip me long enough to finish them. Dishonoured as well became more of a trial towards the end, which killed the atmos, as I was just racing to get through it rather than *playing* it.