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  1. Same old things - delete FB, twitter, phone numbers, emails, chuck/burn/delete photos etc. Perhaps any gift that's just sitting about not used (ornament), sling that too.

    Then go down the pub. With your mates, not on your own, obviously!

    Come camping! (haha, sorry :) )

  2. That's a real shitter. He's probably wrestled with his conscience too with regards your marking - but if he made an exception, he would have to do the same with everyone.

    This isn't helping is it? Sorry. :getmecoat

  3. Not a bad idea! If you're visiting in the summer, make it a point to visit the Gamescom at the end of August. It's an overwhelming, but fun, event. I'm a regular, so we could meet up.

    I suspect it might be November, due to the campsite (we shut end Oct). Gamescom looks like a good thing, but I've used up most of my weekend credits this year, by going to Leeds to see friends, a woodcarving weekend and forthcoming Beatherder festival, leaving my wife in charge on her own. I felt guilty and bought her tickets to Soundwave in Croatia, as she's always wanted to go. August is a busy time of year too.

  4. I like Germany. The wife is half German, so of course the in-laws are there, but the country itself is pretty nice. Hope everything goes well for ya! They live in Cologne, which is close-ish. If you're interested, and can be bothered, next time I'm over there will let you know and you could come over to Cologne.

  5. A friend has just told me about 'Eastbound and Down', about a past-it baseball star with a wicked mullet. Here's some clips:


    It has the air of 'Trailer Park Boys' about it - anyone seen this long term? Is it good? It looks it!

    Veep ep 1 was a little disappointing, although had some gems of one liners in it. You can see that it's Ianucci behind it, for sure. Will give it some more goes.

  6. Squid Division and I are gearing up for a week up through eastern Canada. I can't wait.

    Oh man. When we were driving across BC the other spring we were talking about getting a Harley each (or A.N. Other) and doing the same trip (yet to materialise). It would be magnificent. I hope you have a great time.

    At the time, there seemed to be a *lot* of bikers (looked like gangs) on the road, all converging on Kelowna. Assumed there was some kind of AGM.

  7. Normally I'd agree. That mario one is pretty lame. I love Trials HD/Evo though, and find myself in exactly that state. It's the feeling he puts into it more than anything :tup:. I've watched a few of his other ones, and they just don't do it for me.

  8. Just picked this up again after a busy couple of weeks. As it booted, my heart wasn't in it. After 10 mins play (and a couple of wipes!), I was sucked in. A finely crafted game indeed - although I think I chose too high a difficulty level. The upshot of this is that Skeletal Infantry and Bowmen are mere XP bonuses. RPS had it right - when you find a new weapon, your heart fair sings! Crossbow for my rogue was most welcome, as was a proper spiked mace for my fighter to replace his balloon on a stick. Making my way around L4 atm, with an occasional foray to 5 via pits :).