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  1. Going back to my bout of depression, this is a decent summary of how I felt during that time. I'm glad to say I was productive doodling. All my other doodles had penises in them so I'll not post.

    Did you draw that? That's good!

  2. I think people do it for a myriad of reasons. Like when it comes around to when you'd said you'd call someone, you really don't feel like it. Or you're busy. Or you're tired.

    It's annoying, but that's people for you.

    It might be me, but I've only seen girls doing it. I'm sure it's a thing people do, though.

  3. Probably so. I still feel a bit put-out that she said we'd talk later that week and didn't (after the obsessive daily texts stopped), but that isn't actually a big deal, and just seems like it is because I need to sort myself out and so on.

    Girls do this, in my experience, because they think it makes you feel better. It doesn't. I hate it.

    "Stupid life." I agree.

    Good luck.

  4. Yeah, toughing it out seems the right way to go. I do not understand things anymore, and clearly need to work on untying some emotional knots.

    I wish I'd never gotten into dating and stuck to my books instead.

  5. I know for a fact she'd want to get back with me - she told me so herself, two weeks ago. This new thing is a fling, just a way to satisfy some physical urges.

  6. I have a question: is it possible be in love with two people at once?

    I ask because...well, remember the girl I told you about a while ago? She's my ex-girlfriend. We never broke-up over anything like a fight - we never even argued. It was an exceptionally happy relationship, a flash-in-the-pan.

    But she's pretty stressed all the time, due to her grueling 12 hour uni day and then all of her work, projects, etc, and, one day, decided she needed a little bit of pressure off. After her and I talked about it, we mutually agreed to go "on break" for a while - no pressure to see the boyfriend.

    I have a rule: I wait for two months. I waited for six. I met someone. We went out. We're in a relationship.

    That's been going on for a few months now.

    Yet whenever I hang-out with the ex, all these feelings - desire, love, want, need, of all things - bubble to the surface. And today she admitted to me that she on Halloween night she started having a fling with some guy.

    I never get jealous. Never. It is a foreign concept to me. But today, I got jealous.

    I can't leave her, since she has no-one else. I can't be with her, since I have someone else.

    I shouldn't have ever dated after her. I should have waited, either for closure or for re-uniting now.

    I'm kind of confused. What do I do here? Tough it out and get over it?

  7. I feel bad for her, but I don't know if that was poignant.

    Here are some jokes for Thunderpeel or anyone feeling their day isn't bright (irrelevant to that video or otherwise):

    1. Two muffins are in an oven. The first one says, "Ahhh, it's so hot in here." The second one says, "Ahhh a talking muffin.

    2. Two atoms run into each other. The first one says: "Oh no, oh no, oh no! I've lost my electron!" The second one says, "Are you sure?" The first one replies, "I'm positive!"

    3. I used to think the brain was the most important organ. Then I thought, look what's telling me that.

    4. And finally, a riddle coined by my cousin two years ago; she was, at the time, four.

    "Why did the tree talk to the man who climbed it?" she said, putting on an Amelie smile and looking like she was about the greatest punchline in the world. "Because the tree is magic."

    :) Tried to make sure all of them weren't in any way dark.

  8. This new, and slightly awesome, cinema opened-up locally, and it's been playing classic double bill films. Last week, for example, they playedGoodfellas and Raging Bull, and followed that up with Taxi Driver and Casino.

    Yesterday, they played The Exorcist and Psycho. Today, an event which I somehow missed, was a double billing of the original Halloween and thenThe Shining.


    Tomorrow they're playing [Rec] and the Japanese version of The Ring, and I am so going.

  9. I used to teach kids science. They're the best. It's worth remembering that making them think everything is a game with some fairly strict rules is very helpful, since logically arguing with kids is useless.

  10. Nah, she's safe within the school. He can't get to her, unless he actually gets the police involved. And it looks like he won't, since it could (horror) cause his reputation (a huge thing here) to sink. Yay honour.

    And, non sarcastically, yay victory. I hope.