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  1. I love The Onion. I really do. High school shooting: we should have seen the signs.

    Of course there's always the genius in the comments who thinks this is real. Speaking of which --

    1. Why did I never think of combining a hamster wheel with a pushbike speedo?

    2. The hamster is really funny at the end.

    (Heh. Funny AND cute.)

    -- "DUDE! are u some kind of sick person to watch those hamsters spin around over and over on that wheel knowing that they can get hurt! u sick bastered!!!!!!!!!"

    I love YouTube.

  2. Didn't find a thread for this anywhere, surprising.

    I thought this PSN game looked boring at first, but then I saw this video and it kindled my interest.

    I love that the developer is trying to do something new and interesting - what he calls "poetry". It might fail but I'm going to buy this just to support them. We need more games like this.

  3. The only way that those guys make any sense to me is if they're some sort of really extreme work of comedy or performance art or satire or something. But I'm pretty sure that isn't true. I guess they just like the celebrity.

    It's like watching a train wreck, sloowwwwwly falling from a bridge down into the gaping waters, so horrifying you can't look away.

    And then this came along and made me laugh about it. Should warn it has men kissing, I guess.

  4. OK, I agree with you up to a point... but I don't know if child-killing is really on the same level as posters...

    It's not, but having the attitude of "I'm offended by your use of the term BC" is on par with saying "Islam/Christianity/Judaism/whatever is wrong". I just drew a bad analogy.

    It's not like believing that there is no god will solve anything, mind you. If we all decide we're atheists we're going to find something new to fight about. You know: skin colour, origin, heritage. I may be wrong but didn't the Tutsi and the Hutu essentially slaughter each other over nose-sizes?

    Fanaticism is the real problem.

    How's that? If there is a god (or more), then why would it suck to be me (i.e. an atheist)?

    Let's say there is a god, in order for suckage this god would find it important/vital to be worshiped. But what if this god doesn't like to be worshiped? Then it wouldn't suck to be me, but it would suck to be a worshiper. Let's say there are multiple gods, maybe the other gods wouldn't like you worshiping the just one of them. It would probably be worse to them if you worship just one, rather than none at all. This all assuming that the god(s) even give a shit.

    Nah... I'd rather play games

    I agree with you. I was thinking of the God of the three major religions, who wants people to worship him. Hell and all that.

  5. They're really good. Not as good as Sam and Max: S2, but so far they've been great. I'm at Ep 3 right now.

    I dunno why they get a bad rep, they've been nothing but fun. The race part in Episode One was hilarious - that could only have come from Mike Stemmle. The second one is great too, Chuck Jordan shines.

    I just love this idea of having different people handle the different episodes, it's refreshing.

  6. I'll say this about atheists: although I'm not an atheist myself (laugh at my ignorance), I can respect what they're trying to do. That having been said, the atheists going around trying to get more people to be like them and who plaster posters all over walls, telling people how to live, and are offended by the term "BC", are no better than the religious fanatics who'd kill children to make it to heaven.

    Stop telling me how to live. If I decide to believe in God but there isn't one, sucks to be me; and vice versa for you.

    (PS: Also, that having been said, I DO have my doubts, like any human, and I do read a lot of physics/biology/philosophy books in search for an answer. I'm on a Carl Sagan kick.)

  7. Haha, yeah I can't really think of hardly any games made to be perfectly stand alone, except maybe Grim Fandango or Another World, which got a sequel anyways despite what Eric Chahi said.

    Maybe Ico and Shadow of the Collosus?

    I agree with the Team ICO games. Psychonauts. The original Metal Gear Solid could have been sequel-less. Errr...Sam and Max Hit the Road?

  8. I think my problem is that I thought the gameplay in the first half was the absolute realisation of the stealth formula. It was decidedly Metal Gear, but improved to the point of near-perfection. That those sections can be finished in under three hours if the cutscenes are skipped, adn this seems like a horrific waste of good work. Even if they'd chucked a few hours of VR missions in there I'd have been happy. Everyone else seems to have been mesmerised by the big moments and superb visuals, and it frustrates me hugely that the best bits were infact the core gameplay rather than all the fluff surrounding it.

    Trust me, it's a lot bigger than you think. E.g., if you follow the rebels after a certain point and don't bother afterwards (say the power plant) you'll find yourself in a completely different area/kind of gameplay than otherwise. I snuck past the power plant, for example, and my brother helped the rebels take it. I went straight ahead and into the largest trap in the world (swamps and helicopters abound), he simply went around the forest. So on and forth.

    Needless to say he's great at that game and I suck.

  9. No I totally agree, I refuse to watch Lost for the same reason. If, when the series is over, people say it was awesome from start to end then that's cool but I'm not going to invest my time or emotions on something that I suspect will turn to shit by the end.

    Or something that won't end.

    But it does! So, good! Woohoo!

    So, on the PS3 wishlist: BioShock, Brutal Legend and whatever Team ICO is doing.

  10. That depends. The single player part of the game is awesome. I played through the whole story on my own, and it's just an ejaculation of joy, color and song all over your face. Playing with other people is exponentially more awesome, especially when they're in the room with you. The collection aspect is geared towards creating your own levels, which may not seem that interesting if you're unable to share them. I dunno. I'd go with B) to c), but the real question is -- why can't you get your PS3 on the net?

    Because my PS3 is in another country, and my parents won't hear of a router, much less wireless (the PC is in the living room). And the reason I live with them is because I don't, I live alone in Canada and they live in Jordan, but I visit them in the summer (I left my PS3 for my younger brother).

  11. I really want to get this - really really - but I have to know: does the fact that I have a lack of internet when it comes to my PS3 mean that a. I won't enjoy the game, b. won't enjoy the game as much, or c. totally not experience the game fully and should go weep - weep for heartbreak, and sorrow, and everything that is EVIL and STUPID and WRONG in this world -right now?

  12. At this point I can very easily see me rating MGS4 overall on the same level as MGS3, which I still cannot say is better or worse than MGS1 — both are masterpieces of their time. MGS2 is the odd one out in a way, although I still love it only slightly less.


    Well, I'll say this: Metal Gear Solid 2 was the one that showed the potential of video games to. It's convoluted, yeah. It's a total mind-fuck, yeah. Is it brilliant? Yeah. The whole twist with

    Snake having been on Shadow Moses and the tanker in a different time than yours, with you being Raiden and the game console being a stand-in for the simulation that Raiden goes through,

    was brilliant. All the games had a lot of needless cutscenes, bad pacing, some face-palm dialogue - even though there's a little that gets lost in translation. The series is an emotional whirlwind, but it takes itself too seriously. It can also get a little boring (e.g.: the ending scenes of the tanker chapter in MGS2). Also sometimes unnecessarily weird: why isn't the Cobra Unit just a bunch of very good soldiers...why does the Pain control bees, etc? It's just so out of place.

    All in all, a very good series, but man does it have its problems. Does it ever.