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  1. Diablo III BattleTags

    There was some chatter after Grand Thumb Auto yesterday about making a regular Diablo III session every Wednesday, which seems like a great idea! So I'm going to keep it in the Steam calendar as a reminder to others interested in playing—hopefully see some more of you on there tomorrow. NB: I don't understand the apparent split in regions; can EU players not join US players, and vice-versa? We may need region-specific events in that case, to make sure everyone knows when others they can play with might be around.
  2. Diablo III BattleTags

    I've found and joined the Thumbs community!
  3. Titanfall

    I bought my game key via a third-party, who apparently are not releasing their keys until the actual day of launch...
  4. The DayZ thread of TEAMWORK and STORIES

    Just out of interest, is the Thumbs DayZ server always password-protected, or was that just for the Sean vs. Olly event? Would be nice to find somewhere dick-free. It's stressful trying to play the game decently – i.e. cooperatively and being helpful – knowing some arse is looking to blow your brains out Just Because.
  5. Diablo III BattleTags

    Definitely seems that way. I had a short-ish run early game with dibs and Gwardinen last night, using a pretty new character, and I levelled six times and even got a legendary loot drop! I may well be on again later today if anyone else is about. I'll make sure I'm running an open party. I still need to add all you missing Thumbs to my Battle.net friends list, too.
  6. Diablo III BattleTags

    I'll be around from about 8pm GMT tonight (Wednesday) if anyone wants to go a'venturin'. I'll put a reminder in the Thumbs Steam calendar, because I'm a pervert like that.
  7. Diablo III BattleTags

    Yep, I've just started a new character to celebrate the new patch coming out! I won't be picking up the expansion for a little while though, as not only is Titanfall out this month (and already pre-ordered) but so is Dark Souls II. Very happy to replay the main game again with some Thumbs once more though, especially with the loot overhaul! I'll add those of you I don't already have on Battle.net this week.
  8. The DayZ thread of TEAMWORK and STORIES

    Yes! Will be on a bit later, some time between 7-8pm GMT, playing with a couple of friends. You would be extremely welcome to join us!
  9. The DayZ thread of TEAMWORK and STORIES

    You're just south of Balota, in the construction yard there. The baseball bat will be hard work with the zombies, but it'll still be much better than your bare hands. If you can, get over to the nearby barn and look in there for more kit. Then head inland into the town (Balota) and see if you can find the supermarket along its southern outskirts. You should be able to find some food and drink in there, and maybe some better clothing in the nearby buildings too. *It's just become apparent, from instantly knowing exactly where you are, that I may have played DayZ just a leeeetle bit too much… :/
  10. Life

    That is terribly sad--my sympathies. : (
  11. The DayZ thread of TEAMWORK and STORIES

    Oh I seeeee… I thought you meant search the Idle Thumbs forums for the details, not search in DayZ's server browser. As it goes, I can't make it now anyway—didn't realise I'd be out with friends tomorrow at the same time it's happening. Hope you guys have fun!
  12. The DayZ thread of TEAMWORK and STORIES

    It can't... Anyone know these mysterious details, please?
  13. Grand Thumb Auto retro PC edition

    Love the bit where toblix casually punts you off your bike to claim second place, just to add insult to injury. Another good night, Thumbs! I think we should try experimenting with some new race types next week, like the dirt bike race we did near the very end (although a few people had already left by then).
  14. Titanfall

    Without exaggeration, it's going to take me the better part of a week to download 21GB... Wishing I'd not pre-ordered a game key now and just plumped for a physical copy instead.
  15. Earth Defense Force 2025

    I dunno... The review by EDGE makes it sound like a lazy remake of the original, but now it's been stretched out over nearly twice the number of levels. And with fewer weapon drops. That sounds... pretty terrible to me.
  16. Grand Thumb Auto retro PC edition

    I am proud to say I was a part of this truly majestic assembly.
  17. Grand Thumb Auto retro PC edition

    Oh... go on then!
  18. Titanfall

    ...if you can—that would be superb. It'd be excellent to get a Thumbs crew together!
  19. Titanfall

    <derail> I've been playing HAWKEN since early alpha, and it was great fun then. I think it's even better (beta?) now, what with all the polish and fine balancing they've put into the gameplay, weapons, and add-ons. Not to derail the thread entirely, but HAWKEN plays very fast for a mech game. It looks like MechWarrior, but it plays more like I'd imagined a ground-based Gundam simulator would play, i.e. movement is light and precise, and gameplay is generally very fast. It's even-handed, too, with no one weapon or chassis appearing so overpowered that you can't beat it with skilful play. And it really feels like a proper game as well, even though it's free to play. Nothing's hidden away, everything unlocks through steady, obvious progression, and everyone gets the same in-game currency and opportunities as everyone else. You can still unlock stuff faster if you want by using in-game credit - which, yes, you can get more of with real money if you absolutely must have something NOW - but you're only unlocking stuff at the level of experience you've earned through play. You cannot unlock higher experience levels - and therefore better mech chassis and the more unusual weapons - with neither money nor in-game currency, nor can you buy experience boosters (that I've seen so far). Every player has to level up through sheer skill and time alone—which includes unlocking new chassis and weapons at your experience level as you play more. </derail>
  20. Titanfall

    I'm imagining the AI soldiers to be a bit like Left 4 Dead's horde, but obviously not as numerous; they won't be your primary concern during combat, but they'll be dangerous if left unchecked, and they'll be fun to shoot at. Also I mentioned in the opening post that, according to the Guardian preview I linked to, you'll be able to take control of some of these AI units and form your own personal squad of minions—which sounds like it could be fun to surprise other players with.
  21. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

    Just caught this off the back of the recent 4 color rebellion podcast, and I think it's great! So do Important Media People (apparantly); you can watch* the Grammy-nominated episode "Go Goo Go" online for free as a series' taster. * Evil Windows Media Player required
  22. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    So, at long last, the new Minilogue album is out... and it's absolutely beautiful. If you've not heard of them before, here's the chaps just jamming around in their studio in Malmö. Listen, relax, and enjoy!
  23. The DayZ thread of TEAMWORK and STORIES

    Currently, I'm playing with a couple of friends most Sunday and Tuesday nights, from around 8pm GMT onwards for a few hours. I'll add you on Steam (if I haven't already—forget who I have and haven't!) and keep an eye out for you!
  24. The DayZ thread of TEAMWORK and STORIES

    Berezino is fast becoming the game's main hellhole in my experience. I was making my way to the supermarket as a fresh spawn and saw someone with a rifle coming down the street towards me. Admittedly I had my axe up, but there were still zombies everywhere. I quickly got off the road and just clambered straight through one of the market's smashed front windows and went rummaging around in the back. When they didn't follow me, I wondered if they might be friendly, so I ventured out the back of the market to the gates to see if they came past. Moments later, they did. So I thought I'd say "hello" and see if they wanted to trade or team up. I clearly had nothing, other than the splitting axe I'd found a few minutes before, a bobble hat, and some sunglasses. (Because why not?) They backed off a few paces, seemed confused as to what to do, then simply raised their rifle and shot me dead in cold blood. So disheartening. I really hate that so many people seem to be playing the game like it's just another FPS—it's a simplistic and stupid attitude to a far more complex and subtle game. Anyway, on a more positive note, I downloaded the update earlier today and had a quick run around the airfield with my latest character. Found myself one of the new SKS rifles! No ammo for it though, and it's meant to be quite rare, too. So if any other Thumbs find any of the shorter 7.62×39mm "Calm Bear" ammo, I'd love to meet up and trade.
  25. Grand Thumb Auto retro PC edition

    I've added it to the SteCal, but I might not make it myself.