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  1. Hello!

    Glad you got it sorted ;)

    One thing that seems to throw a few people off with regards to BTDT's puzzles is that they're all thoroughly logical. There's no madcap, improbable solutions to anything (I don't think) which is odd because most adventure games have a few 'use monkey's hand with ********* to get past the grumpy sailor' puzzles ;)

    With regards to a Gibbage sequel: it's definitely happening. We're shooting for an XBLA release which is probably a bit unlikely, especially given that the studio's very much a part-time affair... so we need to shift some serious numbers of games in order to be able to afford to pay to get it done 'properly'. I'm not committing to a full-on online HD Xbox version unless it gets coded properly, arted properly and what-have-you. And that's going to require serious £££, I'm afraid.

    Business, eh? Tsh.

    Anyway- enjoy BTDT. Have a download of Cruxade as well - I know it's a block-dropper, but it's surprisingly good fun. Like Lumines, only BETTERER.


    EDIT: out of interest, why have your forums censored the word 'pine' 'apple'? That's an unusual thing to have done. Do I win a prize?

  2. While they were discussing windfarms I happened to glance out the window and noticed half a dozen or so lamp posts, and a really crazy idea occurred to me. There'd obviously be a lot of practical and safety issues, but I can't see any reason it couldn't work.

    Creepy, I had that exaclt same idea yesterday while driving past that big Windfarm rotatey-thing just outside London on the M4 yesterday.

    I came to the conclusion that, in order to be cost effective in the slightest, they have to be massive.

  3. Sorry to go back to blithering on about Gibbage, but:

    Woo hoo! PCZone's review of Gibbage is out today, and it was raaaather favourable! I'm extremely happy!

    I'm off to count the doubtless neverending tide of money that's about to start flying my way...!


    ps ooh, there's more info on what they said here.

  4. Also: Dan, how could you not be interested in the DS? Even with all the gaming opportunities I have available to me when I'm at home, I'll often just end up sitting on the couch playing on the DS. It's easily my favorite of any current-gen tech, and has so much variety. You should really look into it, man.

    Hmmm. Sonic Rush tempts me. But everything else I've seen looks... weak. Sorry. Different folks, different strokes, I guess...!

  5. If you stand by the first pillar on the left when entering the room, then activate the "long range targeting mode", you can actually eavesdrop on their conversation. It turns out, the monks at the monestary actually KNOW that Brian will get "Tainted" (hence the name of the chapter) and are aware of the unchaining of the undreamer (which makes a little more sense at the very end of the game when Chavez rescues him and tells him he is "needed").

    Ragnar made a comment on his blog that has been annoying me for weeks: that there's something quite minor you can do right at the start of the game that has an impact on the ending.

    I wonder if this is it?!

  6. I'll point you this way again for my point of view; Stop Getting Sonic Wrong

    Since reading peoples' responses to that, I'll add "keep him mute" to my list, especially having caught a bit of the god-awful cartoon on Breakfast Teev this morning. Truly horrible wise-cracking little nob.

    Ben, perhaps you could print it out and stick it on a noticeboard at Sega or something. Or an everyone email. Before it's too late.

    ... it's too late already, isn't it? Nnngh.

  7. Mmmmffff.... no sound on PC at work. Looks ace, though. Little things, like how Max nods at the start make me smile.

    Love it. Can't wait. How do you do those thumb things?

    Ah. Here. :tup:

    Yes. :tup: :tup: :tup: