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  1. Played through on single player Heroic. The friendly AI was so pants that I started relying on the hologram powerup just to be able to flank enemies. Ground battles were as fun as ever, though they started getting tedious by the end, apart from

    the tower defense section


    For the final


    section, I kept getting destroyed...

    I thought I had to perfectly memorize a correct sequence of ships to perfectly shoot. I then tried hiding in a corner until the big ship came in range, quickly getting on the turret, and then took it down in one shot.


    Might just be me, but the constant switching between first and third person in the cutscenes really undercut the immersion of the CoD-style first person "events."

  2. Finished Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney: Investigations. Not a bad entry. The writers are getting rather good at explicitly making clear what you're intended to present at each item prompt. Though for a game with a dedicated logic button, it's disappointing whenever the logical links are Goldblumesque. The way the baddies executed their plot in the last case was so absurd and sloppy it's a miracle that it actually worked. Also, the writers don't know the proper use of "begging the question."

    Also beat Shadow Complex. Fun popcorn Metroidvania, but nothing I'd want to replay again. Plot was terrible in writing and execution. Level design really needed more connections between sections, and it seemed like the game really didn't want you exploring or backtracking until you got

    Samus' missile launcher


    Scott Pilgrim. This is really, ridiculously fun once you get over how poorly it telegraphed that leveling up doesn't level up your stats.

    Sam and Max Season 3. Quality bar was set really high this season. Loved every minute of it.

  3. Definitely write about IF! It keeps falling in and out of my consciousness, and I have no idea what the current state of the genre is. There's probably some awesome and impressive stuff hidden away there. We had a collaborative interactive fiction subforum going where posts were translated to moves that got sent as commands to a server-side Z-machine parser, so you're bound to find an audience here.

    Adam Cadre's work is amazing. I'm also a big fan of Pacian's IF, which are also pretty open to newcomers. I keep meaning to play more of Emily Short's stuff, too.

  4. Obscure commercial adventure games... Anyone else played Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths? The first-person edutainment adventure game Operation: Weather Disaster?

    I'm (re)playing this at the moment. I lost count how many times the game has made fun of adventure game traditions, mainly fetch quests, or otherwise broken the fourth wall.

    I still remember when Rincewind

    invoked the many-worlds hypothesis to trick a dim-witted troll into believing that since an alternate world existed where he could have already completed the fetch quest, he should be allowed past.

  5. Increpare is the man. Dude does some of the most fascinating experiments in gaming I've ever seen.

    He also just got laid off and is holding a donation drive to try and go indie full-time.

    Some of my personal highlights of his huge collection are below. Not definitive or complete by any means. If you're at all interested in games as a medium or art form, it's well worth playing everything he's got to offer.

    The Rose Garden -

    a game about seeing patterns

    Whale of Noise -

    sing your way to freedom

    The Terrible Whiteness of Appalachian Nights - very NSFW

    Queue - noninteractive story about waiting in line told in the style of a text adventure

    Starfeld - Mass Effect 0

    Sub/Conscious -

    popups show your character's innermost thoughts


    Therapy Game

    Theatrics - puzzle solving based on narrative tropes

    Home -

    using The Sims to tell how nursing homes take away agency from patients

    Trigger - 2d lock-on shooter with great enemy designs

    Judith - atmospheric first person retelling and reframing of


    Mirror Stage - oddly beautiful story told with fractals

    Opera Omnia - puzzle game about

    using plausible interpretations of history to persecute others

    Lady Boy Love Collection - Mega Man as a one-dimensional, two button game.

  6. Beyond Good and Evil had some sad parts and was good and all, but I guess I think of the soundtrack more as a fun time with some great tunes rather than for it's sorrowful parts. That could be also because the soundtrack rip I have has people talking over it on some points. Is there a soundtrack rip not like this?

    As a point of reference, the soundtrack I have from Good Old Games has in-game dialogue on it for a few songs. Must be a better version somewhere.

  7. Beyond Good & Evil, "

    Peyj's Death

    " was heartbreaking the first time I heard it in-game:

    (There's a major spoiler in the video title, so I won't embed it)

    Mother 3 had some really bittersweet songs. Here's one of them:


    Terry Cavanagh's flash game Don't Look Back has a melancholy synth string soundtrack that turns uplifting by the time it hits the last track:

    Outside of games, The Mountain Goats' album Get Lonely is a quintessential sad album.


  8. I liked Bioshock mainly for the story and the atmosphere. Didn't get much enjoyment out of killing dudes in different ways since I was mainly playing to explore the world. I took a mostly pragmatic approach to the combat, and didn't much care how I took out the crazy people trying to kill me.

    That said, I did appreciate how

    Fontaine's reprogramming started randomly switching up your plasmids

    , giving you temporary a taste of the different powers and forcing you to switch up your tactics. I guess I really am boring... ;(

  9. Maybe it was because I was playing on normal (without vita-chambers), but the emergent bits really didn't seem necessary or have enough of a payoff for the amount of effort it took to set them up.


  10. Jesus fucking christ. He's still at it.

    Cross Edge. A Nippon Ichi game. The developers took down the official site and even renamed the bloody official forum.

    Langdell is now saying on his site that they're releasing the game under license from Edge Games, while it's looking like NIC is cutting their losses and dropping support for the game entirely in North America.


  11. Update! Everything was going relatively fine for a few weeks until I let my only suit be worn to nothing. No one wanted to let me work in my underwear, I couldn't afford new clothes, and I didn't have a good enough job to get a loan. Ran around town in my underthings and lounged around the apartment until a relative took pity on me and bailed me out. Used the opportunity to enroll in the local university and get a decent education. Now I'm an assistant secretary at the local bank. :tup:

    Am I correct in seeing that this port has online multiplayer?

  12. I got stuck in a dead end job cooking at a burger joint, was turned down from every other job I applied for because of lack of experience and poor work history, and had trouble affording $40 fries and my monthly rent. Fun! :tup:

    No sarcasm intended. Never played it before and the design is really interesting.

  13. Pasted in the messy script to Macarena of the Missing and got Raymond Chandler, an early 20th century pulp detective fiction writer.

    And an old game-dev rant yielded a result of Stephen King.


    I'm curious how they're analyzing the data. Word frequency? Sentence length. Random hash of the text intended to drive traffic to their business through viral marketing?

    Edit: The word fuck repeated 100+ times gives a result of

    William Gibson

    . Penis 100x could have been written by

    Anne Rice

    . :grin: