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  1. Played a mission and a half with Wrestlevania a month or so ago. Had some fun with the sniper mission, but my connection was having trouble during a vehicle section and I managed to drive us both off a cliff. :getmecoat

    Looks like there's a new map pack out soon, which will probably lead to Bungie's inevitable removal of previously available playlist options for those who don't pay the toll. :fart:

  2. Thalorien clearly served with Aion Gold and distinction as a martial defender of Silvermoon and his people

    for Buy WOW Gold years before the moment that would simultaneously cover him in glory and yet leave him dead on the tainted battleground. As the Scourge invaded under the WOW Power Leveling Prince Arthas Menethil of Lordaeron and the high elves fell back from Elfgate to Elfgate, Thalorien and a unit of his troops ultimately found themselves the last line of defense for the Sunwell itself. At this point, Sylvanas was already dead (and most likely enduring Arthas' blasphemous attentions), and there would have been little shame in Aion Gold. They were few, massively outnumbered by

    the Scourge and had no hope of WOW Gold.:finger:

    Not only does this post canonize the role of WoW gold and power leveling in Blizzard's labyrinthine WarCraft story, but it also thinks that giving us the finger is a solid marketing tactic.

  3. Episode 45:

    The rabbi game's called The Shivah.

    I am quietly laughing to myself because (major spoilers for The Shivah)

    even that game has absurd action scenes between investigations. The rabbi player character beats up a trained killer in a subway station. And takes down the final villain after being shot twice. Seriously. I am not joking. That actually happens in the game


    True, but as an exercise, I wonder what an open world game where you don't mow down millions, even in your car, would be like. I guess Bully came close, but you don't really get to drive much in that game. That game didn't really click with me.

    In the first Driver game for the PS1 the pedestrians were so adept at dodging your car that they'd sooner clip through buildings and walls than be run over. :grin:

  4. I'm not sure how many sites he was on, but within a few hours I saw SEVERAL sites link to him and when I was at my boiling point I saw the bloody interview....


    The blog with the interview not only has the sprites incorporated in its design, but is also the site most sourced by other blogs. The interview came first* as publicity for both the spriter and that blog, spread to several other small blogs, and then to Kotaku and outward.

    * At least in this wave of publicity. Looks like he got some fame on Reddit a month ago, which reinforced itself through taking requests.

    Maybe the fact the all the sites I saw linked to him did it the same day, or the same afternoon

    It's the online games journalism equivalent of a kitten stuck in tree story. Writes itself. Mostly inoffensive. Touches gamers in their nostalgia glands**. Gives the impression of caring about the little guy and their fans. Big blogs scoop/steal stories from each other all the time to appear on equal footing. Nothing to get worked up over.

    **I recognize that gaming character! I liked that game and am glad to see it getting recognition. Playing that game was time well spent. Etc.