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  1. BUSH:

    Very nice find!! i am going to keep this one
  2. A generation of irrelevance

    from what i have heard about the new-gen consoles (especially ps3 x8 core processor) is that they are being designed to be more forward compatible. For example, designing a game to run efficiently on 8 cores (AMD FX processor still whips the crap out of the dual core processors available for PC gaming) would be quite a daunting task and hence no real advance in the graphics has been demonstrated to its potential yet; HELL they aren't even on the market. Meanwhile i know <shit about programming but this is what my harware/software engineering friends tell me. But back to the point, i would argue that the new gen consoles have the potential (NOTE: have...) to be more relevant in terms of gaming advances. Firstly, the drunk 'halo' player (if this is actually the major demographic) would obviously not be found playing a PC game, so already they are opening the market for consumerism and a larger demographic of ppl. This is not unlike the mobile phone advances, in that extra's like camera's (is to DVD player) etc have produced a new generation that may not have owned half as many mobile phones if not for this 'hook'. namely i make the comparison to hollywood (wait for it), hollywood is now experiencing it's lowest success in years with most ppl getting sick of fucken crap sequels and tv show movies (i.e. matrix 2+3 and bewitched to name but a couple) which is the same with games -> all focus has been on pumping out packages bundled with action and effects or alternatively, breasts. The new gen (i mainly refer to MS due to there broader scope 'drunk college HALO boys') will broaden the market of consumers (DVD compatibility and extra features) on top of the fact that ppl generally think higher of a console player than a PC nerd (personally i am a PC nerd). In addition to when friends are around you can all play rather than life-for-life shit on a single PC. This comes as real gamers are getting sick of the graphics>gaming experience trend. THIS is where the idle thumb dreams have a chance... I have read the articles about drawing females into gaming and making more interesting games that appeal to everyone. In order to draw new interest into anything elitetest (i can spell good) which gaming is one of the worst; first you have to get them in then hit em with good shit -> so the DVD playing and cool graphics and having heaps of ppl owning them (as in owning the console not gettng pwned) wont improve the games straight away but it will create the audience for creative games to actually reach their market, and given the forward compatibility of the consoles they have the time to do it. EXAMPLE, whilst i haven't played psychonaughts the thumbs suggest that it sold badly due to no-one knowing about/lack of store shelf space, now if it was available through download on MS live with reviews and demo's etc I would hazard a guess at more ppl giving it a chance. And on the thought of whether graphical revolutions are in question there are 4 dimensions... up/down, left/right, forward/backward making up three, with time being the fourth (which i think can be exploited somewhat more than presently) for further possibilities, read some Stephen Hawking well theres my 10 cents, i dont proof read so hopefully this will fuel some more debate
  3. My housemates and I have been in the search for a good multiplayer FPS to start (aiming for a game that isn't years old). There are a few resrictions on our choices, for example - we dislike buying games (being the poor uni students who spend their consumable income on drugs rather than items ) and we dislike paying to play online (same reason as above). So I thought I would put it to the thumbs community to see if there are any decent multiplayer FPS's that dont require a credit/eftpos card? (we don't mind if we have to crack, as long as we can still play online on servers). Previous games we have played and enjoyed: Quakeworld (the best multiplayer FPS ever) + newer Quake's Wolfenstein: enemy terrotory and assorted mods (i.e. urban terror) counter-strike (b4 steam entered the arena) As you can see most of the above games are OLD . Quake being like 6-7 y and ET almost as old. Are any good games still free? graphics aren't an issue (its all about the fps) but newer games gain priority. Any suggestions?
  4. Good FPS's devoid of money snatchers

    Cheers for the advice all, One of my housemates has UT2004 but it requires all of us buying it (not to mention 6gig of space). Another thing being that the best game mode (i.e. fuck.. whats it called.. the one with vehicles where you have to capture nodes) no one online seems to really pick up -> its all dm and duels. I understand the criticisms of the whole don't wanna buy games but we are really poor... i make like $700 (au) a fortnight, minus all the other shit there aint much left. I realise most of the games I mentioned are mods and the idea of emphasis on newer games/mods is we want to get in b4 ppl have had 4 yrs to become elite at the game and hence give ourselves a chance to keep up with the serious gamers in skill (and pwn some noobs). What I mean is that me and my mates like to play against the online community, if it aint online we tire of playing the same ppl (it also leads to bad strategies because you only ever face the same competition) plus we need to utilise our leet 12000/1000 adsl connection we have played a bit of BF2 (needs alot of players but I will check out some mods), unreal had its turn and quake 3 arena will NEVER beat quakeworld in gamer goodness
  5. Guy gamers with girlfriends

    It would depend on how long you have been going out for... <6 months - dump him, he seems to be losing interest if 24/7 gaming is better than the alternatives you can offer any longer and you'll have to work it out (this requires you tell him that your not happy). If he is reasonable he will realise and try to cut back, if he isn't reasonable it probably isn't going to work. After all, it is a partnership and I think he is pretty lucky to have a girl who does like gaming and is willing to change in order to accomodate his hobbies. mind you, I could be wrong
  6. The darwin awards aren't just to laugh at someone who dies... they are to laugh at how stupid some people are - stupid to the point that it resulted in death (or in the case of honourable mentions survived them). Although I agree it is insensitive in regards to family members etc. But come on, a guy making a video about using heavy machinery safety dies as a result of not even implementing the safety guidelines he is preaching (whilst making the video), is amusing.
  7. hahahahahahahahahahahah Straight up, I would take the apartment...
  8. Why you should use Firefox

    anybody else had issues with downloading files through mozilla with spaces in the name? I automatically download to my desktop and if there is a space in the name that is where the filename stops. I then have to type in the extension so I can use the file . Mind you, this may have been fixed as my version is fairly old.
  9. Nerd Shirts

    I don't own any nerd clothing but i saw a very geeky shirt on the 'pure pwnage' series. The guy the show is about has the (you probably have seen it b4) 'I pwn noobs' shirt. Black T with red writing on the chest. Personally, I wouldn't be caught dead in it, but for a geek shirt I think it is definately up there with the best of em'.
  10. 'The only reason i did not mention any other faith is because i am not qualified to speak for that organisations beliefs.' Are you admitting that christianity is but an organisation? And hence that religion itself is an organisation NOT a belief? Or do you just think that other (i.e. not christian) religions are organisations? Apart from the fact that I am a card carrying athiest, don't you think that GOD needs SATAN... otherwise pure love and perfection is merely normal. It has nothing worse to be compared against and after all everything is relative. think of the relationship (i.e. sex) and the cracker analogy (i think eddie murphy's material) if you are a bum living in destitution and somehow you stumble accross a cracker, it will be the best damn cracker you have ever tasted. However, six months of eating the same cracker....
  11. A Conclusion

    OK... i am sure there are other movies that have 'good times' before the downward spiral due to drug use. However, take 'traffic' for example, the movie has a few scenes where they 'have fun' on drugs but even then the boyfriend is portrayed like he was getting her to smoke H so he can fuck her rather than to have a fun high in itself. and the movie quickly goes into anti-drug mode (the OD at the party happens pretty early). Other movies preaching anti-drug statements generally begin with a non-drug user who 'develops' a habit that takes over. Ofcourse there are exceptions to every generalisation but Requiem begins the first scene with the boys taking the TV to pawn for drugs (both in this scene and when sarah goldfarb claims the tv back it becomes obvious this has happened many times). Which reinforces the fact that the drugs themselves never actually caused the problems, as they were there all along. The plummet to the tragic ending begins when they decide to make money out of it... and one could argue that the decline of the mother is due to tv and social stigma augmenting her depression i.e. seeing all the successful people on the J.U.I.C.E. program etc -> after all, it began because she wanted to diet. Sara Goldfarb: I'm somebody now, Harry. Everybody likes me. Soon, millions of people will see me and they'll all like me. I'll tell them about you, and your father, how good he was to us. Remember? It's a reason to get up in the morning. It's a reason to lose weight, to fit in the red dress. It's a reason to smile. It makes tomorrow all right. What have I got Harry, hm? Why should I even make the bed, or wash the dishes? I do them, but why should I? I'm alone. Your father's gone, you're gone. I got no one to care for. What have I got, Harry? I'm lonely. I'm old. Harry Goldfarb: You got friends, Ma. Sara Goldfarb: Ah, it's not the same. They don't need me. I like the way I feel. I like thinking about the red dress and the television and you and your father. Now when I get the sun, I smile. but I don't know.... I haven't seen every anti-drug movie so I could be completely wrong
  12. A Conclusion

    I am going to have to say: Donnie darko was cool, but the ending was too ??... for me to love it. but the randomness of it was kinda interesting. Requiem for a dream however, is a fuckin awesome movie! the first time i watched it i was literally stunned (kinda like in Hotel Rwanda but to a lesser extent ofcourse - a family versus half a nation). the cinematography was really good, not wasting time but still showing the actions (i.e. using the drugs) and the score by clint mansell and the kronos quartet was particularly good. In response to the previous claim of it being a 'drugs are bad emmmk' movie. I disagree, unlike anti-drug movies in general RfaD also showed the 'good times' i.e. summer (a substantial part of the movie), where you basically wanna score some 'dynamite' drugs and shoot up in front of the television. On the other hand, the ending is fucked up and leaves you feeling terrible and sad. Hence the movie is more of an 'addiction is bad' because without the addiction everything woulda been ok. And that is what i like about it, a pure rollercoaster ride from the high's of high's, literally, to the low's of low's. Did it or will it stop me taking drugs... SHIT NO!
  13. Tell Us About Yourself

    Hello, I am known as James and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I am 21 and have just begun my PhD in Neuroscience, I completed a bachelor of science (with honours) in human anatomy and physiology last year. I am a noob to forums and have rarely posted but I read quite a lot. I found this site through Chris' violence in video games post (when it was an old post though). I am an FPS fan by nature (also rpg's) as build orders bore me and my attention span is too short for a RTS's. I listen to a lot of music (predominantly metal) and enjoy recreational drugs of various descriptions. The only reason I don't play more vid games is due to my POS computer that struggles to display a desktop these days (ok, i exaggerate a little). anyhow, sure i have bored you all enough
  14. Current good PC games

    Touche Chris, however, as i have only played this game when i have been under the influence of various intoxicants, having no storyline and being able to lay waste with some interesting weapons (yes the shotty is the best but i am a big fan of the #1 spinning blade) in a cool setting is quite enjoyable. And there were cut scenes? I must have skipped them obviously it is not what you are after though.
  15. Current good PC games

    Hey Chris It's a little like Doom 3 in its fantasy/demon like appearance but 'painkiller' is reported to have better graphics than Doom3 (I have seen both but not fully turned up) and it has some pretty insane weapons etc. I haven't played either Doom 3 or painkiller much at all though (the problems with having a 960Mh processor attatched to a geforce 4 ti is that I CANT play them at more than 25 FPS) so I don't advocate it as an exceptional game or anything. enjoy the beasty system