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  1. MMO gold farming spam gourmet

  2. Batman Begins. Verdict:

    I loved the immense depth of the character, and Bale did a great job of pulling it off. As said before, taken by a line-by-line basis, the screenplay was occasionally a bit weak, but as a whole it was amazing. However, I would only rate the movie as 'good'. It struck me as a bit bland, and at times 'stagey' in all the wrong ways. Beyond what the screenplay brought to it, there didn't seem to be a lot of depth or density present - it seemed to be more concerned with going through the motions and getting from one point to another in the script, leaving little time for engaging touches along the periphery which often lend so much to other movies that I enjoy more. There are other minor issues that I had with it, but they're all nitpickery and in the end are not really important, except for the fact that the music was absolutely awful in its insipidity. I'm glad I went, but it was only enjoyable, and nothing more.
  3. Games of your dreams

    I used to have a recurring dream that must have been longer and more involved than I remember, but the part that I do remember is very vivid. I am in a Doom-like environment (in terms of fidelity and atmosphere) and I walk into a large room. In this room, there is a curved wall of aquariums, all rectangles with perhaps a 35-45 inch diagonal. The colors are very basic - something like dark blue for the water, green for a bit of plant matter, and orange fish. They are all animating in sync, with about three or four frames slowly cycling. The pixels are large and few. I had this dream more than twice. I don't think I have it anymore, but I often remember it, and the other day I remembered it right after I woke up from a different dream that must have triggered this memory for some reason. For such a boring-sounding dream, it interests me quite a bit.
  4. Psychonauts Nominated for Crappy Award Show

    ummm no they got rid of the awesome hardass elaine and replaced it with a stupid elaine also other things
  5. Favorite Psychonauts level

    That's what I was saying - I got the point, I just think it could have been made a whole lot funnier.
  6. Favorite Psychonauts level

    I absolutely loved Milkman Conspiracy, for various reasons that have all been stated. I actually found Waterloo World to be one of my least favorites - it didn't have as much funny and snappy dialogue as most of the other levels. In particular, I thought the soldier, peasant, etc. voices were very unfunny. I get that they're supposed to share Fred's lack of enthusiasm, but I think they could have been done in a much more amusing fashion; as it stands, it seems as if anyone could have come in there and read those lines straight off the page without thinking of how to best make them work. Lungfishopolis would have gotten a mention up there with Milkman Conspiracy if there had been more to it - it was awesome, but it just seemed there wasn't the level of detail that went into the other levels. That almost doesn't even sound like a valid complaint, though, considering exactly how high that level got sometimes.
  7. Stories about game music composing

    it was all right, but it didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know or suspect - I suppose it would have been nice to have something like this written by someone who is more articulate and knowledgable about music, specifically about some of the intricacies involving chance music, dynamic music, and what have you. I mean, you don't mention John Cage at the very beginning of an article if what you're writing about really has absolutely nothing to do with his work
  8. Announcement

    IT'S OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Alumin(um/ium) ok GO!!!!!!
  9. Tim Schafer on Icons today on G4

    Allow me to thank you profusely :bomb:bbbbbbb okay!!!!!
  10. Yufster will you marry me?

    this thread is
  11. Nokia unveils new premium phones

  12. Nokia unveils new premium phones

    When it comes to cell phones, the only thing I'm concerned about is whether or not it can play the Glottis driving sound for a ring tone. WHICH IS AWESOME
  13. Lava™ lamps

    their alright but imo ponys are more of what im interested in
  14. Psychonauts PC Demo out

    I have played this a lot, and it is indeed excellent and awesome. However, the one element that to me seemed to be the black sheep in terms of quality was the music - yes, it's enjoyable, and it's also quite competently written, but it doesn't approach the brilliance of his previous work in Grim Fandango. Here's hoping that it gets more interesting and wacky in later levels!
  15. The new Lara

    I used to sit there for hours just watching the absolutely hilarious walking animation
  16. The new Lara

    Just once, I would like to play as a portly middle-aged woman who waddles around the game world smacking things with her handbag and parallel parking in an absurdly sloppy manner. I'm not the only one with these fantasies, am I? OH GOD
  17. Idle Thumbs

    It's okay I guess, I'm only a lvl 2 dirty old man so I don't really know, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add an option on the front page to order pizza! I'm dying over here!
  18. EA purchases the POKEY franchise

    oh god I hope not :\
  19. EA purchases the POKEY franchise

    Hooray! April Fools! YES
  20. Christopher Walken

    Yeah I loved him in the country bears
  21. Billy Wilson

    make one dream come true, you only live twice
  22. Death to the digital canvas

    I have respect for anything that takes advantage of its own definition of existence, which I often find manifests itself in the imperfections of a piece of art. Such imperfections are almost built in when you, say, paint something by hand. In many cases, it is not so intuitive in the digital world. My favorite digital works are those works that do not simply take advantage of the fact that it's easy to create an approximation of a real-life process in a short amount of time with much less effort. This ease in which a 'finished product' may be digitally created, connected with the fact that it is already in an easily distributable digital form, may explain why the majority of digital artwork seems to most people to be inferior to non-digital work. Sure, people are drawing horrible things with a paintbrush and a canvas, but these more specialized materials aren't something your average computer nerd is going to have just lying around. To present these online for everybody to see, some form of physical transformation requiring effort must take place. Bottom line, in the form of some important words: self-imposed constraints, laziness, immediate satisfaction. Therefore SCIENCE
  23. What would you happily murder someone for?

    I would happily murder someone for fun/profit/food or maybe something like this: Svp Mademoiselle, m'a laissé ont les bonbons! Oh quels beaux bonbons ils sont! Ils couleur-sont coordonnés avec votre équipement, et je trouve cet tout à fait agréable. Vous êtes un vieux dinosaur, une relique d'un âge antique! Étape de côté, Mademoiselle, vous ne commandez plus les bonbons! Oui oui je veux ces beaux bonbons, OH qu'ils regardent si délicieux! Quelles belles petites sucreries. Je déchirerai hors de votre épine et houblon en haut et en bas là-dessus avec mes petites chaussures d'écolière et enduirai alors vos nerfs optiques en chocolat et les apprécierai alors comme des sucreries! Votre date d'échéance est arrivée, Mademoiselle! Si vous svp, me donnez les bonbons!
  24. Armed and Dangerous

    If you can find it for quite cheap, it is fun and amusing, but I really would suggest hanging onto your money or seeing if you missed any awesome older games. I like having it around simply because it is what I would consider the lightest and least in-depth game that I play, and sometimes I am just in the mood to play something like it. However, if you already own a bunch of these sorts of games, I'm not sure I could put my entire heart into endorsing it. Which is good because I need it. For living, and things. .
  25. Which games should be released for free?

    I would argue that a good game is a good game, and that if you want to play something old because it will offer you an excellent and rewarding experience, the creators of the game are in no way obligated to release it for free. Sure, it'd be nice, but it would also be nice if I could get diapers, wool sweaters, and large sunglasses for free