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  1. It's a mechanical sequel, not a spiritual one. The spirit of Ouendan has been purged and replaced with showbiz cheese. Fiery passions have become a disco star and cheesy dancing. The perseverance of characters has become privilege and luck. Celebrity has been used instead of human affirmation.

    It's just a bit charmless, and I'm a little disappointed. Glad it was a friend who got it and not me.

    That said, the mechanics are greatly improved and tightened: you can skip straight into the gameplay if you want rather than sit through the first few bars of a song.

  2. That was, obviously, unfair stereotyping of game developers in the first post. IMO though...

    Game culture pretty much = run jump shoot drive.

    Interdisciplinary input = much more varied and interesting games. I think Keita's roots as a sculptor show not only in Katamari but also his latest idea.

  3. Hmm... wi-fi force feedack toilet + handheld gaming. Right, I'm off to file a patent. When public toilets have force feedback, gaming will truly be mainstream.

  4. ... and don't even get them started on carbon dating. One I never bought was "The Devil created dinosaur bones to test the faithful", but I knew people who believed it.

  5. As a kid, I believed that one day a fiery apocalypse would obliterate all those not of my mothers religion. Later, common sense prevailed upon my entire family.

  6. As people say, it's none too challenging; if you fail a level on your first go you'l almost certainly get it on your second. Some levels are a bit more challenging because you end them by picking up a certain type of object, a bear for instance, and they're liberally scattered as hazards.

    Becoming large enough to pick up any animal or human that once bullied you is supremely satisfying. Oh, and if you pick up cheese, mice chase you. If you pick up mice, cats chase you. If you pick up bank robbers, the police chase you, etc. It's an utter delight.

  7. Yes, I would love to see a sequel (Heresy! ;)) with the gameplay refined. A pity Elixir went down; I'll be looking out for any other games involving Demis.

    I reinstalled it recently and found that by the time I'd got past the crime lords meeting, I'd had enough and my enjoyment was waning. Until then it was an utter delight: mostly to watch.

    It seemed at points as if it was a totally art driven game, to the point of occasionally interfering with the gameplay. For instance, the primary reward for new stuff often seems to be the related animations. The animations of minions running into the helicopter or boat are the timer for deployment on the world map. The world map looks slick, but has a tragically clunky interface when you want to start moving minions between territories.

    It annoyed me a bit when I had to move islands too; I always thought it would be better to pick a location with particular pros and cons, as well as an evil genius.

  8. I found a fairly crappy screw up where some optional San Fierro missions turned out to be a part of the story (I skipped them because the RC missions infuriated me until I'd passed the flying school: GRAH! The RC plane mission fails to inform you about some vital controls, like those you need to taxi on the ground).

    It didn't break the plot as a whole, but the missions did have some, uh, "character development" in and were thus broken when placed outside of the plot. Before I knew it, I was in Las Venturas planning a heist with some people I hardly knew. When I later went back after completing the story and did the missions I'd missed, the cutscenes were rendered nonsensical.

    The hugeness of it coupled with the sheer ropiness of some of the mission design left me with the impression that Rockstar almost bit of more than they could chew.

    I also cruised around for a while after completing it, but as you say the world isn't utilised that well. I always thought something that would have improved all of the 3D GTA games was a mission select option as a reward for 100%.