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  1. Feminism

    (I typed a first reply to this then deleted it. I should do that more on Twitter, too). I think it's largely about the social context a person has to exist in. As someone with a lot of privilege, a stream of @'s from different people to me tends to be implicitly flattering in the way any sort of non-negative attention is. Because of my privilege, assholes rarely direct their guff at me, and non-engagement generally makes them go away. Consequently I've always felt less reluctant than you did to @ people. I bet lots of privileged guys assume twitter is like that for everyone. I've often been reluctant to @ people with a lot of followers or who've been harassed (unless it was just a message of support or encouragement, and even that makes me afraid I'll be unintentionally patronising), but until I read that link it never twigged that, over time if not immediately, being @ed basically sucks for all women and minorities. Edit: Long before GG, I saw @rare_basement tweeting that she wished she could only see @s from people she followed and not randos. It'd be a good feature, and I'm surprised it hasn't made it into any clients.
  2. Feminism

    I thought the earbuds thing was a good way of contextualising it.
  3. The threat of Big Dog

    Perfectly positioned death droid:
  4. I would very much like to see an attempt by that woman to fake a Brontosaurus skull.
  5. Life

    As I've said ad nauseum on here over the years, I was raised one and it took five years to unfuck what their cult did to me. Their processes are designed to eradicate any kind of fringe thought by means of fear, vilification and exclusion, and the resulting conditioned faith is so strong that within an hour or two any attempt at debate will come full circle to some bad logic and mental editing out of things you said earlier. That was my experience in leaving, and the experience of so many I've known who've tried the same. The best thing you can do is support those friends who've left. Growing up in it diverts kids away from so many normal developmental experiences, especially when it comes to socialisation, dating and sex.
  6. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    It's reappeared, but understandably locked.
  7. Life

    I've not had a car for over ten years now. Really don't miss it; it was a money pit that made me lazier. I can see how not having a car would be untenable in parts of the US though.
  8. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    What a mysterious outcome. (Come on Ken. Follow the thought through. You can do it). (He probably can't)
  9. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    That stuff is kind of complicated. Baphomet are apparently the forum doing the majority of doxxing and swatting, and they absolutely loathe most of GG for not being willing to go as far as they do. In turn, most of GG seem to think this absolves them of any accountability for bad stuff that happens to the people they go after, and, as quoted above, that people finding that out will suddenly see them as good people. Internal shitheel politics!
  10. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I've heard plenty of people in the industry don't like John, but that's mainly old guard, and all I heard largely centred on some people publicly tweeting that after he criticised the GMAs (Games Media Awards, which are run by a games media company). Yes. I've seen a few people arguing on Twitter (I think via Sophie Houlden retweeting) that Molyneux is just a symptom. Eugh. It should at least be a toggle, like the "Are you sure you want to read these tweets?" thing on pages of blocked users.
  11. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    Probably like a fire whip, which, unlike many other forms of fire thing, is actually incredibly risky to play with:
  12. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I couldn't make it past the first few paragraphs. The feeling of spectating on something so brutal is what I imagine it's like to watch an illegal dogfight. I've always heard stories about Molyneux and don't have much time for him, but watching this spread on Twitter today has been ugly.
  13. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    On a big mountain biking forum I'm on, someone started a new thread by making a crappy offhand joke about feminism. A gater then leapt in within a few posts just to say "Anita Sarkeesian = Not a nice person". Then for five pages, all the other MTBers asked "Do you have proof of that?" and "That's not actually proof though is it?" A few more gaters turned up, and it became more of a debate than that, but it was encouraging to see non-games people eviscerate and dismiss them so comprehensively.
  14. The threat of Big Dog

    It begins:
  15. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I thought it was just performance/piss taking when I watched the video, but reading a little of the site, I'm not sure Pretty sure it's trolling. If he's doing it to mock or mimic gamergate, then he's doing a very good job and potentially bringing down a world of shit on himself by making the threats he has. Edit: Oh, surely this is a pisstake? It's almost Real Ultimate Power levels of absurd. From the about page: If he's sincere it's just so absurdly ratfuck, batshit gone:
  16. Life

    Dudes, come on. I bet a bunch of the men Apple Cider is talking about also don't have bad motives, but still make the bitch jokes too. Someone voiced an obvious discomfort and you're digging a bigger hole.
  17. Life

    Genius children somehow becoming average adults Middle class parents can be the worst to deal with. The projection of aspirations that they instead should have taken a good, long hard look at can become incredibly entitled and repulsive.
  18. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Not a joke, actually happened. Don't really want to dig the image up though.
  19. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    They took the promo image and used paint to scribble "SLUT" across Mariska Hargitay's forehead.
  20. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    That thing where you love one song but hate the rest of the album:
  21. Feminism

    I think one of the big problems with callout culture is that a given instance can snowball so rapidly as well meaning people try to add weight. That in turn can be advantageous to non-progressive movements and people who want to dismiss the original problem and cry about overreaction. That shirt at the ESA was a good example: He apologised, but conservatives kept their outrage at the callout rolling for weeks. I'm not saying it shouldn't have been called out, but there's often no way to put the brakes on once it's done.
  22. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Yeah, I was (and I think regardless, with any person presenting, would be) bracing for upset, and she gave an assertive but gracious answer. Edit: I find it really surreal to simultaneously hear those things (gater questions and the above) from people in the same audience. I also keep seeing fault lines in university courses, usually some gater thing coming up tied to a specific place, and lecturers from there saying "I really hope this isn't one of my students" or developers going "These people are on the course I did".
  23. Photos of things

    Some great stuff there, yothatlimp! This is the Basin Stone, where the Chartists and various other radical and working class movements held public meetings in the 19th century: Where I live used to be one of the richest areas in the UK, with mills and transport links filling the valley bottoms. All that's left now are some fancy architecture, the canal, a fraction of the railway stations that were built, and this rock.
  24. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Skip to 58:10 to see Leigh Alexander politely but thoroughly demolish a gaters question: (via ghazi)