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  1. Just got home from work...

    Eew @ o.v.'s Yeah. I felt very "meh" about HD, until a mate played a bluray copy of Casino Royale on a huge samsung thing... then I kind of gawped a bit.
  2. BBC News; Uncanny Valley roundup.

    There's a massive amount of agreement that "next gen" has to mean something new and more sophisticated in terms of mechanics rather than just more elaborate aesthetics (For instance, this interview with Quantic Dream). It's a lot of talk, and i like it, but I don't have much hope in it. It's happening because: Game development costs: Way up. Profits: Not so far up. Wii and DS: Slagged off as gimmicky at first, now absolutely trouncing every other platform. Publishers: Setting up huge and hyped "casual" arms. Absolutely fucking *massive* vacuum around the term "interactive entertainment". It should be really clear that most of the people talking about the need for new and innovative gameplay see it as a financial opportunity/imperative more than an opportunity to actually expand the medium. It's not that there's no crossover, just that most of the people saying this stuff are on schedules, have teams to pay and publishers to placate. They can't take the Jonathan Blow approach: sit around being a bit poor while deeply philosophising on the nature of things to see how new and interesting games might be constructed around them. Everyone developing a game with a commercial agenda and a whit of marketing sense is going to tell you why their game is revolutionary and unprecedented. They're all going to pull that old chestnut about convincing AI out of their ass. When that kind of talk is generalised and applied to entire generation of hardware, I find it less convincing, not more We've really only just entered a new 5 year cycle. More innovative gameplay has a greater chance of being created at the end of a console cycle when developers are more familiar and confident with the tech they're using. To put it another way, new tech drives games back to simple gameplay and lower amounts of content (So of course we bloody end up with MotorStorm, Resistance, Wii sports, Red Steel, and Perfect Dark Zero). Games let people prod, poke and explore systems for as long as they like, which inevitably means they can be pushed until they show cracks. Making an infallible game would be like having to film every shot of a movie from every conceivable angle in one take, without once showing the crew or equipment. To be as emotionally compelling and convincing as a stellar film, games have to be systemically convincing, which is a much harder set of problems than composing camera shots and audio. Of course the next lot of games are going to be breakable and often laughable stabs at convincing worlds. That's not to say they won't be an incredible amount of fun, and I'm really happy that innovation in games is on the table and being discussed so widely. But the hype about innovation is by far outpacing it's difficulty.
  3. Just got home from work...

    vag bhajis
  4. Interview with Jonathan Blow

    I already blogged this, but thought it was also worth mentioning here what with all the "Who the fuck is Jonathan Blow?" questions after GDC. MTV have posted a long interview with him, and there's some pretty good stuff in there.
  5. I think you just discovered Yufter's horrible secret! On your 666th post, no less. P.S. How fucking weird is that toy?
  6. Interview with Jonathan Blow

    I am
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    News of a new Gondry film makes me perky. Also, the minesweeper trailer is awful, except for the "Why are you here soldier?" joke, which is brilliant Nothing to raise you with. I fold.
  8. Did you know...

    Lucid dreams are awesome. I'm crap at making them happen and haven't tried in a few years, but had a few when I was younger. Calmly walking around blowing away your childhood nightmares with a shotgun FTW
  9. Paedophiles

    Not far enough, Yufster. Technological have nots would find themselves in a yawning abyss of sexual peril. Paegle would have to be integrated with loudspeakers and turned into a public service.
  10. YES! Doctor Who the video game!

    Games are still growing. Eventually, people doing cheap, badly designed cash in games on the basis of licenses are going to face increased, erm, "game-literacy" in players and increased competition from other developers. I hope
  11. Resident Evil 5 is RACIST?!!!!

    Well said. I'm glad to see blog comments seem to have taken care of it; my first thought on seeing the trailer was "Shit, this is headed straight for TV news". I doubt this blog post is the last time it will come up, but it's a pretty favourable precedent. Let's hope Capcom realise... I'm pretty sick of seeing developers and publishers buckle to negative press. If this gets bigger, I anticipate the first four RE games being renamed to RESIDENT EVIL: AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, or a United Colors of Benetton zombie shooter full of equal opportunities brain eating. That Village Voice piece saying that the non-zombified black people have still been made to look like zombies is just fucked. Miffy has it.
  12. Resident Evil 5 is RACIST?!!!!

    I don't think Capcom have done anything "wrong". Remains to be seen whether or not it was stupid though...
  13. Resident Evil 5 is RACIST?!!!!

    In context of all the RE games, it's not racist. People aren't going to look at that context though. Too much effort to play through the other games. People like that blogger are going to ignore the earlier sequences with non-zombified black people (or even misinterpret them). One commenter said: I don't agree with his "should never" because there are a shitload of potential reasons for representing anything, historical or not, but as it stands that kind of representation is a hugely emotive trigger for a large amount of people (from black people to white supremacists). Likewise, the way the zombified black people look is close to the way black people have sometimes been depicted and mocked in other media, even though there's almost certainly no connection between that and the art in RE5. The reaction to this trailer is an emotive one rather than an informed one, but it's not difficult to watch the trailer and realise why it's come up. If Capcom didn't see it coming, that's dumb. I hope they point out the context given by the other games. I suppose they might throw in some token white people. If companies keep apologising like Sony instead of putting up any kind of adequate defense, games will eventually just be made with really sterile content :/ (I bet she'd misinterpret the balaclava doodled on my avatar as a racist slur).
  14. Viva Pinata, Like All Popular Kids, To DS

    Interesting. I caught part of a presentation on it last week, and just as I had to leave there was something about it originally being planned as a mobile game (I think even before even Pinatas had been decided on). I wonder if they're planning to use previously shelved mechanics?
  15. I demand an apology, America

    It is indeed roboplegic wrong-cock, easily my favorite turn of phrase from the entire series Brass Eye makes up a lot of words, that one (I assume) derived from paraplegic and the like. They did a Science episode about "heavy electricity" falling out of power lines then flattening people and cattle in Sri Lanka. They got a celebrity to read out something about it turning cows into blobs... or the like. That one and the Drugs episode are well worth tracking down.
  16. MASSIVE HYPOCRISY! It's in the game
  17. I demand an apology, America

    Scarily close to Brass Eye

    Yeah, he just waffled about the Pixar lamp a bit without seeming to say much.
  19. Develop: Brighton

    I learned a few things at Develop: Fact: Yufster really *is* nice in real life. Surprisingly, she only said "cunt" twice during an entire evening. Fact: Dan and I are unexpectedly similar. Fact: Spaff is devilishly handsome.

    A little, though apparently box office revenues have been tied to it enough for Pixar to swear off visual realism. I thought David Braben was stretching the definition a little too far, as he said he thought it applied to more than just visual realism then glossed over why without seeming to provide much in the way of reasoning or examples. On topic, there were a few people there who were so bad that even a fair description feels mean. One man in particular didn't make social gaffes, he was one. I'm pretty loaded up with aspergers traits and can be an obsessive bore; sometimes I feel bad about this, but holy fuck did a couple of people there make me thankful
  21. Happy Tree Friends False Alarm

    Conker's Bad fur day goes for the much wider "crass" niche, whereas HTF goes for the exclusive "gore" one The cartoon wore off quickly, but this might be interesting if it manages to conjure a frenetic feeling of imminent failure in the same way the cartoons just pile one thing on top of another.
  22. Consolevania am returned!

    GoW is okay. Calling it just space invaders is a little unfair, but yeah, it's pretty much about using timing and cover against waves of enemies. Nothing amazing and takes Epic's steroid induced protagonists to new heights of absurd masculinity. The environments are quite pretty at points. Simon Byron called it a "homoerotic classic" recently, which amused me.
  23. MASSIVE HYPOCRISY! It's in the game

    Seems like the kind of gimmick that might work for really short sequences in another game.
  24. MASSIVE HYPOCRISY! It's in the game

    Oh god, it is like the worst bits of a fine art degree show. The blurb only had to mention "mystic’s journey towards enlightenment" before I was choking on my fist. Funny how so many artists seem to know what enlightenment is, and that it's all about dreamy music, trees and water
  25. Peter Moore called it!

    I've been keeping an eye on, and over the past few months it's gone from the top 5 almost always saying "sold out" to at least three of them having stock nearly all the time. A few people I've known who've got one have had no trouble finding them at all. Fair enough, Ninty probably have their manufacturers running at full tilt and might not be able to ramp up for Christmas, but beyond the gloating in the news story above, I'm extremely suspicious as to why they're are saying this so far in advance... during summer ¬¬ They've probably replaced the board room with a ball pit, but with balls made of money, and inbetween bouts of hysterical laughter someone choked out "Hey, let's announce another Wii shortage!".