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  1. O rly?

    Must've been a Los Angeles boat club.
  2. Google <3 Thumbs and all its perversions.
  3. Half Life 2: Episode 2

    Man, those hunters are frustratingly good at I thought the zombie infested swamp wasn't too bad in this one, certainly less annoying than the tunnel full of zombines and toxic waste in City 17. On that note though, quite a few bits of Episode 2 felt almost like repeated bits of HL2 and Ep1, and I kind of missed downing dropships and gunships The are really well implemented, there's something really visceral about watching a explode and send the teetering off in different directions. So much so that a bystander watching me do it for the first time exclaimed "fucking hell!" with a big grin They also seem quite balanced: Very powerful, but they take some skill to use properly. The enhanced physics gun, in contrast, was great fun, but I'm glad they only had it in HL2 briefly because it was pretty unchallenging.
  4. Double Fine

    I wouldn't be surprised if this was also an elaborate joke ... or not.
  5. Team Fortress 2 and Portal

    How do I feel? Like I'm going to get humiliated. I'm up for it
  6. Double Fine

    Oh, oh-hohohoho Jack Black is known fairly well in the UK thanks to his film work.
  7. Portal

    I didn't let it go any further than the one something like: But I really want to go back to a lot of places in the game and see what other voice samples it has. Biggest laugh was at the one Dan quoted above about the oven thing
  8. Portal

    It was really satisfying as a new way to interact with a 3D environment. I felt the same kind of thing the first time I played Katamari Damacy. One of the things I liked most about Portal was, near the beginning, I found myself in an empty room with no obvious exit at what felt like the end of a level. So many FPS games have accustomed me to just wait for a cutscene or scripted sequence in that situation that I did. Then after about ten seconds thought "Oh duh! Portal gun"
  9. Portal

    Jeezus, I think that's the most a game has ever made me laugh
  10. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    n0wak you should know better
  11. Team Fortress 2 and Portal

    I was having most luck (i.e. sucking the least) with the Demo Man last night because he's so spam friendly. I'm traditionally sneaky though, so am looking forward to trying the spy. From a comment at Rock Paper Shotgun: They were talking about how it's easy to spot a "friendly" soldier running straight back into the base, but to strafe backwards behind the enemy front, behaving like the class you're impersonating...
  12. Team Fortress 2 and Portal

    I suck at TF2, but it is still immense fun.
  13. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Bappy Hirthday. Forgot about them, they're excellent. "†" gets played at least once a week at work and a lot at home.
  14. Idle Thumbs Steam community

    Ok, finally back to using Steam:
  15. I have shaved all my hair off

    From b3ta last week:
  16. Architects and demolition experts are screwed.
  17. Help Ginger, plicks!

    Norton is the only one I've seen targeted so far, but that's because it's such a great big fat one.
  18. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    The Extra Action Marching Band have been making me happier. Imagine an aggressive, bisexual marching band with a hint of mariachi and you're just about there. It's like a happy counterpart to death metal. They have cheerleaders with fake moustaches and blacked out mouths. There are some samples up on the site, but the CD is way better produced, much more percussive and intense. Body Riddle by Clarke has also been in my playlists for months now. Herr Bar and Herzog are near the top of my favorite tracks at the moment.
  19. Help Ginger, plicks!

    Are you running any anti-virus? Is it up to date? It might be malware related fuckery.
  20. Jesus. Making it a crime to "own" information is fucked. Anarchist's Cookbook aside, how is any kind of line drawn on this? I'm sure there are a shitload of professions that rely on information "useful in the preparation of an act of terrorism".
  21. BioShock - They weren't kidding...

    Depending on how that phrase is uttered, it could either be a bit Handsome Boy Modeling School, or a bit local.
  22. How was your weekend?

    Ick! Saw some similar setups out there, with pillions perched a full head above the rider. They don't look good at all for fast riding.
  23. Voice Acting in Final Fantasy IV

  24. Gaming semantics

    That's it's being debated shows that language hasn't changed, but it may be in the process of changing. The form it is edging towards right now is one known as "dumb", because third-person and first-person are both useful terms with precise meanings.
  25. How was your weekend?

    Heh We were on the right side of the road for that shot, but that rider's had advanced training, so he tended to go carefully and use both lanes depending on what gave the best view. He took it very easy while the camera was out too. If you're not shy of speed and ride with a biker who has exceptional road sense, pillion is fun up to about 120 mph (Though he and some bikers who followed us said I'm an unusually confident one). Trying to cling on to side mounted grab rails at 150 is terrifying though, I wouldn't recommend it