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  1. Feminism

    Today, someone told me that a particular developer who has been named more than enough "sets feminism back centuries, especially in the video game industry", then another told me that it's definitely not about her. I came up with a handy one sentence summary of #GamerGate: "Transparency crusade led by teenagers mysteriously zeroes in on women and their sex lives"
  2. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Learning social skills is certainly a thing that can be done, but it's not easy. Took me years, and I'm still pretty blunt.
  3. Ferguson

    Whoah. Hopefully this is effective rather than something they can physically cover, game or claim was "malfunctioning" when it suits them.
  4. Feminism

    Yeah. Some of the youtubers they follow and champion are actually on the take, and have no ethical guidelines or codes of conduct whatsoever, but somehow that's fine. Because this is all about journalistic ethics and nothing to do with hounding women whatsoever. Nuh uh.
  5. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Haha! But am I biased full time, or just for the two times a year they hire me as a freelance curator? Also: Eurogamer/Gamer Network having "Gamer" in their names must be a very clever bluff set up many years ago. Note: Gamer Network don't own RPS, they just handle ad sales for them.
  6. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    It'll fall apart really soon, but that doesn't negate the most committed members as a threat to peoples privacy and safety. A friend reminded me of this in response to those chat screengrabs:
  7. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    DMed. It's not that hard to find, but I'm not posting the link because leaving it out for potential trolling won't do any good.
  8. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I don't know. I even saw a video response to this open letter which began with reading it out, misgendering the author as a woman, then straight into "It's interesting that if you look down the list of signatories, you'll see that Zoe hasn't signed it yet. I'm not saying she won't, just that as of now she hasn't. Not that this is all about her, but that's definitely interesting" then hamfistedly shifts into "Now lets go back to the text of this letter and unpack all of the things I find problematic in it". Also: it continues, and while trying to unpack why social justice isn't bad but why they hate people who want it, they're tantalisingly on the cusp of renaming themselves SJW+ Then there's this where one of them panics about their beliefs not attracting left-wing people. Unless hackers feed them more private information, I can't see this group growing or doing anything other than losing momentum. They have no plausible promise to group members. Their stated fight has little connection to reality, is mostly being fed by wingnuts, exhibits an extreme "means justify the end" attitude, and spends a lot of its energy trying to rhetorically contort away from the actual obsessions and ideology underlying it. The wingnut beliefs will get stronger as they're starved coverage, but the group will get much smaller. If you make games and ever speak about feminism, social justice, etc., secure your stuff if you haven't already.
  9. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I spent some of the past day idly dipping into 4chan's "investigation". It is a weird nest of people arguing correlating their way to conclusions they've already drawn, and it very frequently dives right back into raking through people's personal lives. It's mostly sad to see, and occasionally funny: seeing a meticulously compiled imgur of twitter screenshots detailing who follows who on Twitter, and among the excited responses seeing "wow, the conspirators are inept as fuck!" I'm sad at how fucked up it all is: in their crusade for "ethics", the methods of any of them working in public are mostly like toddlers finger painting, but in terms of the effects their actions might have on anyone, nothing is off limits. Speculation about who is doing what with whose genitals seems to be one of their primary methods. It has a sufficient dedicated mass of users that people work on it around the clock, and it has narratives in place that allow it to vigorously feed on itself if denied coverage or other forms of validation. The only light I've seen is that the most unhinged people also seem to be the most dedicated, probably making it inevitable that gamergate's long term adherents will be a self-marginalising group. Yesterday they attempted Twitter flooding with loads of new/alt accounts, and it failed. I got approached by some and they were like creepy evangelists who opened with "do you like video games?" Today, the top search results for #gamergate are a bunch of jokes about it.
  10. Feminism

    There's also been a lot of "Let's not include this link, because it disagrees with us". They're listing patreon backers, twitter followers, etc. to "investigate", and I checked to maybe warn a few friends who are on those lists, but I don't think I can watch anymore for the sake of my sanity. Don't really want to post the link publicly because that'd probably help nothing and no one, but if anyone really wants a look, PM me. It was here: Either many more than the seventeen cited there were sold, or I know an improbably high number of those seventeen people. I just googled for a source assuming they'd still be available, and only found Dames Making Games have a couple of XL blue ones:
  11. Feminism

    I have found the seat of the madness and while I laughed at first, I now feel quite sad for these people:
  12. Life

    Hello again subbes! That sounds like a healthy move.
  13. It's happening, in part because of the 90s revivial. There are people working on FMV type games, a whole scene mashing DOOM into interesting new shapes, Twine finally making hypertext fiction viable and interesting (rather than an academic on stage talking about a wav file and an animated gif being interesting additions to a book), the Oculus is definitely already inspiring people to make things instead of games, and game development based communities like are springing up that aren't really that fussed about how much of a game something is or isn't. Multimedia was a slightly crappy term at a time when the available infrastructure and processing power were too crappy to do it in anything but a rudimentary form. Transmedia was an attempt to make some of it cool again mainly led by ad agencies and academics. I'm not sure it needs a name at all, and such names will maybe all eventually look as weird and naive as companies having a separate "digital" department. It's just in everything and a fundamental part of what we do and how we make things now.
  14. Feminism

    I've felt weird about the term gamer for a while, and don't generally use it. I know lots of people who play games but would never regard themselves as gamers either. I think any battle for that term is probably lost already, and I think game developers are closer to having a diverse, ubiquitous audience than they think.
  15. Feminism

    I'd recommend the Invisible Backpack. Miffy linking it here was a definite turning point for me.
  16. Feminism

    I hadn't seen that before and it's absolute gold. Me and a friend just learned it works surprisingly well performed to an audience
  17. Feminism

    I think that if anyone commits their event to prejudiced shitheel gamers, they'll find they have a rapidly shrinking audience five years from now. I'd love for good people to reclaim the term gamer, but I doubt it's going to survive this transition to games being ubiquitous without being a sink for negativity and stereotypes. Outside of gamer circles, it already has been for quite a while.
  18. Life

    That's true, and that's one reason that games night worked well: we held it in a tea room that didn't serve alcohol, so that social pressure was done with. You could go hang out for the price of bus fare and a cup of tea if you were poor.
  19. Life

    Same. I moved to the sticks and, predictably, even though I'm only half an hour away from one of the largest cities in the UK, my social life has tanked a bit. City transplants are hard too; a friend switched careers and moved to my hometown, she's quite gregarious yet it's taken her two years to feel like she's even started building a group of friends. Late twenties/early thirties can be particularly hard for this kind of stuff, because people are getting busy with kids, mortgages, weddings, etc. One of my larger social circles just petered out over the course of a few years for those reasons. It's not the first time I've dealt with this. I went from an early-twenty something with social phobia and no friends, to slowly realising I was an extrovert and briefly getting a reputation for knowing absolutely everyone. Not to diminish the resulting friendships, but making friends is totally a numbers game. There are so many people you meet with whom you won't click, but every so often you'll find someone and have a connection. The best advice I can give is to meet people harder. Meet more of them. Do more things. Trying new stuff like evening classes can be be a great way to meet like-minded people, but the biggest thing I'd recommend if you have the time, will and maybe a few like-minded friends to help, is to start a small, local event centred on something you're interested in. Starting a friendly board games night helped me make a lot of friends with common interests, and over the years I helped run it, I even met a few partners too. Edit: Likewise starting a hackspace. It began as one guy appealing for other people interested in starting one, then three of us meeting in a pub. It snowballed into something big with hundreds of members over the past 3.5 years. Naturally I can't know them all, and some of the people in a group that big are awful, but some of them are really good people I'd probably never have met otherwise.
  20. Life

    Some of the shittest humans decided to wage war. This also sums it up pretty well:
  21. Feminism

    That Slate article is loathsome, from the "young gamer" bullshit to the last minute dig at Depression Quest. It simultaneously patronises and panders to sexist/misogynist/angry gamers.
  22. Feminism

    Yes, hence I thought it needed clarifying After a few more hours thinking about it, I am fully behind letting all of the misogynists and sexists gather under the term gamer, then burning it down. Leigh put this vine up after making that Gamasutra post earlier:
  23. Feminism

    (Edit: In reply to your second to last post, not the hilarious erotic fiction ) I guess it's an awkward transition thing, with games moving from a hobby aimed at a small number of demographics, to something ubiquitous having parts for basically everyone. From the end of one of those pieces: "From now on, there are no more gamers—only players" If this message spreads, I reckon we could use the term "gamer" as a sinkhole for a lot of the toxicity. The shitheads are already well into the idea of themselves as "true gamers", so it's a gentle push. As I said last week and will probably say for a while: Ruin video games harder.
  24. Feminism

    Two different sources stating that they think the term "gamer" is over: I'm down with this. They can have their shitty tribe label, we'll take everything else.