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  1. Life

    Of course it is, but possibly on an international/historical scale, rather than the partisan bias that's obvious in most news sources. To try and express it another way: People don't do good business on the basis of being in a capitalist echo-chamber. The FT's audience have different needs and criteria to most audiences and seem more interested in accurate information than validation of their ideology. A business focus obviously leans it right/neoliberal, but it's under no pretence of it not being about the money and doesn't really meander into other areas.
  2. Twitter :)

    If I used that all the time, I'd have autoblocked a couple of really good people I met at a games festival last week, who were only just setting up Twitter accounts as a result of that event. I'd probably use this if it had a time limit like a mail auto-responder, but then I'm not in a group that gets constantly harassed. I can totally see the utility of having it permanently in place for some people.
  3. Life

    That's really encouraging. Arguably the Financial Times has a bias towards capitalism, but not a political one. I've known some anarchists who read it for that reason, citing that news in it is generally more factual.
  4. Life

    BBC news has a really strange practice in place, at least in their TV work. No matter how insane or asymmetric the actors within a situation are, or how the available evidence stacks up, they'll always break an issue down into two sides, then give them both airtime for the sake of "balance". Their idea of balance sometimes becomes more important than facts, driving a weird agenda into . It's centrist and bland in a way that seems to compromise accuracy rather than help it. Typically, BBC balance skews towards brown-nosing existing authorities, which can but doesn't necessarily create political bias in any specific direction, leading to all sides screaming about their very different ideas of how the BBC is biased. I have a lot of love for the BBC because they make (non-news) programming that probably wouldn't be made on commercial or ad-based funding models, but they exist under the axe of whatever current government the UK has, and their news department could be burned to the ground as far as I'm concerned.
  5. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I find it really weird that they have a movement centred on a hashtag, that anyone can join in with, but also put so much effort into trying to state things it is and isn't "about". I mentioned it offhandedly on Twitter, but it has massive overlaps in patterns with the EDL recruiting from far-right groups in the UK, then spending a lot of time and effort trying to convince people they're "not racist" (they're arguably just xenophobic instead, but in practice it doesn't make much difference: They often form disaffected feeling mobs that turn violent). I've been away and not really looked for the past week, but I saw a troubling tweet today that said (not verbatim) "We know the other side is losing when they attack the roots of our movement rather than our actual cause". No matter how direct the line that can be drawn between abuse and #gameghazi, it seems any kind of collateral damage is acceptable to supporters and the past doesn't matter. One thing I picked up from gaters is that donotlink is just an intermediary, and the target site still gets traffic (that might not be the reason you use donotlink, but if you're trying to deny sites hits it's worth knowing). That's why they use instead, which in itself is an interesting aspect of their movement: there are sites they never do this to, and sites they always do this to. Suspicion of corruption or alignment with social justice gets a site this treatment, which in turn seems to reinforce gater perception that it must be guilty. For some I'm sure it's just ideological disagreement, but in any body of text they put together, it creates a really clear us/them divide that probably has reinforcing effects.
  6. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Yeah, this is a tactic I saw quite a bit more than a decade ago on an ex-cult members board. Meta-argument like this is a douchebag tactic with a long history. It's a lame appeal to authority that's within especially easy reach on the internet, and often used incorrectly to discredit people (i.e. all internet assholes seem to misunderstand what an ad-hominem attack is and refer back to that interpretation whenever they're called a name. Completely missing the obvious point that claiming another person's arguments are invalid because they used a name is itself (drumroll) a logical fallacy! Uh, I mean, zzz ¬¬). Heh I got at least four unfollows on Twitter for comparing gaters to this:
  7. Feminism

    This is very much an orchestrated thing. I saw people not mentioning the IGF specifically, but mentioning that "something big" was going to happen on Sunday, also relating it to the person who did all of the digging to spawn that shitheap.
  8. Feminism

    That's almost as mind boggling as early gaters comparing gamer gate to the Arab Spring.
  9. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    To be fair, not only does no one seem to pronounce it like that, she does answer when it's pronounced "Lee". They seem to be more a bunch of wingnuts by the day. Jenni Goodchild (of Nineworlds) has been doing an amazing job of patiently engaging over the past few days. This is a problem that affects all festivals and curation processes at the moment, I think. It certainly does affect my work, and I've seen that exact bias in my own selections (especially as they're selected to thrive on a showfloor). I think A MAZE are the only people I've seen really buck this and show a really challenging set of games, but they've developed the kind of mostly-but-not-entirely-developer audience required for that kind of lineup to go well.

    I've been on planes for the past twenty-four hours, so assume everyone here got an invite from someone. If you didn't yet, post again, I have four left.
  11. Feminism

    It amazes me how they ignore their own actual, bona-fide crimes while talking about the law.
  12. Returned Vita :)

    He was! I posted it back to him yesterday.

    Done. I've seen a few people complaining about the amount of whitespace, but their current layout it works really well for posting images. Mobile, apparently, really sucks right now.

    I think it just lets you follow people but effectively divide them between two receptacles. Nobody you follow gets to know which they're in. It certainly has a long way to go, but I think it's a promising start just because of where they're coming from.

    Invite sent, fellow chump.
  16. Life

    I saw a tweet today pointing to a Russian language news story, claiming that a Russian paper is stating Finland wants to become part of Russia :/
  17. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    The hardcore gaters will never be swayed, but they'll look more and more unhinged as time passes and the wider audience they've gathered will ablate. You can lock your twitter account, meaning only people already following you can see your posts, and any new followers have to request permission to follow. Quite a few people I know did over these past few weeks.

    No idea I'm afraid. I guess they haven't built that this early. They have a feature list here: (Edit: It's AJAXy and I can't link to it. Paste of current/planned feature list: For anyone wondering, invites are redeemed here (sorry, I assumed it'd be linked from the home page): (Six left now)
  19. Feminism

    Aww, diddums. The nastier bits of me would really like to see him furiously explaining why posting nude photos of him is different.

    Sent, video games.

    PMed you both invite codes. If they don't work, you might need to reply to me with your email addresses. People to follow: You can probably take a look at my list for people who interest you once in. There aren't many people I know on there yet, but this person is posting incredible screenshots this afternoon:
  22. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Yeah. I think they, and lots of other people who resorted to blocktogether, didn't really think the implications through. Blocking could be very different for someone who does versus someone who doesn't hire writers. Within minutes, it was also being referred to as a "blacklist" among gaters. At least maladjusted stupidity in games audiences has a name now: gaters. People flailed around a bit at first trying to find one that described them without prejudice, and the whole event has been big and traumatic enough they can just be named after their own thing.
  23. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    (Edit: Yes, Jon is correct. I also saw a few people point at blocktogether days earlier, but after checking it out felt it was a bad idea for exactly the reason Polygon were caught out). Oh god dammit, Chris Grant, not Chris Plante. It was a combined list, and there was furious backpedalling: Grants response to industry figures being on the list was "look over there!"
  24. Feminism