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  1. The Walking Dead

    Easily my GOTY. Good work Jake and Sean! I'm glad the game has been a huge success and has allowed Telltale to expand.
  2. The Great Giana Sister's Kickstarter.

    It's possible that it could make the goal. Some kickstarters have made some pretty crazy comebacks
  3. Guild Wars 2

    I'd also join a Thumbs guild if someone made one.
  4. Team Fortress 2 Co-op! Mann vs. Machine

    That sounds awesome. I guess I have a reason to start playing TF2 again.
  5. Chris Crawford kickstarts a new game

    So it looks like he probably won't make it, which is too bad because I think it's a pretty cool idea. I just think he isn't too good at marketing or making a kickstarter that appeals to people that go to the site.
  6. Return of the Rise of the Triads

    Well that and the beginning of Serious Sam 3 was actually pretty awful. The game picks up later on. Sounds like you're just not a fan of that kind of gameplay though.
  7. In case anyone was wondering how obnoxious Marble Madness 2 is And Rampart is amazing. I used to play it all the time with my friends because it came in some Midway Arcade Treasures release for the x-box. I wish it would come out on x-box live arcade
  8. What's the best way to learn about what items you should buy and when? That's the biggest thing I've been having problems with. I know I'll get better playing with characters the more I use them but I have no idea what items are good to buy other than that you should buy items that boost the main stat of your character. Oh, and maybe some boots. I'd also be willing to play with other people that are also awful at the game so we can all get better at the same time. Playing bots most of the time can get old sometimes
  9. Left 4 Thumbs - The Homethumbing 2

    Bundles. Also because I barely bought any games before because I just shared a Steam account with my brother, the number is a lot lower when I click on "Show All Games" in my steam list, also some of the games are free to play ones and some others like Defense Grid and Borderlands count as 5 games because of DLC. It's not quite as ridiculous as it looks, although still kind of crazy
  10. The Walking Dead

    The only parts of the gameplay I've ever described are where you have to make hard choices like who to survive or who to give food and that usually interests them. I think it actually helps that the people I've talked to about it usually don't play that many games so they're more open to games that don't just involve shooting things.
  11. The Walking Dead

    I'm usually just able to sell the game to people by telling them that it's a Walking Dead game and it's really awesome without having to describe the gameplay. Of course they love the gameplay but I try to avoid mentioning things like puzzles because I get the feeling people just end up thinking of things like Myst when I mention those.
  12. Left 4 Thumbs - The Homethumbing 2

    Sounds like you have 4 people but I'd be in if there's anyone else looking for a group on Sunday. Here's my ID http://steamcommunity.com/id/MechaTofuPirate
  13. The Walking Dead

    Maybe they could just end it with ? It'd make about as much sense as the original ending of the game.
  14. A new Kickstarter by Pendulo Studios

    Was the story interactive at all or was it just as linear as everything else they put out before? And would you recommend the game? It sounds like you're leaning towards no
  15. Uplay

    At least GOG has started selling Ubisoft games DRM free like Far Cry 2. So I guess I just have to wait 5 years before I get to play Anno 2070.
  16. Critical Path

    Cliffy B is telling me that games don't have to be dumb in a documentary about stories in games? At least it seems to have a lot of cool game designers in it that are trying to do new things with games.
  17. Thirty Flights of Loving

    I thought that it's possible that
  18. The Walking Dead

    I wonder if they'll go with a new set of characters for the next season. I guess it depends on what happens to the characters at the end of this season but it would also be cool to play as someone with a way different personality too.
  19. Shadowrun Kickstarter

    MMOs can still do well, they just need to innovate on the genre somehow and not be a clone of WoW. I don't know how optimistic I can be about a browser/tablet MMO though.
  20. Thirty Flights of Loving

    Every game should have a Goldblum mode
  21. The Walking Dead

    I hope some of your choices earlier in the episode and in episode 1 still have an effect in episode 3.
  22. I went ahead and bought Offspring Fling since it was on sale on Steam. It's pretty cool, thanks Chris!
  23. The Real Texas

    Awesome, I get to be the 2nd person on the forums to actually play it despite everyone on the forums having already bought it. So anyway, yeah, it's a pretty cool game. I have a hard time playing it in long stretches because it's kind of clunky and navigating the world can be kind of frustrating but I still think it's worth getting. It's so odd that I'm having fun just exploring the world.
  24. It's been a while since Revolution made a good game but I'm still pretty excited about it. Dave Gibbons is one of my favorite comic book artists.
  25. The Real Texas

    I also just bought it because of the Giant Bomb quicklook but haven't been able to play it yet. Looks really awesome though.