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  1. Pen and Paper and Roll20.net Games

    Yes! I have the rulebook but haven't read it yet. I guess I can try to cram in as much of that as I can. I haven't played anything Powered by the Apocalypse yet.
  2. Pen and Paper and Roll20.net Games

    I wouldn't mind joining in for some games too. Maybe not a whole campaign, at least at first, but one-shot sessions would be fun. I've really only played Pathfinder and D&D but would be open to other stuff too.
  3. Is Cathedral what you would recommend reading next if people enjoyed this book? I don't know a whole lot about him but really enjoyed this book and want to read more.
  4. The Next President

    Yeah, I know. Paul Krugman posted an opinion piece for the New York Times this week basically calling out the NYT and other media for basically grading Trump on a curve and calling him presidential whenever he manages to not say something blatantly horrible. Obviously it's being done to make the race look closer and boost their ratings but it's done at the expense of hurting the country. Ugh.
  5. I guess the way I phrased it was wrong and kind of harsh but man, I really didn't care for it at all. I still liked The Witness but also found it disappointing at the same time.
  6. The Next President

    I need to stop looking at FiveThirtyEight and having panic attacks. I know she's still likely to win but it's ridiculous to me that it's even this close.
  7. Turns out the game is actually really good, or at least I really like it. It's kind of what I was hoping The Witness would be. The puzzles are a little easier and there's more variety to them plus there's an actual story. Plus it has FMV! The only issue I have with the game so far is that I wish it ran better on my machine and had shorter load times.
  8. I really liked the book. During the episode someone mentioned that the author talked a bit about Apocalypse Now somewhere. Does someone have a link to it or was it just from his appearance on Fresh Air, which it sounds like I should listen to.
  9. It's definitely both dumb and awesome. My wife is subscribed to it and the box (which is designed to look like Pusheen) came with a Pusheen cooking apron, a Pusheen toy of it baking dough, and some other random Pusheen stuff.
  10. Keiji Inafune's Mighty No.9

    So what's the deal with the Sonic Twitter account being a massive dick to game developers?
  11. I did IndieBox for a couple of months and that was fun but eventually I canceled because half the time I already had the game they sent me because they were often older games. The Black Album style box art for their Brutal Legend release was pretty great though.
  12. Idle Weekend June 17, 2016: We Happy E3

    I really loved the discussion about the portrayal of the LGBT community in games in this episode
  13. The Next President

    Pretty much. If it comes down to "More of the same" and Donald Trump, I will pick more of the same any day.
  14. Books, books, books...

    I just finished 2001: A Space Odyssey and really liked it. I guess I should read more 60s and 70s sci fi.
  15. The Idle Book Club 16: Mr. Fox

    This is kind of how I felt about it too. I feel like maybe I just didn't completely get what the book was saying and will have to reread the book again some point in the future. But it's encouraging that her short stories are apparently better because she's a good writer and I enjoyed her prose, I just had a hard time following along with this book at points.
  16. Whoa we're doing a Harry Potter podcast?

    YES! I just reread the first couple of books and finished the rest of the series about a year ago because I'm a dumb baby that thought the Universal Studios ride would spoil the books for me, but it will be fun to watch the movies for the first time. Any plans to read the side books and the book coming out this summer as well?
  17. Good episode! This episode just made me remember Sorcerer King, the other recent Stardock game no one has seemed to talk about. Has TMA talked about that one at all?
  18. DOOM

    I'm surprised how good it is. I didn't plan on buying it but the Giant Bomb quicklook sold me on the game. It plays a lot like classic Doom, not just being fast paced but also having to dodge fireballs and avoid enemy attacks in a way that's more interesting than just running backwards while shooting. And like the quicklook shows, it's the right level of dumb. It still has the goofy 90s metal tone that the first two games had.
  19. Danielle and Rob's discussion about how the Marvel Cinematic Universe basically goes back to the status quo at the end of each movie is kind of why I don't read Marvel or DC's comics anymore except for story arcs that people recommend.
  20. The Next President

    That didn't seem to last long. It looks like he's already considering Trump if he just apologizes about what he said about veterans earlier. Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republican party look like they're getting ready to endorse him too. Is anyone else getting anxiety about this election? I know Hillary polls better than him in most polls but it's scary to me that she's only like 5-6 points above him. I don't even know how it's that close.
  21. Other podcasts

    I just started getting into Friends at the Table and it's so good. It's teaching me a lot too about how to be a good DM which is helpful. Are there any other podcasts about tabletop rpgs that are worth checking out?
  22. Oh, there's a slack channel for the idle book club?
  23. In case people don't follow the Idle Book Club on Twitter (you should!), here are the next books https://twitter.com/idlebookclub/status/729694002967011328 Haven't even heard of either of these so that's pretty exciting for me.
  24. Impressions so far - Music is amazing - I'm pretty dumb and this game does a great job easing me into it. - The writing is good too! I'm new to Paradox strategy games and this is making me want to go back and play CK2 after I play this a ton.
  25. Mr. Robutt

    I'm watching the series right now too and I don't think it is? It kind of feels like they're being ironic/sarcastic to me but maybe that's wishful thinking. Still really liking it though. I think it's nice to see a lead character that has social anxiety and depression and doesn't feel gimmicky to me.