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  1. Games cost way too much.

    Games are expensive, but at least they aren't as expensive as they used to be. I think Warcraft 1 sold for $70 or something like that.
  2. PC mag

    ..... What the hell? I forgot to mention the game? I was talking about Postal 2. Sorry about that.
  3. Arhghghghg

    hahahaha, at least I can play more than 5 games and my mouse has more than one button
  4. PC mag

    Well I get PC Gamer and I think it's alright, it's just that the reviews suck a lot of times. I'm not a big fan of Computer Gaming World, I just lost all respect for them after they gave it 0/5 stars just because it's violent. I guess you should get him Computer Games magazine, I wouldn't know how good it is since I never read it, but at least it's not guaranteed to suck like PC Gamer and Computer Gaming World. I guess I really only trust certain websites like Gamespot for good reviews of games. EDIT: I was talking about postal 2 when I mentioned the 0/5, I just suck and left out the game name.
  5. More Psychobabble

    The video doesn't work for me, that sucks. Oh well, at least I've seen the gamespot videos with him and know that he doesn't sound like Jack Black at all.
  6. the president really "has to go"

    Well I've heard multiple times that if the tax break wasn't given, we would have been in a much worse depression (well duh). The economy goes in cycles, tax breaks were really the only thing to keep the economy from being worse. I do agree that the government has spent the money in some retarded ways though considering that we're in a deficit, but we've been in a deficit for a long time. (wants everyone to know he's not republican even though he sounds like it)
  7. the president really "has to go"

    Crap, we're thinking about two different things. I was thinking about how Kerry disagreed with Greenspan on the upcoming Social Security baby boomer problem. Kerry thinks that he doesn't have to do anything but increase the number of jobs to fix the problem, greenspan knows that Kerry is going to have to bump up the age for social security or decrease the amount that social security will give to each person. Of course, Kerry rather have the old people vote and have the USA lose even more money, than fix the problem if he becomes president (not saying that bush has never tried to appeal to voters, the gay marriage thing comes to mind). It's just that there's way too many people in the baby boomer generation to fix the problem by just giving more jobs. And giving a tax break to the upper class can help the economy. Instead of just spending the money on stuff like food, they'll invest it instead, helping out companies, and causing the companies to start spending more money. Companies start recieving money from other companies, they make more money, and then they start hiring more people.
  8. the president really "has to go"

    Well I personally think it's great that Dick Cheney himself would kill everyone that votes for Kerry, most people just wouldn't have the time to do that and would just hire someone to do if for him. (meh, I didn't mean that kerry supporters should die, I sorta meant that it's good that he has the free time to kill people himself)
  9. the president really "has to go"

    I almost don't care who wins, I think both suck horribly. At least it's not Howard Dean running against Bush. On one hand, you have Bush and we all know he sucks. But you also have Kerry, who should be able to win but then he does things like disagree with Alan Greenspan which is just retarded because Alan Greenspan pwnz everyone in economics.
  10. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

    Normally I would be concerned, but this is Ubisoft Montreal that we're talking about. The people that made Splinter Cell, Myst 4, and other cool stuff. And even though they're focusing on combat in this game, it still has puzzles. I believe I read somewhere that Warrior Within will have time travel puzzles where if you do something in the past, it will change the landscape of the future.
  11. Duke Nukem 3D

    Oh yeah, it also stole lines from They Live and other movies. Not only that, but the voice actor for Duke Nukem is an ass and thought that he could be Bruce Cambell in a fight, which is obviously not true because Bruce Cambell is god.