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  1. Willy Wonka... is back?

    You realize that the original movie was based off a book right? So therefore, it's just another movie version of the book, not a remake of the movie.
  2. Star Wars

    I think the trailer for episode 3 looks kinda good, but then again, I thought that the trailer for episode 1 also looked good... Let's face it, Star Wars was good 10 years ago, then George Lucas went insane and started making the special editions, star wars has been going downhill since then.
  3. EQ2 Review

    They never had an open beta did they? This is probably why.
  4. Halo2 WTF?!

    Boring repetitive levels, you basically fight the same 3 monsters through the game, unoriginal weapons, the story wasn't THAT original (aliens attack), it feels like the most generic fps ever. It's not that it's a horrible game, it's just a very mediocre one that everyone thought was awesome just become it was the only non-crappy fps for a console.
  5. Halo2 WTF?!

    Even though I hated Halo and I thought it was one of the most disappointing games ever, I'm still getting Halo 2 because of it's x-box live support and even though penny arcade didn't like the first game, they seem to like the 2nd one.
  6. "I suck..." (countdown to Bloodlines)

    Yeah, anything that's like Deus Ex rocks, so I'm looking forward to this game. I wish they made a bladerunner game that was like Deus Ex, I would pee my pants multiple times.
  7. Public notice

    I think he added the american flag, but it could have been there the whole time. Hopefully, he added a giant thumb to the backround somewhere.
  8. Dear (most of) middle America....

    Look, Republicans suck, Democrats suck. Either candidate would have screwed up our country even more but people are too retarded to vote for Nader or Libertarian. For people to vote for a third party, we'd need Christopher Walken or Bruce Cambell to run for president, then the USA would be the most kickass country ever. But until then, we vote for religious fanatics or people that want the government to control everything. I also noticed that someone said that in states where people voted republican, gay marriage was banned (or some kind of connection like that). But in Michigan, which Kerry won, gay marriage was still banned. So it's not being banned because it's "OMG GOD HATES IT" but because people are prejudiced. I don't understand why people would want MORE GOVERNMENT CONTROL even though it doesn't affect them at all, but maybe that's just me.
  9. Who's going to win?

    You know what's funny? Yesterday I was playing Star Wars Galaxies (yes I know it sucks) and I said "OMG VOTE OR DIE" and then a few seconds later, everyone starts flaming bush and kerry and they got into a huge flame war and it was hilarious. Both sides are psychopaths http://upload.localnetsys.com/upload/VoteOrDie_Whole.mp3
  10. got llama?

    I would go insane if I listened to that song long enough.
  11. Extraordinary League of Gentlemen

    I like when people are like "OMG LOST In Translation is a horrible movie" Obviously, you don't know the definition of horrible. Horrible is movies like Street Fighter the Movie, Suburban Commando, From Justin to Kelly, Baby Geniuses 2, and Plan 9 from Outer Space
  12. Bear vs Gorilla

    In the year 2093, cybernetic babies with laser beams for eyes have taken over the Earth and have destroyed all forms of life, except for bears and gorillas. As their only form of entertainment, the cybernetic babies built THE ARENA, where bears and gorillas must fight to the death. The victor recieves freedom and 3 gallons of chocolate pudding, the loser recieves...DEATH!
  13. Anyone played Obitus?

    I haven't really played many games by Psygnosis, but I do know that they had some awesome box art for games and Shadow of the Beast scared me when I was 3.
  14. Extraordinary League of Gentlemen

    So you want to have sex with everyone of your friends? Meh, I thought Lost in Translation was an awesome movie, and although I haven't seen Citizen Kane, I'll just assume it's awesome because it has Orsen Wells and everyone in the world likes it.
  15. Who's going to win?

    But your mom is hot, it's not his fault.
  16. Intellivision Lives!

    Yeah, I also have it for ps2, it's pretty good but the controls for some of the games suck. I think the commercials with George Plimpton are pretty funny though. And I have burgertime for intellivision, yay.
  17. Who's going to win?

    Meh, I think Bush will win, I hate both though so I really don't care. Third party candidates should be allowed at the debates.
  18. I had a dream about Idle T.

    Heh, I still have the game...and it still sucks. I even know someone that got their copy of Bayou Billy stolen, why the hell would someone steal Bayou Billy, why not steal a good game like Ninja Gaiden or something. Now that I think about it, I have a crap load of horrible NES games, Mc Kids, Ikari Warriors 2, Phantom Fighter, Bayou Billy.
  19. Is Your Mom Dead?

    No one in my family died because we rock (much like mr. t)
  20. New Playstation 2

    Same here. When it first came out, I hated the x-box, but after shrinking the controller and getting some better games, I now own one. And Katamari Domacy is incredible, my favorite game for the ps2 (because I buy GTA for PC, not ps2) and one of best games this year. If you have a ps2, you must buy it.
  21. I had a dream about Idle T.

    I had a dream where I played Bayou Billy, a really crappy nintendo game http://www.mobygames.com/game/sheet/p,22/gameId,8760/
  22. Dogs

    Cats suck and are unfriendly, at least, that's been my experience with them. And my insane 4th grade teacher talked about them all the time, combine that with the fact that there's a musical about them, and you're guarenteed to hate cats.
  23. PS2/Two and backward compatibility

    Just tested oddworld Like guybrush guy said, Oddworld does work on ps2 and your salesperson eats babies.
  24. PS2/Two and backward compatibility

    You know what, I have Abe's Exodus for playstation but never tried it for PS2 (even though I only have a ps2). I'll try it out and see if it works.
  25. Groovy, downloading now. I always thought that Dark Forces and Jedi Knight 1 were way better than the Jedi Knight games that Raven Software developed. Thanks