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  1. Tremors and stupid TV channels

    There is a third movie, it sucks. Actually, there was also a 4th movie that's a prequel to the first movie, from what I saw, that also sucked. The tv series sucks as well. I enjoyed the first movie but everything after that sucked.
  2. Sequel To Katamari Damacy

    http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/11/29/news_6114053.html yay
  3. Somebody make it stop

    Too bad none of the posts make sense with your new edit so you look like a faker mcfakerson TO THE XTREME!
  4. Dragon's Lair 3

    Yeah, Dragon's Lair 3-d was pretty meh. And dragon's lair 3 is going to suck even more because the only reason why people played the first 2 games was because of the animation.
  5. Somebody make it stop

    OMG why did you edit it, I'm now talking to john ashcroft because of you, but he doesn't ramble like he did before, because he hates you (or hates talking to me) I'm disappointed
  6. Man, what am I, an illegal Chinese immigrant?

    Start a fight with him at a nuclear power plant and then when he says "OMG YOU WILL STICK WORK OVER CHRISTMAS" you then say "Not in this one horse town!" and swing on a rope and kick him into a vat of radioactive ooze.
  7. The Incredibles sequel

    Disney already announced that they're going to make a Toy Story 3 without Pixar, what would stop a sequel to The Incredibles from being made.
  8. A riddle-y type thing.

    He doesn't kill them, he just chops their arms off
  9. Viva la Revolution!

    OMG, lil jon? (too hip for anyone here to understand?)
  10. Old AG

    So are the idle thumbs forums basically a tenth anniversery reunion of the AG forums, because that's what it seems like (but wouldn't know since /me is AG forum n00b)
  11. I have Sands of Time for x-box and the demo for Warrior Within. I enjoyed Sands of Time greatly because of the artwork, music, and story but I don't like the new style in Warrior Within that much ("OMG GODSMACK"). Warrior Within is probably a lot better than it appears to be in the demo though (hopefully) Sands of Time is worth buying, but if you do get it, make sure you get the x-box version (if possible) since it includes Prince of Persia 1 and 2 as unlockables while the gamecube and ps2 versions only have PoP1 as an unlockable and the PC doesn't have either version.
  12. Viva la Revolution!

    I didn't even know about that, I was going for more of an Evil Dead 2 type of thing. At least I didn't offend anyone because their mom is dead.
  13. Viva la Revolution!

    Che cuts the hands off of babies and replaces them with chainsaws to make the ultimate army.
  14. Jazz Jackrabbit

    Yeah, the Jazz Jackrabbit series was awesome. I didn't even know there was an expansion to Jazz 2 until someone mentioned it a few months ago because as far as I know, it wasn't released in the USA. It's too bad that Jazz 2 seems way too easy these days, even on the hardest mode (I'm sure it's not because of my 1337 skills).
  15. Anyone that doesn't like legos is a nazi, my cousin used to have a whole city of legos until some little kid came over to his house and destroyed most of it. I mostly grew up with TMNT but I also liked Transformers and GI Joe. Then after those died out, I watched the X-men and Spiderman cartoons, those were pretty awesome.
  16. Nitro Family

    Meh, I didn't like the demo for it. But if you do like serious sam, you may enjoy this game, it's not as good as SS though.
  17. Midway Arcade Treasures

    I'd like to see light gun games like Area 51 in MAT 3, that would be pretty awesome. Hopefully it won't be filled with crap like Spy Hunter 2, but they're really running out of games. Would they be able to do some of their 3-d arcade games or would that take up too much space?
  18. Playstation 2 Exclusives

    katamari damacy
  19. Midway Arcade Treasures

    I have both midway collections for the x-box and I think they're pretty awesome, except it reminds me of how much I suck at mortal kombat. At least Midway Treasures 1 has smash tv, the best game ever.
  20. a book about chess. yes. chess.

    Read it? Anyway, congrats on getting your poem published in a book, that's pretty cool.
  21. Fight Club the game, reviewed

    http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/action/fightclub/review.html Just like everyone would expect, it sucks. Hopefully the game bombs horribly so game companies will stop making crap like this.
  22. Boredom

    http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/action/shamanking/screens_6112884.html?page=2 That's probably why I think that this is the funniest screenshot of a game ever. sorry about the spam
  23. Duke Nukem Forever!!!

    I think that Daggerfall was pretty successful, because it did recieve a lot of good reviews and after that, they created 2 spin offs which I doubt would be made if Daggerfall was a flop.
  24. OMGBUSHNOTPRESIDENTLOLOLOloL But seriously, I guess superpowers for everyone since that's cooler than magic, unless your superhero name is Frog Man, then your superpower probably sucks. Or I'd get rid of Canadian music, one of the two.
  25. Any tips on making reviews?

    Well I really don't have any advice about writing reviews, but I recommend not doing a review of Doom 3. If you do, you'll end up competing against a bunch of other people that are writing reviews of Doom 3, doing a review of a different game might make your review stand out a little more.