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  1. Holy Testicle Tuesday

    But knowing is half the battle (too obscure of a reference?)
  2. Oddworld Stranger's Wrath

    Meh, just a crappy joke. I just think EA sucks and I don't like to get any games from them. Just ignore the comment, I tried to make a funny comment but it sucked.
  3. Oddworld Stranger's Wrath

    I've heard that the game really rocks though. So I guess it's worth supporting communism once (EA) just to get the game.
  4. Kingzjester Hate Club

    Yay, I selected all the choices, do I win something?
  5. General World of Warcraft topic

    Spaff, if you happen to be in sargeras, you can join my guild, the Cardboard Tube Samurai. EDIT: The offer goes out to everyone else as well.
  6. Tell Us About Yourself

    I doubt anyone here understands the shaving baby comment, here you go...
  7. Stupid game ideas (Your own)

    How about a game where you're Al Roker and you have to fight a legion of monkeys that have chainsaws for hands.
  8. Commdore 64 Direct-to-TV

    What about an amiga one? I want to be able to play Shadow of the Beast and Dungeon Master. But I would pick up a commadore compilation thing if I saw one in the USA, I haven't played a ton of those games. I just never bothered to pick up any of the other ones that have come out because I pretty much own all of the games since they've all come out on other things.
  9. Darwinia Demo!!!

    Seems really awesome and worth buying but it seems like I'm stuck. Is the first building you take over a refinery? Because I made an officer and stuff and led the people to the thing but they don't seem to be doing anything.
  10. Vanilla Ice is back... In a Matrix parody?

    Yes, the Surreal Life. A reality show where a bunch of celebrities who aren't really famous anymore live in a house. But on the plus side, Erik Estrada was on the same Surreal Life season as Vanilla Ice.
  11. future gamedesigners are dreamless drones

    Meh, don't even listen to Playlogic. They're one of the crappiest game companies ever. A company called Khaeon made a game called Alpha Black Zero, and Playlogic went around looking for a company to publish it. They got quite a few deals, a few good ones too, but they turned them all down because they wanted more money. The game wasn't even released until a year after the game was finished. Needless to say, Khaeon now has Trisynergy as their publisher and they will never have anything to do with playlogic again.
  12. Vanilla Ice is back... In a Matrix parody?

    ....wow....umm...I really don't know what to say, that's probably one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.
  13. San Andreas

    I kinda suck at the fighting mission since I'm so used to the keyboard and mouse controls that I used for GTA 3 and Vice City. Whenever I have trouble with a fighting mission, I always go to ammunation first and buy body armor. If you didn't do that, it helps a lot.
  14. MMORPG dilema!

    If you're going to try out an mmorpg, it might as well be World of Warcraft. It's probably the best mmorpg I've ever played, gamespot gave it game of the year, and pc gamer and Penny Arcade both said it was awesome.
  15. Crimson Skies

    I think that Road to Revenge is better than the first game, especially if you have x-box live. The game is improved in every way and there's even a few parts where the game is actually open ended and you can fly to different areas of the map and accept different missions. I guess the only complaint might be that it seems a bit easier than the first game and that it might be a little too forgiving about crashing into buildings and stuff, sometimes you can fly into stuff and not take damage at all. I don't remember any stunt flying but I think there was some. Road to Revenge is worth checking out though if you liked the first game.
  16. Holy crap, I can't watch people play ANY game. I end up becoming a backseat driver and telling them everything they're doing wrong and it's even worse when they've never played the game before, because not only do I tell them that they suck at the game, but I also tell them that I was able to learn the game faster than they could.
  17. Seen any good movies lately?

    I've really only been watching classics lately. In fact, the last movie I saw that wasn't from the 80s or earlier was either Bubba Ho Tep or Hellboy. But the trailer for Sin City looks pretty cool and I've started looking for trade paper backs of the series since Frank Miller is a pretty good writer and I'll know how accurate of an adaption it is.
  18. Jill of the Jungle

    Yeah, I remember Jill of the Jungle. I had the shareware version and it always crashed on me once I got to a certain point. But I did get the game to work eventually and it was pretty cool. I spent most of my time playing shareware by Apogee though (Blake Stone, Duke Nukem).
  19. Cartoon Network VS Nickelodeon

    Cartoon Network, easily. Adult Swim is incredible and if they got rid of the anime on it, Adult Swim would be the greatest thing ever. In fact, Cartoon Network wins just because they have Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Nickeloadeon just shows annoying crap. And since we're on the topic of television channels, why has Comedy Central decided to show Mad TV non stop? It's probably the crappiest show ever yet every time I turn to Comedy Central, it's on. I mean, they could have shows like SNL, Reno 911, or Chapelle, but instead they decide to show Mad TV.
  20. Voice Actors

    http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0419645/ For some reason, this guy always bothered me. In every single thing I've heard him do voice acting in, he sounds exactly the same. It's like that's his normal voice and he doesn't actually do acting at all. He always does the voice of a narrator or some omniscient character
  21. Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy

  22. EA and MS: Which company is more evil?

    You mean ALL THREE Zelda games for the CD-I
  23. Half_Life 2: Gold or retail CE?

    Meh, it's ok. I mostly got it because it's on dvd rom. The World of Warcraft Collector's Edition is incredible though, the best collector's edition I've ever seen.
  24. Jack Black and Project Gotham Racing 2

    Finally, a celebrity that doesn't just play Madden or GTA, Project Gotham Racing 2 is a pretty awesome racing game.
  25. Valve wins(?) case against Vivendi

    So does anyone think that Vivendi will ever drop out of the game industry or drop everything but blizzard? They seem to be losing a whole lot of money every year, and except for blizzard, it seems like there would be absolutely no point for them to be part of the gaming world. Or are they going to keep trying to get into a growing industry? In fact, a lot of the big evil publisher seem like they're losing money or are in trouble. EA is getting a lot of flak about their evil business practices, Atari/Infogrames is losing tons of money and may die, Acclaim is pretty much dead, and VU Games is doing horribly. If some of the big publishers disappear, are other big publisher like Microsoft going to buy their properties, or are smaller publishers going to take their spots and possibly cause the game industry to suck less?