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  1. House of Cosbys

    http://www.channel101.com/shows/view.php?media_id=447 The greatest thing ever?
  2. House of Cosbys

    Yeah, it was. I was kinda disappointed in this one. But I'm looking forward to the next episode which should have some giant cosby battle.
  3. House of Cosbys

    OMG NEW EPISODE http://www.channel101.com/shows/view.php?media_id=496
  4. Games everyone likes (but really suck)

    my list Starcraft (single player is alright, but I hated the multiplayer and the game wasn't that deep for an rts, I prefer Age of Empires and Rise of Nations) Halo (coop is fun, but I thought the single player was terrible. Oddly enough, I liked Halo 2 a lot, huge improvements on level design) Almost every game from Dreamcatcher, why do people keep buying them, and why do they all take place in Egypt. Final Fantasy X, already mentioned this in an earlier post Jedi Knight 2 (I think that Raven sucks at level design and the levels without the lightsaber are painful) Most console rpgs bore me because of constant random encounters with enemies and turn based combat like in FF 1 and 2 (but not like KOTOR, which is actually turn based but doesn't feel like it)
  5. A Scanner Darkly

    Why do people keep hiring Keanu Reaves, he's probably one of the worst actors ever. "Two hemispheres of my brain.....are competing?" Wow, thanks for repeating what the doctor just said to you 3 seconds ago.
  6. Does anyone play Doom or Doom 2 anymore?

    JDoom is awesome for single player, but I tried playing Deathmatch with someone else and it ran like crap. Actually, a lot of times when I play Doom online, it runs like crap. But it never ran well at all with JDoom. Doom Legacy seems to work pretty well online and I've never tried zDoom
  7. Games everyone likes (but really suck)

    But the thread title is "Games everyone likes (but really suck) " so is he saying that they suck, or is he saying that he personally doesn't like them like he says in his post.
  8. Games everyone likes (but really suck)

    WTF, you couldn't be any more wrong with those two games. Both have incredible stories, great artwork and msuic, and just great refreshing gameplay in both as well. I could say that Halo is a crappy game but everyone seems to like it, but just because I don't like it, doesn't mean that it's a crappy game. But for a game that I actually think is crappy but everyone likes, Final Fantasy X and X-2.
  9. Does anyone play Doom or Doom 2 anymore?

    WTF, why did you make another doom thread for basically the same purpose as the last thread? Anyway, I'd like to play Doom 1 or 2, as long as other Idle Thumb people would want to as well. What program would we use, Doom Legacy?
  10. Idle Thumbs and the CONs - A modest proposal.

    I sorta agree with netmonkey in a way. While I don't think you should have interviews just for the sole purpose of ripping on people, I'd love to see interviews that have difficult questions and where the people have honest answers. It would be interesting to see an interview with someone in the PR or marketing department. Questions like "Why do you think this game didn't sell well" and how would they market the game, and questions about what the marketing department does other than just putting advertisements in magazines.
  11. Yeah, the reason why the gamecube sells for a lower price is because it's cheap as hell to make. It's pretty small and has no dvd player. Meanwhile, Microsoft actually loses money with each X-box they sell, which is probably why they're trying to get next generation consoles out the door.
  12. John Romero's next game

    I don't think there's any way that it could be another Daikatana. Sure it could be crap, but it's gauntlet, there's almost no way to overhype it.
  13. Well it's pretty much just today's penny arcade news post... http://www.penny-arcade.com/ Nintendo is actually making a lot of money, they aren't going to drop out of the console market.
  14. Trip Hawkins is never wrong, he was the genius that created the 3do. Please, there's no way that nintendo will be bought by another company, especially an american company like microsoft. Did you read the rant made on penny arcade about how that prediction couldn't be any more wrong? Even if their consoles aren't successful, they make millions of dollars in the handheld market.
  15. Games that never were...

    I must be the only person in the world who thought that Monkey Island 3 was a good game. Could Ron Gilbert have done a better job? Yes, but I think that the creators of MI 3 made a quality game. Ultima X never came out. It didn't have much to do with Ultima anyway though, it was a mmorpg. They were also making an Ultima Online 2 at one point.
  16. yesterday i thought about names...

    Well maybe back in the day, before they jumped the shark, the games they made were considered to be art. I know that many people would consider Grim Fandango and Full Throttle to be art. So should lucasarts be renamed to Schaferarts?
  17. RuneScape

    I used to play it, but I'm glad I don't anymore. The only mmorpg I play now is World of Warcraft. But at least Runescape isn't as bad as Furcadia.
  18. John Romero's next game

    Well the game does interest me. I mean it has John Romero and a guy who worked on a bunch of bioware rpgs making it, and it will have coop online (at least on x-box live), and coop is really what makes the gauntlet series popular.
  19. Troika Games closes

    I'm pretty sure I saw it as well. In fact, I heard that they were even considering adding multiplayer to it, which was taken out in the early stages. They had a lot of extra time to fix bugs with Vampire. If they had fixed the bugs and polished the combat, Vampire had the potential to become a classic.
  20. Hitchhikers Guide - new trailer

    The reason why the weird head thing happens with Zaphod is because as president of the universe, he's only allowed to have one head so he puts both heads under a fake one or something. Or that's what I heard. Basically it's an excuse for not having both heads at the same time because they probably don't have the budget for it. I was expecting the movie to be terrible, so the trailer actually makes me feel a little relieved.
  21. He has the eye of the tiger...

    Anyone else think he looks like this guy? http://www.adventuregamers.com/screenshot.php?id=417&screen=2117
  22. General World of Warcraft topic

    Once you create your character and appear in the game world, you can look around and there will be a person that lets you choose your pet. I chose the Panda.
  23. The Godfather: Why Even Bother

    The sad thing is, people will probably buy it.
  24. Psychonauts PC Specs

    I really doubt it's going to be a different game than the x-box and ps2 versions, I don't think Doublefine has the time to make a crappy version just for the pc. At the very worst, the pc version will have bugs or crappier controls, but I doubt it.
  25. "Bonjour Mainstream"

    Well since I really didn't get the game until it became very cheap, I guess I should explain why. Sure there were a fair amount of ads, but the ads didn't do anything to make the game stand out for me. When I saw screenshots of the game, it actually just looked like a generic platformer with some crappy stealth parts thrown in. Of course I was really wrong, but I think the ads needed to show things in the game that showed that it was different from all the games out there. So Ubisoft had a hard time marketing the game, but I think it also sold poorly because it came out at a bad time. It came out around christmas when tons of other games came out.