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  1. The completely fake IF thread

    The game confuses itself and all of a sudden, the walls of the room disappear and you find yourself in another dimension, where multiple heads of christopher walken are floating in the sky. A bald african american male walks up to you and says "Hello Neo"
  2. Psychonauts gets its first review

    I actually think the game will do alright. The game is recieving a ton of attention in game magazines and websites, and I mentioned the game to a few people at school and they actually already knew about it and wanted to buy it. Plus, just about all of us here are going to buy the game, and once we do, we'll tell everyone we know to buy it, and they'll love it and tell more people to buy it...
  3. The completely fake IF thread

    The 3-d model of yufster with the split personality then blows up.
  4. The completely fake IF thread

    The yufster model says "blah blah blah blah blah blah make love to me blah blah blah blah blah blah blah FREE IRELAND YOU FUCKING FUCK" then stabs you in the leg
  5. The completely fake IF thread

    >kill yourself with nasty knife
  6. Jade Empire site is live

    And it has real time combat, as in, you directly control all the moves your character does. If you want to, check out the demo in the most recent issue of OXM.
  7. NPR's take on World of Warcraft

    The game doesn't really have that much to do except combat, you can sell stuff, sure, but there's no player owned houses, stores or guildhouses. Even the crappy mmorpg Star Wars:Galaxies had a better and more interesting economy than WoW. And really, once you reach the level cap in WoW (level 60), there isn't a ton to do until they add battlegrounds.
  8. First screenshots of Age of Empires DS

    Even though it looks nothing like Age of Empires at all, it still looks awesome and I'll buy it.
  9. Zork test thread

  10. Kotor 2

    If the game is so bad, why is every review it's getting generally positive http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/920601.asp I know that gamerankings isn't god and all, but if a game is getting good ratings overall, it can't be that bad.
  11. Gothic II English demo

    Well I have Gothic 1, and it sounds like they haven't improved the combat at all, because it was kinda crappy in there too. I do like it though, I'll take all the open ended rpgs I can get.
  12. http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/03/16/news_6120539.html
  13. Don't Copy that Floppy

    http://movies13.archive.org/2/movies/dontcopythatfloppy/dontcopythatfloppy.wmv THIS WILL STOP PIRATES IN THEIR TRACKS!
  14. If graphics could induce orgasms....

    Well no matter what, they're going to hate 3-d graphics even though it's better. They just hate change and refuse to admit that 3-d allows for deeper gameplay and exploration, which is what adventure games are about.
  15. Tim in EGM (Lots o' random pictures)

    Wow, that's the only article I've ever read in EGM that doesn't suck.
  16. Where's the DS love?

    Are you sure? Because I have the demo and you shoot by pressing the L button, you tap the screen to jump.
  17. Where's the DS love?

    What are you talking about? FPS are dead? Unreal Tournament 2004, Far Cry, Battlefield Vietnam, Doom 3, and Halflife 2 all came out last year and were successful. And why would you want to play a FPS on a handheld? You could say that about any genre of games, some people would rather play a FPS on the DS instead of a platformer. Just because you hate FPS doesn't mean that everyone hates the genre. In fact, it might be the most popular genre on PCs. And I agree that warioware touched is better than Feel the Magic, but both are very good games.
  18. DOOM Movie Image

    Well...at least it's not pg-13 like some rumors said it was going to be.
  19. Whoa.

    They can probably license the engine to companies to make fps for them, like promotions for a movie or something.
  20. Why Spartan: Total Warrior is a bad idea

    Yeah, I agree it's a crappy move, it was obviously Sega's idea (being a console game company and all, and refusing to talk to PC Gamer one time just because they're a pc gaming magazine and not a console gaming one) Even though I usually like Sega, it usually sucks when game developers are taken over by big publishers.
  21. General World of Warcraft topic

    WoW is easily the best MMORPG ever made, I'm looking forward to the new patch which will add some new stuff, balance the game (even though it buffs shamans), and speech bubbles. Right now, my character is a level 38 human priest and part of the Cardboard Tube Samurai. And this Saturday we're having a pvp event with a horde guild called the Obsidian Spur (another PA reference) at some arena. I've been to one before and it was pretty awesome. It started off with a few 1vs1 fights, and ended with all the members of both guilds attacking eachother at once. The last pvp event also had a nude fight where no one had any items equipped, and it was a fistfight only with no skills. It's amazing to see the stuff that is planned out when characters hit level 60. I really want blizzard to add some new stuff already though. There's been mmorpgs like Star Wars:Galaxies (yes is sucked but...) that had things like played owned houses, guild halls, you know, property that you could own. I'd love to see guild hall instances or something added to the game. At least the pvp honor system and the battlegrounds (when it comes out) should add a lot to the game.
  22. Tron 2.0

    Ok, if you actually have the cd case for the game then you should be able to find it. Look on the back of the paper thing in the front of the case, it's right there.
  23. Does anyone play Doom or Doom 2 anymore?

    System Shock 2 multiplayer is actually cool, even though a ton of people seem to think it doesn't exist. It does make the game way easier though. If you have people just focusing on certain abilities, you can get into some areas pretty early on in the game.
  24. Public relations should be handled by bots

    I'm guessing that he means that PR people are usually asked the same questions over and over and they always come up with the same responses like "our game rocks"
  25. Armed and Dangerous

    Red Dead Revolver is a pretty good western game, Oddworld:Stranger is also supposed to be a western.