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  1. Actually I've changed my answer, I would strongly prefer doing a one shot. Should I set up a Roll20 game?
  2. I would be fine with either a one shot or campaign!
  3. Bump! Would anyone here be interested in playing Dungeon World or Torchbearer over Roll20 sometime?
  4. I absolutely agree. This feels 100% like something written by Mark Frost.
  5. Everyone said it was either too weird or nothing happened in it Like it was weird but not anything that is that surprising? And I get that people just want people in Twin Peaks doing quirky stuff but I'm ok with this stuff too.
  6. Man, I feel like the only person that liked this episodes. Everyone I know hated it.
  7. Oh man, I had the same Gabriel Knight 2 experience as Rob. No idea how I didn't pick up on any of that stuff as I played it. Also the adventure game that Danielle talks about after that is Moebius, it was in fact designed by Jane Jensen, and it's TERRIBLE. I don't know how the writing in it was so bad considering she wrote my favorite adventure game series, cowrote the best King's Quest, and even her game before Moebius, Gray Matter, was fine if kind of corny. It was also really buggy and the art design was bad too.
  8. That's how I read it too. And I guess instead of an exploding car waiting for one of the Coopers, we now have Jim Belushi. Also Mike is still hanging around Twin Peaks as just some kind of a business douche.
  9. Didn't Chris and Jake speculate that it would end up being something meaningless? I think that's the closest anyone could reasonably get. Loved it.
  10. Not sure. It might have also been from Johnny Jewel's (Chromatics) solo album that just came out which apparently has music in the new series as well. EDIT: Yeah, it sounds like the song Windswept from his album of the same title was it.
  11. Man, this episode sure reminded me how angry Warrior Within makes me. There's definitely worse sequels to games (Duke Nukem Forever) but I can't think of any that I hate more than Warrior Within. Rob also reminded me of the dead ends Sierra games often had. Even if it was only one or two, I basically have to play through the games with a walkthrough because knowing that they're in the game makes me question everything I do. There were only a handful of Sierra games that didn't have dead ends.
  12. In self defense during a drug deal. The cop started to pull his gun out first.
  13. Man I really really loved the conversation between Cole and Albert at the end. Although I'm a little confused, is Philip Jeffries still alive then? I know Bowie is dead so they would have to work around that, and it seemed like Evil Coop thought he was talking to him but probably wasn't, but they're sure bringing him up a lot for a character that only came up for a couple of minutes in the movie.
  14. Do you know if we get this for free if we bought the original version? I stopped playing so long ago but I guess I can give it another shot. Can we get this for free if for instance, we purchased the classic version? I stopped playing it very long ago, but I am thinking about playing again.
  15. Episode 394: Expeditions: Vikings

    So it sounds like if we haven't played either game in the series, go with Conquistador?
  16. So really stupid question but I'm assuming that if you die then you're out for the game right? So I'm assuming that if you're one of the 99 people to die in the game then you just leave and find another game to join?
  17. Full Throttle Remastered

    Have they talked about cut content before? I didn't know there was any but I would love to know what was taken out.
  18. I thought the first episode of the new season was fine but Cry Wilderness was the episode that really sold me on the new series. I think it's maybe because the movie is just so bizarre and that's when the show seems to work the best for me, where Reptillicus is just a crappy monster movie and I get why they chose that as an intro episode, but there was so much more they could do with Cry Wilderness.
  19. Plug your shit

    I just published a D&D module meant for 1st level characters. It's free so check it out if you like D&D http://www.dmsguild.com/product/210591/The-Ancient-Tomb-of-Phandalin?src=newest_in_dmg I need to read this thread more often because I didn't even know about that Monumental Failure game until now and it looks cool
  20. Are you afraid to be Alone in the 2Dark?

    I don't know if I'm the biggest fan of the art style but I'm such a huge fan of the original Alone in the Dark that I'll probably end up getting it anyway unless the reviews are really bad. I like how the gameplay sounds. I'm really hoping it's not another roguelike though.
  21. PSA: Change your passwords on Patreon, Discord, etc.

    Ugh, I guess I should be used to this by now. Thanks for the heads up.
  22. Designer Notes 25: Sid Meier - Part 3

    It kills me that SimGolf hasn't been rereleased yet. I love that game and really appreciate it coming up in this episode.
  23. Political Animals

    I heard of it and it looked good but I remember just being so burnt out on politics at the time because the United States had such a painful election that I just wanted nothing to do with the game. But now that I've had some time away from that I'll add it to my wishlist and buy it when my backlog clears up a little bit and I have some more money saved up.
  24. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Just added Flintstones to my massive backlog of comics to read. I spent a huge chunk of today reading issues of Motor Crush, Future Quest, and Star Wars: Doctor Aphra. Thoroughly enjoyed all three!
  25. The Next President

    I have no idea how to fix it aside from being extremely patient and trying to explain to 30% of the country that anyone critical of Trump isn't "fake news." It's ridiculous we have to do that while a large portion of them are actively shitting on anyone that isn't a straight white male but it's the only way I think it can be fixed.