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  1. Emergence

    I actually like it. It doesn't do anything new, but it's a pretty solid shooter. My only complaint is that it could have probably used more polish and the guys with the chainguns are pretty annoying. $20 for 5 hours of gameplay, the original game, and multiplayer that they'll eventually release seemed like a fair enough deal to me.
  2. Nintendo's E3 Conference Thread

    I don't even care about the rest of E3 now, Nintendo has topped anything that will be displayed later on in the show.
  3. Sony's E3 Conference Thread

    It's not quite the same though. The ps3 controller can only sense tilting, and it looks like most games won't use it anyway.
  4. Sony's E3 Conference Thread

    Amazing, Sony can't come up with anything original, they just stole the sensor movement from the Wii. EDIT: I hope everyone calls them out on this.
  5. e3 predictions

    Yeah, that's what I thought, but I know that Ritual is going to have two booth babes dressed as two of the characters from SiN. I think the rules have just been changed to where you can't have the girls wearing bikinis or skimpy clothing, so it's now just going to be girls dressed as characters or wearing tight clothing. And there's plenty of people excited about the ps3, it's just that there hasn't been any news about the system, so there's nothing about it that they can talk about. Personally, I only care about the Wii (still not used to it), but I know a lot of people that have ps2s that want a ps3 as well.
  6. Free Comic Book Day! YAY!

    Same here, there used to be a comic store near me but they closed down about half a year ago. It's not too bad though as I now dislike Spiderman/X-Men/and so on, as it's the same crap over and over so now I don't read many comics except for trade paper backs.
  7. Colbert a-bom-zal-droppen-ton (Bush am cry)

    Obviously. There was a video posted somewhere of Fox News talking about the speech, and everytime Colbert's thing was mentioned, the Fox News people said that he went too far. They probably didn't like the jokes about them.
  8. voted And you're still in the lead, by 12%
  9. Real Life Doom

    So wouldn't that mean that it would be perfect for a real life Doom 3? I guess it could be darker though.
  10. Guitar Hero shortages in Europe

    The tutorial isn't needed, but it makes it a bit easier to pick up the game if you go through it first, and I wouldn't know about hammer ons if I didn't go through the advanced tutorial, which you need for expert mode.
  11. BS4....Hmmm

    You guys aren't even going to do The Da Vinci Code: The Movie: The Game? The game industry just isn't what it used to be...
  12. http://www.robschrab.com/hv_and_j/index.html
  13. BS4....Hmmm

    Yeah, I kind of went into a rant about the adventure game industry back there but wouldn't it be cheaper to use a modified interface of Broken Sword 3 instead of creating a point and click interface for a 3-D game?
  14. BS4....Hmmm

    Yeah, I don't understand why they went back to point and click, they might as well have saved money and used an improved version of the interface that they had before. I have the feeling that BS3 didn't sell well, and because of that, they thought they could go back to point and click to appease the adventure game fans, who will apparently buy any adventure game, no matter how crappy it is, as long as it looks like an adventure game and doesn't try anything new.
  15. BS4....Hmmm

    And they went back to point and click, the Broken Sword series is somehow de-evolving. I heard that Revolution wasn't working on Broken Sword 4 or they're overseeing it, can someone help explain that? I know they had to fire most of their people a year ago.
  16. I Love You, Idle Forumers

    As amazing as those videos are, this video is even more amazing... http://youtube.com/watch?v=hjB9D83-TzY
  17. Double Fine got two awards

    I thought Tim Schafer helped write the jokes in Monkey Island and did work on the game (and helped pack the Monkey Island boxes)?
  18. Dreamfall gone gold

    Is the North American version of Dreamfall going to be censored? And nsps, you should probably like The Longest Journey, it's known as being the last adventure game to not suck complete ass.
  19. Little Big Adventure (or Relentless)

    Do you know where I can find that program that will let me play Relentless on modern systems? Both of the Little Big Adventure games were great and yeah, they did feel a bit like Beyond Good and Evil.
  20. 24 the Game

    It would probably just be easier to look up your problem on GameFaqs http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/game/927204.html
  21. favorite tv shows

    Wait, nowak, you're canadian, you watch hockey, but you don't watch Hockey Night in Canada?
  22. favorite tv shows

    It's a pretty good show but you need to watch the series in order and you can't miss any episodes or else you'll have no clue what's going on. It's certainly one of the better shows on tv right now though.
  23. favorite tv shows

    I agree, they need to release the X-Men and Spiderman cartoons on dvd. Well actually, they have released a few episodes on dvd, but they're really bad releases that have random episodes, they aren't in season format. But until then, I watch it on tv on a Disney channel (but not THE Disney channel, this is a channel that's just for cartoons) I don't really watch many shows that haven't ended or have been cancelled, the only ones I can think of right now are Doctor Who Lost Daily Show and Colbert Report (if those count) and sometimes Family Guy and that's it really, I don't watch that much tv I guess.
  24. Headsmiley contest, post 'em here

    I know that's a Snakes on a Plane smiley, and it's awesome, but I think a more awesome Samuel L. Jackson smiley would be one of him from Pulp Fiction or at least a smiley of him yelling.
  25. First Metroid Prime Hunters review

    The demo felt very different. It actually felt and played a lot like Quake. It seems like more of a traditional FPS than the action/adventure that Metroid Prime was. This was just a demo though, I have no clue how much exploration is in Metroid Prime Hunters, but the game did feel faster paced.