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  1. Thread Friendly...

    Wasn't he actually banned from the forums after he claimed that his brother used his account to spam the forums or something? Then he went to Just Adventure to get the people there to ask us to let him back.
  2. Gameboy games

    Can we list Gameboy Color games as well? Some are going to be listed in the following. Metroid 2 Wario Land 2, 3 Dragon Warrior/Quest, 1 and 2 came on one cartridge, and 3 came out on another. Dr. Mario Donkey Kong Megaman 1-5 Kirby's Dream Land 1,2 Kid Icarus, not as good as the original, but I still remember it being ok The Final Fantasy games Mole Mania, decent puzzle game by Nintendo Mario Tennis and Mario Golf, which somehow managed to combine the sports and rpg genres together. Metal Gear Solid, which is pretty good if you liked Metal Gear for the NES A lot of these games may not be as great as I remember them to be, as it has been years since I played any of them, but I think some more gameboy games other than Metroid 2 and Final Fantasy needed to be mentioned.
  3. Guild Wars vs. Wow dance-off

    Too bad they couldn't wait for the World of Warcraft expansion to come out, which will add the dance to the game.
  4. Most Dull Online game Ever

    A massive flame war that takes place between the two forums. We'd probably win since there's only five people that post there, but it would be close, because they delete any negative posts about their game.
  5. Gabriel Knight

    I do remember the part that you're talking about. In a graveyard, you had to use a book to translate something that was written on the wall of one of the tombs, and then write something else, it was pretty annoying. But aside from that puzzle, and the zombies in Africa, I enjoyed all three Gabriel Knight games and it's one of my favorite game series. I thought the series had some great writing and did a great job of integrating history with whatever case Gabriel would be on. I even liked Gabriel Knight 3 despite it having a puzzle that required the use of cat hair. Jane Jensen's writing really made the series stand out from all of the other games published by Sierra, and it was obvious that it was her writing that made King's Quest 6 the best in the series.
  6. Ballmer jackpot!

    Have you seen Pirates of Silicon Valley? Bill Gates is like a coding ninja in that. One minute he's convincing Steve Jobs that he's not stealing from Apple, then all of a sudden he kicks their asses and releases Windows. Plus he donates money to charity and does cool stuff like that. It's Microsoft the company that sucks, not Bill Gates.
  7. Co-Op story-based games?

    The Bioware games have pretty fun multiplayer, but I would recommend Icewind Dale instead of Balder's Gate. Balder's Gate is a better game in single player, but Icewind Dale has almost no story so you just run around beating the crap out of monsters. You also don't have to deal with moral decisions in Icewind Dale, where one person wants to give the baby its rattle back, and another person wants to punch the baby. The only bad thing about Icewind Dale is that it is incredibly hard, so you constantly have to save because all your characters could end up dying on the next battle.
  8. Bruckheimer's gamer movie

    I bet it's a space shooter game like Gradius that looks like it came out on the Atari Jaguar, because whenever movies had games in them that have 3-D graphics, the models never seem to have any textures on them. The game will use controllers that look like rip-offs of the dual shock for the ps2, and it will have two people playing the game at once even though only one ship is on the screen.
  9. New Super Mario Bros.

    Ok, it has to be really obvious and I'm just missing it but how do you store the mega and mini mushrooms? Whenever I pick them up, they are used instantly. And I agree with everyone else, it's a pretty awesome game. If this is a sequel to Mario Bros 1 and 3, I'd like them to do the same thing Mario Bros 2.
  10. Most Dull Online game Ever

    And they deleted your post again. So are you going to keep reposting there until they ban your ip?
  11. Bruckheimer's gamer movie

    The movie you're thinking of is Stay Alive "If you die in the game, you die in real life!" Yeah, this certainly isn't an original concept and it's probably going to be shit anyway considering that Jerry Bruckheimer is producing it, the same man that brought us Pearl Harbor and Bad Boys.
  12. Most Dull Online game Ever

    Only 4 people are registered on the forums, I don't think anyone is really going to get upset. This game is truly an accurate depiction of life in Africa. After loaning my kids to family members for money, I eventually lost all of my money and let my wife die of starvation, the good news was that I was able to get a new wife and make some more money!
  13. Another GameLife Thread...

    Gamelife reads these forums don't they? Oh god, I'm really scared now. I think I called them mentally retarded in one post.
  14. Bananas, proof that god exists

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5479410612081345878 Thank you Kirk Cameron, I used to be an atheist but now I realize that without god, we would not have pop cans or bananas. Actually, if all preachers were like this guy then everyone would be Christian.
  15. Bananas, proof that god exists

    You don't need to watch all 2.5 hours anyway. I got bored after he was done talking about dragons and that liberals have kept the rest of the world from knowing that dinosaurs still exist.
  16. Bananas, proof that god exists

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2528412371399195162&q=creationist This somehow manages to be more absurd than the banana thing.
  17. ScummVM DS - Sam and max video

    http://forums.idlethumbs.net/showpost.php?p=60359&postcount=27 It's from the Uncanny Valley thread
  18. Am I missing something?

    No one is even going to join the forums anymore because our avatars will scary everyone away.
  19. can there be a bigger noob?

    This has happened to me multiple times. It has also happened when my brother's friend got pissed that we kept throwing him into the lava because he was being an ass, and just turned the gameboy off and walked away. That man is not alive today.
  20. Final Fantasy for the PC

    Final Fantasy 8 and 11 came out on PC, but you don't want to play Final Fantasy on the PC anyway because Final Fantasy is shit Well, anything after 7 anyway is shit.
  21. Holy Uncanny Valley

    Done, although I'll probably change it in a day or two because it scares the crap out of me.
  22. A wii line.

    It's really immature but I get pleasure out of seeing Sony flop at E3 as well. The Wii is making me into an obnoxious fanboy again.
  23. New spore video

    He was supposed to do the voice of a vorgonaut in Half-Life 2 but wasn't able to for whatever reason.
  24. Dark Messiah

    Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it too. They did a great job on Arx Fatalis and it has been so long since there has been a medieval FPS. The video does a pretty good job of showing how the game offers multiple ways of taking out enemies. Although I am slightly annoyed that the game actually has nothing to do with the Might and Magic series.
  25. Emergence

    I think they're just too busy with E3, Gamespot hasn't updated their reviews section at all since E3 started. I'm guessing that SiN will end up with a score in the 70% range. Most people on shacknews seem to like it, and most of them of FPS fans. It's one of those games that you'll enjoy if you're a fan of the genre. I think it's fun, but it's certainly not as good as other FPS such as FEAR (although it is better than Quake 4)