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  1. I listened to the podcast at work today and I'm pretty sure everyone though I was nuts because I kept giggling at the Jeff Goldblum and shitty wizard parts. I'm glad that the podcast isn't completely going away.
  2. Torchlight?

    You should go back and play Diablo 1 and 2 then. Both are great and have aged really well. Plus despite Diablo 2 being 9 years old (?), it's still sold in stores but I think both games are on their online store anyway.
  3. Brütal Legend overload...!

    Oh yeah, I'm probably going to buy it too even though I have yet to play an online match (but will soon). I just don't like what it does to the community. I don't really see most people buying it but who knows, I don't even know how strong the online community is for Brutal Legend.
  4. Brütal Legend overload...!

    Ugh, I hate multiplayer DLC that isn't free. Not that I hate paying for DLC but multiplayer DLC that's sold always seems like a good way to split up the playerbase. That's what always seemed to happen to the Battlefield games anyway.
  5. Red Faction: Guerilla

    I guess I'm going to have to buy Red Faction the next time there's a crazy sale going on. I had absolutely no interest in the game until the Space Asshole video was posted. It looks like tons of fun to just mess around in.
  6. Beatles: Rock Band

    That's still not as bad as The Laughing Gnome.
  7. Beatles: Rock Band

    Yeah, 90s Bowie doesn't get enough credit. They could probably also throw in NIN since he toured with them during the Outside era and TV on the Radio since he sang backing vocals on one of their songs. The only thing bad about a RB: Bowie game is that none of the songs from Low would work that well gameplay wise and that's one of his best albums.
  8. Wii Sports Resort

    Swordplay is fantastic. Hopefully someone at Lucasarts plays it so they learn how to make a Star Wars game for the Wii. I just wish they had the motion plus controls built into the Wii controller in the first place. This is how the Wii should have been all along.
  9. Warren Spector's Disney project concept art

    Hey now, Big Fish was a good movie and didn't feel like something by Tim Burton. But yeah, everything else by him is crap.
  10. Oh yeah, I forgot about the King's Quest 6 mention. It's too bad the two collections on Steam are missing things like the original versions of Space Quest 1 and King's Quest 1
  11. Nick, Michigan doesn't suck THAT much. Just a little bit. It was cooler hearing them talk about adventure games since it used to be a great genre BUT I don't remember hearing them mention Gabriel Knight as an adventure game recommendation. I always thought that the Gabriel Knight series had some of the best game design out of the Sierra adventure games. Also, I demand to hear the dicks podcast!
  12. The Beatles Game

    Rock Band instruments? Because yeah, it should. If you mean, do the songs copy over to Rock Band, then I have no idea.
  13. Need Survival Horror recommendations

    I don't think either of these really fit your criteria but what about Dead Space and Bioshock? Dead Space is more of an action game though and pretty gory but Bioshock is similar to System Shock so I guess if that's considered survival horror, this would work too. There's also a few levels in Thief that would be considered survival horror.
  14. MadWorld

    Alright, I'm playing through the game now and loving it. Miffy's review of the game is spot on. I think I disagree a little with how waggle intensive it is, most of the movements aren't that tiring except for the things that involve spinning. But I think I mostly don't mind it because to me, a lot of the games on the Wii feel like they could have been on other consoles and the Wii's controller doesn't really add anything to the game. I guess Madworld also could have been ported to other consoles, but I think that the use of the Wii controller does add a bit to the game so it doesn't feel like it's been thrown in as an afterthought. I'm also impressed at how good the commentary is. I thought it would be something that would get old and repetitive pretty quickly but it doesn't.
  15. MadWorld

    I'm really glad this game turned out well. There hasn't been that much for the Wii that has interested me lately (I still need to get Boom Blox though), so it's nice to have something new. It was made by former Clover Studios people wasn't it?
  16. Most Annoying Song EVer

    Yeah, I enjoy the most annoying song over the most wanted song too. The most annoying song almost sounds like a Fantomas album or something, I love how ridiculous it is.
  17. Is Spicy Horse also the group that did Bad Day LA? If they are, their track record hasn't been too good. Oh well, hope it turns out well, I liked the original a lot.
  18. Nobi Nobi Boy

    I'm kind of sad that I don't have a ps3 now. Maybe I can get one of my friends to buy it so I can play it.
  19. The last game you played

    I just finished Mirror's Edge yesterday. I guess it was a good game and I enjoyed it, but holy shit, some of the combat sequences were the most frustrating moments I've had in gaming for a long time. It sounds like they're making a sequel though, so hopefully they'll fix that. Also still playing Mount and Blade.
  20. (IGN.com)

    The most realistic graphics since Phantasmagoria! - IGN.com Do you like games? This is one of them! - IGN.com
  21. The last game you played

    I'm really addicted to Mount and Blade right now. It was on Steam for $7.50 as one of their weekend deals about a couple of weeks back. It's unpolished as hell and has no story but I love just running around attacking castles and betting on myself in tournaments.
  22. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Oh man, I haven't posted here in forever, but I guess I will be more often if Shacknews does go downhill (which I don't think it actually will for awhile). Plus the people here are actually pretty cool. Lechimp (also known as MechaTofuPirate on Shacknews)
  23. Guilty pleasures

    Starship Titanic is a pretty lousy game but I still enjoyed it because it was by Douglas Adams. And Battletoads, even though it took me 15 years to get past the third level.
  24. Uru

    I doubt they've changed the controls, but I'd still like to try it out anyway. But this is only for people that use Gametap isn't it? I don't really don't anything about the new Uru Live as I haven't followed it at all but it does interest me since it's so different from other MMOs.
  25. Navarro lashes out

    Bad games are almost never unintentionally funny unless it's a FMV game. What may be funny for 5 minutes becomes painfully boring 5 hours later.