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  1. GDC 2012

    What do you guys think of this IGF article? http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/03/07/the-competition-the-story-behind-the-igfs-critics/ I think there's a problem if an unfinished game is winning awards multiple years.
  2. Giant Bomb

    I'm glad I subscribed. I really enjoy when they play through awful 90s FMV games.
  3. Sim City V

    The huge amounts of DLC they seem to release before their games even come out is pretty depressing too. I'm looking forward to another Sim City but it's hard to get excited about anything coming from EA these days.

    Will Goldblum mode have an ending where Jeff Goldblum insults you for finishing the game?
  5. Dillon's Rolling Western

    It's weird that Nintendo is actually putting out good stuff for the 3DS store. Pushmo is supposed to be good as well.
  6. Yeah, the Giant Bomb quicklook made it like pretty meh but at least space sims seem to be picking up in popularity again. Evochron: Mercenary appeared on Steam around the same time and it's a pretty decent X/Elite style game.
  7. Here's mine http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033339805
  8. Dear Esther

    I also enjoyed how Passage was able to explore player movement as a metaphor. I can't think of any other games that have done that.

    I'm glad I have a whole month to think of as a topic for them to discuss. If we have multiple backers request that they talk about Goldblum, does that mean that they have to talk about it for longer than usual, like an hour or more?
  10. Prison Architect

    You mean Subversion. It looked really cool but apparently it just wasn't fun to play at all and that's why it was canceled. I guess Prison Architect was inspired by one of the missions in that game though. Really excited about Prison Manager though. I've liked everything else that Introversion has put out.
  11. I'm kind of disappointed with the direction her games have gone. I really liked Digital: A Love Story but wasn't a fan of her game before Analogue. I guess I don't really have a good reason why, both Digital and her previous game were just as linear but the style she chose for Digital was just far more interesting to me.
  12. Broken Sword 5: Legacy of The Something

    It'll be interesting to see how well that game does. Theoretically the genre could find a new audience on iOS and Kindle devices but....I don't know. It would be cool if it does though and that the people with iPads or Kindles are more willing to try different things.
  13. idlethumbs.net

    I think the lack of socks with dress shoes is very classy.
  14. The Walking Dead

    Yeah I'm cautiously optimistic about the game but I really hope that future games aren't like Jurassic Park. Also, what the fuck is wrong with Mario Sunshine?
  15. Dear Esther

    So the Rock, Paper, Shotgun article makes it sound like you just walk forward through basically corridors while a narrator just throws story at you? It's not that limited is it? I'd like to have some kind of interaction in the game if it's going to be in a medium that is all about interaction.
  16. Risen (Gothic successor)

    I've been playing Risen a lot in the past two weeks and have been enjoying it, even though it feels pretty unpolished and has some wacky combat controls. I think I'm starting to get to the point where people have said the game starts to go downhill though. I'm inside some temple behind a waterfall, the design of the temple kind of sucks, and fighting lizard guys over and over is starting to get a little old. Plus I have that feeling that no new quests are going to come from the three main hubs so I'm just going to from temple to temple fighting these guys? Oh well, it's still a good game. I have the first two Gothic games from when I saw them really cheap and bought them but haven't really played them much. I'll probably play through them after this even though I remember the combat being worse in those games.
  17. Old Games That Hold Up...Or Don't

    I played through Castlevania 4 last weekend. That game has aged so amazingly well. It's even better than most of the Castlevania games that came out after it. I don't think any game in the Castlevania series has had the controls nailed down as well as 4. 8 directional whipping makes the game so much easier to control and your character can move in the air after he's jumped, can crawl while crouched, and throwing items is attached to a different button instead of pressing up and attack. I guess it makes the game a little easier but the challenges in the game actually come from gameplay design instead of bullshit controls. Unfortunately it seems like every Castlevania game after 4 ignored this and went back to the 4 directional whipping and inferior controls. The graphics and sound/music are fantastic too. I mean, the graphics are old of course, but they still look really nice and have some style to them. And the music does a great job of setting up the atmosphere. What a brilliant game.
  18. Interplay going to kill Stonekeep

    Haha, why? Does anyone even remember Stonekeep? There really isn't nostalgia to cash in on anyway since no one was a huge fan of the original anyway. It doesn't even have a unique universe to use since it all takes place in a generic dungeon anyway. Maybe it will have horrible FMV in it?
  19. Community/Indie games

    I'm about to start working on an XNA game with friends so I've been looking at a lot of games lately. Aside from those already mentioned, I think Platypus is kind of cool. It's a pretty basic 2D shooter like Gradius with remixed C64 music, but it's cool enough. But mobygames says it's also on the PSP and PC, so I think it's odd that it was released as an XNA game.
  20. New Super Mario Bros Wii

    Yeah, I really enjoy how the game is basically a homage to every previous Mario game. It's mostly like Super Mario Bros 3 but it seems like they've managed to fit things in from almost every other Mario game too.
  21. So......hopefully this doesn't fuck everything up.
  22. ファイナルファンタジーXIII

    I need to get Final Fantasy 9 because it sounds like I would enjoy it. Apparently it doesn't have all of the melodromatic bullshit and pretentiousness that I feel most of the other newer Final Fantasy games have. Unfortunately, it must not have done as well as the others because after 9 they went back to doing that stuff again. For some reason, I can't get into JRPGs when they try to go for a more serious tone because I feel like it's done so poorly most of the time. The last JRPG that I really enjoyed was Dragon Quest 8, probably because the tone of the game was just more fun and it felt like an old school rpg without it actually feeling dated.
  23. Sanitarium

    Well Ripper has Christopher Walken acting terribly in it, so it's unintentionally amazing. I've never actually played Ripper, but I want to because of the whole "it's so bad it's good" thing which never happens with games because shitty games aren't fun. But since FMV games don't have much gameplay anyway, it doesn't matter. And it's ok Toblix, I liked Sanitarium a lot too.
  24. ファイナルファンタジーXIII

    I think at this point, all Final Fantasy fans find the story in each game to be amazing, no matter how terrible it may be. That's the only reason I can think of that explains why someone may like Final Fantasy 8.
  25. New Super Mario Bros Wii

    Honestly, I don't really care too much that it doesn't have online play because I can't stand how they implemented it on their console. I really wish they had a system like X-Box Live instead of being scared that pedophiles are going to talk to kids or whatever. The option would be nice, but it probably is something that's much more fun to play with other people in person. I'm just glad that there's another Wii game that's out that I really want.