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  1. Gmail invites

    I got six invites within the first week or so, and since then -- after I used them all -- I've had one (still have it). I think what helped is that I moved a lot of mailing-list subscriptions to Gmail (the conversation feature is perfect for mailing-lists!), so in that first week I had a lot of incoming mail. Perhaps the invites are awarded based on usage?
  2. Consider it a blessing. Now, instead of the Blur DEMO, you can focus on getting the full experience and pick-up their proper albums like Park Life and The Great Escape. "Best of" albums are
  3. BUY games? what are you, stupid?

    RE: the music comparison made dozens of posts ago and the argument that music is sold for a far lower price than games. 1) which do you think has a higher market base? Music or video games? Celine Freaking Dion probably sold just as many albums as all Final Fantasy games combined. 2) music does not just make profits from the sale of albums -- there are also concerts, licensing (lots of licensing -- soundtracks, commercials, functions, compilations), royalties, AND merchandising. Music merchandise, no doubt, brings in far more than game merchandise. 3) Music doesn't age as severely as games. I just bought a *new* album yesterday that is about 20 years old. The artists see this money. How many 20 year old games do people buy new? (ones that haven't been ported to the GBA, at least) 4) People were buying music just as they are now before the first video game was ever sold. Give the game industry some time to mature first. The greater the penetration rate that it achieves, the lower the relative prices will get. Competition does that. 5) The music that you buy is, more or less, standardized. You buy a proper CD album, it will play in any proper CD player. The games industry is not standardized. So, unless you are multiplatform (which costs MORE money), you are able to reach only a percentage of the market. And so on and so on. (also: hi Walter!)