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  1. Adult Swim

    I haven't seen all of the Adult Swim lineup, but quite a few of the shows, and it is definitely some excellent programming from Cartoon Network. There should be something like it over here. Home Movies and Aqua Teen Hunger Force are great. I really want to see Venture Brothers though, it looks/sounds great.
  2. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    Yeah, heads up, any Double Fine shop orders you place now for anything won't get shipped til the middle of May, so if you want the game sooner rather than later, seek out other places. The site makes it pretty clear, but don't go crazy and cancel your pre-order to get a signed copy instead if you don't want to wait three weeks.
  3. Psycho Store

    I still can't believe no-one's stoked about the art pony. A company shop's cool and all, but an art pony! Man. My plan is a soundtrack, a Psychonauts poster, some stickers, a floaty pen, and a Whispering Rock shirt. Only problem with the last is I'm vaguely remembering something about UK/US T-shirt sizes being out of step with each other, though maybe I dreamed it up. If I'm a 'Large' in the UK, should I order 'Large' here?
  4. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    Same review. They mention some quibbles with the audio on the PC version in both, but obviously the Xbox review isn't marked down on that.
  5. Psychonauts PC Demo out

    I feel bad looking at the site before it's been officially announced, but wow, I'm wanting a lot of stuff there, it is all mighty tempting. Not least the floaty pen:
  6. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    Did anyone mention the scans are up here now? Read the review if you dare, but especially avoid the boxout 'Brain Candy', it is spoilerish for those 3 levels it describes.
  7. Psychonauts Online? After announcing The Announcement, Tim has now provided some perplexing and exciting clues:
  8. Spaff, Chris, Jake, Stevan, Marek and I

    Ditto, Moos. I have 8500 words of essays to write over the next few weeks, and I really want to get it all done before my copy of the game arrives. The problem now is that, whenever I start up my computer, I'm more drawn to the 'Run Psychonauts Demo' icon on my desktop than the 'Microsoft Word' one. So I've completed the demo several times now and thoroughly explored the camp, but have hardly even begun to think about planning my Literature assignments. Getting the full game whilst still having work to do would probably be disastrous. Time to knuckle down! Again, congratulations to all those in the game credits, you do indeed rock.
  9. Psychonauts PC Demo out

    Personally I really enjoyed the music and thought it fit in great. That was one of the first things that grabbed me as the level started up. I don't know how much is live and how much is synthesised, but it all sounded great to me throughout the demo. Grim Fandango is one of the great game scores, and I expected great things from McConnell. Grim had very atmospheric, ambient music, but I think the Oleander level proves that Peter can nail a great, fairly intense soundtrack for a platformer action level. I don't understand why you would blame the console if you don't like how it sounds. What does that have to do with how the music was recorded? I have those Asylum Exterior, Campground At Night and Milkman Conspiracy mp3s from Mojo a while ago, and those are really nice tracks. Don't know if they're still in the game, but my thoughts, based on what I've heard, is that all the music in this game will probably kick ass.
  10. Mr T, you are The Man

    Yes! Oh man, that rules. When the camera zooms out, as the synth kicks in, and Mr T slickly pulls out the microphone, and you realise that he is about to sing, that's a moment of awe, joy and sheer horror all bundled into one. It is touching stuff, thanks for sharing.
  11. Psychonauts PC Demo out

    Well, that was fantastic. The demo is satisfyingly long, and at every turn in the game it seemed I was doing something fresh and new. Not once frustrating, and I haven't played something this platformy in a while. If the rest of the game is this tight and full of visual ideas, I'll be very happy with it. I got hooked on collecting stuff, and the vault was cool. All the music was awesome. Some great dialogue, I particularly liked all of Oleander's taunts. It worked really great with my gamepad after a little tweaking, I found a very nice feel to the controls. I can't wait for the full thing to arrive. As I was getting absolutely everything I could out of the demo, exploring every little nook of the camp and Oleander's mind that I could find, I also looked at the credits. I spotted Jake, Marek, Chris, Yufster, and Spaff in 'Double Fine would like to thank', not sure if there's any more of you webmaster/journo/hypemonger types in there, have a look. Congratulations!
  12. Psychonauts PC Demo out

    Exciting times. It's a whopping 468MB download, and I'll have the game itself very soon, but I feel I need this to tide me over another week. Only 14% in, but even reading the readme is exciting. Looks like they made an effort with the gamepad customisation/troubleshooting, which pleases me. ChooseSteveo - I had a look around, but Gamespot was the only site I could find with the demo right now. A case of registering for probably the one and only time I need the extended Gamespot stuff, for me.
  13. Web Comics

    Skinny Panda White Ninja Comics Boy On A Stick And Slither Cat And Girl Kid Radd (finished archive) Copper (Anything Kazu Kibuishi rocks) That's a smattering of ones I like, I didn't want to make a bewildering long list of all my webcomics bookmarks though. Of those already mentioned, I also dig DFAC, Dinosaur Comics, Scary Go Round, Penny Arcade, and WIGU (now finished) very much. Oh, and Captain August! Keep up the good work, Rodi. The clown story was good, but I'm glad it is done now. It was maybe starting to marginalise August and Nuch too much. Nuch is probably my favourite character in it.
  14. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    If it helps, I believe the 'at least' graphics card requirement is Radeon 8500 level: Which would make your sister's computer, with a 9200 card, capable. The 'manly specifications' recommend a 9600, but the full minimum playable spec Thrik quotes is thus: Maybe our sources are different though.
  15. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    Where's your avatar from, OftenK? Not seen that Raz art before. Looks awesome in thumbnail.
  16. How "dimitri" is doomed to fail...

    I love how this thread had to happen eventually, but has happened after one sentence from Molyneux. All he has to do is open his mouth! Poor guy. Yeah, I guessed it was meant jokily. I imagine that somewhere on the Internet, someone is already seriously whinging about Dimitri though.
  17. The new Lara

    The face looks fine, but seeing the waist/shirt now, there is something up with the 'ready-to-snap' thinning anatomy, and that tapering top creates an odd illusion. It is a big improvement on the alien Lara of past games, but still, this is just one part of a massive kick up the ass that the series needs. The basic concept of Tomb Raider is not inherently sucky. Another game in the series always has some kind of potential, it's just that the execution beyond the first few left a lot to be desired. Just have to wait and see.
  18. I don't mind the show much. I've only watched the two Schafer episodes, admittedly, and he's entertaining enough to perhaps make the annoyances of the format less so. Maybe the broadcast journalism skills are a bit sloppy, but they seemed to spend plenty of time with each developer and give them the opportunity to say some things of interest. Whilst the Psychonauts wrap party footage was fleeting and didn't tell us much new, it was there and cool to see. There's some effort and interest in the game involved. They even spent some time discussing Scott Campbell, his Action Comics, his box art, and how he got hired. And whilst it wasn't in depth at all, I can't think of any show on TV here that would even mention a game's designer, let alone have him interviewed for 20 minutes and talking about his game's art director. So it's at least a breath of fresh air in that respect, and I'm not complaining.
  19. April Fools

    I quite liked Peter Jackson's fake production video diary on Kind of a straight 'mockumentary' deal following on from the many production diaries he's been doing for this fansite since his remake began shooting. Pete announces two more King Kong sequels and shows off some concept art and early animation tests. He talks about how we'll see Kong recruited for the American war effort, travelling to Europe with machines guns strapped to his back, on a mission to assassinate Hitler.
  20. Bard's Tale

    As far as I know it's only out on Xbox and PS2 right now, but they released a demo for the PC, which they describe as 'a fully playable excerpt of The Mountain Tombs area of the game in a pre-beta state of completion vis-à-vis PC conversion/customization.' A couple of places I checked had a late April PC release listed. I haven't played the demo yet but it seems promising, I'll definitely check it out after Fuzzy's recommendation.
  21. Time for a new Psychonauts thread

    Loving the new design there, Kingz, excellent work.
  22. Christopher Walken

    Damn straight. Great actor, always entertaining to watch. I watched Pulp Fiction again the other night and that made me ponder Walken's awesomeness too. He's actually only in one scene, but it's an important one and he's great in it. You may remember it. I want to find that Kevin Spacey skit where he imagines if Walken had actually got the part of Han Solo in Star Wars. If I remember rightly, it was pretty funny.
  23. Time for a new Psychonauts thread

    Gmail called it spam too. I'm very excited - now magazines are reviewing it, it feels so close. It's great that this first wave seems to be so positive. I guess that's no surprise, but it's amazing that they got the cover of Play. I like the art too, kind of a red twist on the box artwork with a new Raz pose. The Playboy and Blender articles are readable here as scans. I wanna see the Play article too though.
  24. Gamespot storytelling feature

    Ah! You know, I was running over this game in my mind typing that post, I wasn't sure I was right about that. I had this niggling feeling that the party might have disbanded when you played too evil, but it has been a long long time, and it seemed more likely they didn't. That was a damn fine game. Still one of my favourite RPGs. It had everything, even baking to earn money. I definitely did the Royal Mint robbery, but I did it alone. It was probably really easy, but it felt like a big deal at the time. I was so happy I'd pulled it off.
  25. Kotor 2

    Slightly off-topic, but does the PC version support gamepads? I've been playing the first game on Xbox and heard that one didn't, just wondered if they'd added pad support for the PC version this time around. I like to get the most out of my Thrustmaster (heheh).