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  1. Dreamfall gone gold

    -hey the forums are up again:pan: - Anyway, I preordered the game. I'm curious when i'll actually receive it. As for the censor issue: On his blog Ragnar pointed out that there will only be 1 version of the game, suitable for both US and non-US market. Jaap
  2. Tim Schafer loves me

    I finally got my copy (it took 2 months to arrive in the Netherlands). I ordered a signed one, with a special message. However I misunderstood the idea, I thought Tim was going to reply on your input / paraphrase your input, but he wrote down literally what I had typed. Nevertheless, it's still ok by the way. my phrase was: "I also happen to be a muppet fan!" Jaap
  3. http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn7865 I think it's an ingenious way of making money.
  4. F.E.A.R. demo out and stuff.

    Couldn't get it to run with sound, therefore I unstalled it. Reminds me of the good old DOS days, where you had to fiddle around with all drivers to get enough memory to run any game
  5. Why isn't Psychonauts selling well?

    I agree, but i think that the sales of real stores and online shops are linked, if a game doesn't sell in the stores it won't sell well online, and the reverse. So when noticed that at least one online shop seems to do it well, there might be hope. Jaap
  6. Asshole son gets his father fired

    If you google elmojesus, you'll find SyStats (statistics of some multiplayer game) and his user page at gamespot. It all looks pretty authentic. But those things are realy easy to fake. Jaap
  7. Why isn't Psychonauts selling well?

    I ordered the pc game from double fine's site, and they are currently "backordered on Psychonauts - PC Version". That seems like good news, the pc version is selling better than they anticipated, i guess. I hope that the well-selling era of Psychonauts has begun!! Jaap
  8. He Marek, could you tell us a little bit more about woedend? What games are you currently working at, and what's your involvement? I assume you develop console titles? Btw, I'm not looking for a job, I'm just curious about this company with this vague internet site. Jaap
  9. Psychonauts Difficulty Curve

    OK thanks it works (it's the f-use key for my pc-demo), I think I now feel stupid why I didn't try that....
  10. Psychonauts Difficulty Curve

    Hey could someone please help me with this: [i playewd the demo] Somewhere in this track you have to do for this general, are these horizontal poles where you have to swing from one to another. However, if you start from the left, you have to swing clockwise, but once you have reached the top, you must swing counterclockwise. I spoiled 20 minutes to get Raz changed from swinging clockwise to counterclockwise, but I didn't succeed. How should I do this??? Thanks, Jaap
  11. 603 f#&king megabytes?!!

    Half life 2 demo: 751.21 MB And the fun thing is, is that once you've downloaded everything, steam first has to validate your demo for about 30 minutes! Jaap
  12. Who will be president in 2008?

    You're all wrong, Bush's term won't finish until january 2009, so in 2008 GW Bush will still be president. Who will win the elections in nov 2008, is a different question, and I'll guess John Edwards. Jaap
  13. Game brokers?

    http://www.if-legends.org/~yois/column.php?column_date=2004-02-01 and http://www.if-legends.org/~yois/whatsnew.php?archive=1&year=2004 (search for drash) have some more info on the recent appearings of mt Drash on ebay. And according to on of my posts at AG, some dude bought the infamous " Ultima: Escape From Mt. Drash (VIC-20)" for US $3,605.00 !!!! (http://forums.adventuregamers.com/archive/index.php/t-955.html), unfortunately ebay's link doesn't work anymore. Jaap
  14. Game brokers?

    I recently acquired the ID anthology (unfortunately just the CDs + book) for about $40. But the whole box would defenitively have cost you $200 I guess. How is the T-shirt? (BTW, there one listed at ebay now, with 22 hours left @ $113.31. I'm curious how high it willget...: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=27234&item=8138792296&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW) I never used a game broker, at least not as you describe them. I once bought some adventure games (duckman, the quivering, spud) from playinggamesinteractive.com, but they're not realy a game broker, although some games listed on their page have ridiculous prices. such as: Koala Lumpur Journey to the Edge -by Broderbund: $89.95 (at ebay you should be able to get a boxed copy for $5 or less!) and The Neverhood: $199.95 (at ebay you should be able to get a boxed copy for $50) But how do you find such a game broker? And can you try to get the most expensive game: mt Drash aswell? Jaap

    http://www.rome.ro/ Jaap
  16. Gmail invites

    Is anyone a member of orkut as well? I'm curious what that exactly is. and on Gmail: I'm not allowed to invite others (at least for now..) Jaap
  17. ladder

    This is one of my favorite games. Kind of Donkey Kong, but fully in ASCII. You are the p (or q or g, depending on the direction you're walking), and you have to find the treasure: $, and you're attacked by these rocks: o. And it's pretty tough! It was I guess the first game I played on my dad's computer (a huge case with in it a black/green screen of 5x5inch^2). The fun thing is, that you can play it using java. And, even better this game has the easiest editing options, making modding the way to be. http://ostermiller.org/ladder/ Jaap (my login name has a typo!)