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  1. GTA: San Andreas screenshots

    Heh. I'm having a hard time trying to grasp how incredibly awesome this game will be. One of the few games I'm excited about. I played the third game to death (although I got tired of Vice City after a short while).
  2. Psychonauts gets a publisher: Majesco

    I don't know if this is what you're getting at, but pirating with an Xbox is easy-peasy. A modded one (preferably with a larger hard drive) is a wonderful console, cause all you've got to do is slap all those games - Xbox games and all those emulators for all those older consoles - on to the HD and then you've got a shitload of consoles in one, every game easily accessed through a menu (or dashboard, or whatever it's called) so you don't even have to switch CD's/DVD's. If you're into piracy. I thought one of the good things about console games is the fact that you don't have to patch them..?
  3. I'm thinking about chuking my big-ass computer out the window and replace it with a laptop. There's some obvious advantages, like, it's small and I can move it around and stuff. Anyway, whenever I think about a laptop, an iBook is what I'll be thinking of. The 12" one. Mmm, so slick, small and sexy. Not to mention, it's not that ridicilously expensive. Anyway, I don't play games on my computer (except for some precious adventure games), so what I'll be using it for is basically the internet, typing and downloading music. Would an iBook be the right choice, or would I be better off with a PC? If you've got any experience with Apple's laptop lineup, share!
  4. The Massive List of Retro Games!

    Oooh, I remember loving The Battle of Olympus. One of my favourite games for NES, it was so awesome. An adventure... a side scolling adventure, mixed with Greek mythology. And then you got all these cool gadgets from the Gods. Awesome. I also remember it as long and extremely difficult, I'm not even sure I finished it. Man, I gotta play it sometime soon...
  5. The Massive List of Retro Games!

    Knightmare II - The Maze of Galious
  6. Rate your own and each other's avatars

    I've got a crying dog, that's gotta be worth something. Of course Dogman gets my vote, since he's got a dog as well.
  7. Chronicles of Riddick

    But he's so shiny!
  8. I heard that Star Ocean 2: The Second Story has about 80+ endings. Mind you, this is a J-RPG which probably takes 80+ hours to complete just once. Think about that, huh? 80*80. That's 6400 hours, for one game. Incredible! I dunno, I played it for about and hour before I got bored and turned it off...
  9. Traditions and Customs of your country.

    I thought it was called Idle Banter over here. you see, this is what I would say if posting in here would add to post count
  10. Where are you from?

    Adventure Gamers, got saved by some rubber boat.
  11. Spaff's room is actually not so bad

    I've seen worse.
  12. Haha, I'd call that a pretty lousy track record.