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  1. Anti-abortion protesters.

    ...So on my way to Uni today, I saw that outside the abortion clinic there were some protesters with large placards of 9-week-old aborted foetuses, and more importantly, a camcorder on a tripod, filming people going into the clinic. I asked why they have the camcorder, and they replied that it was for their own protection in case people attack them. I asked if they thought it was slightly intimidating perhaps, and might upset or intimidate people who were attempting to access a perfectly legal medical service. They said no, and then held up a picture of an aborted foetus and yelled 'THIS is intimidating!'. Then they pointed at a girl in a pink tracksuit who was standing a little way down the street, and added 'we just saved her baby.' It seems a real shame that their street counselling service is only available on Thursday mornings. So, I wonder what the legality would be of the following: I'd like to find out the names, addresses and workplaces of the protestors (there are only five), and make it public knowledge so that anyone seeking advice or follow-up care can contact them directly at their home address. I'm sure they have no qualms about their anonymity being removed as they will quite happily film girls of all ages attempting to access a perfectly legal medical procedure, or point out those on the street who they've just turned away from having an abortion.
  2. "I, do however, have one bit of advice for Junior," he added. "Demand that the critters be digital, the cliffs be low, and for goodness sake keep that whip by your side at all times in case you need to escape from the stunt coordinator! Fuck digital critters! Bring back analogue critters! Or whatever.
  3. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    I'm basically trying to gather info from anywhere. Doc me right up guys. For about ten years I've gotten occasional hives. They never came in patches, only one itchy raised hive, usually on my face or upper arms, that would last 20 minutes and then disappear. Starting about 6 months ago I had occasional episodes of feeling slightly breathless. Only subtly breathless, so much that I thought it was my imagination. This got gradually worse to the point where it would happen at least once a day for no discernible reason, and I began to think maybe it wasn't my imagination, but still ignored it because it didn't seem particularly serious. At this point the hives started to become a daily occurrence but this didn't really register at the time as it was such a gradual increase to this point. Then a few weeks ago my lip spontaneously swelled for no reason. It was very sudden and very tingly, but not itchy. I took an antihistamine and that went down after about 20 minutes. I hadn't eaten or had anything to drink in the hours leading up to it, and was perplexed, but decided as is common for me, to ignore it and move on. ¬¬ Then the breathing problem became more frequent, and harder to ignore. I'll now have seemingly random episodes of feeling very breathless and like my heart is beating super-hard. I took my pulse and temperature while this is happening and it's in the normal range, but my heart feels like it's beating fast. The breathlessness is like - I am not breathing in an abnormal way, or holding my breath or taking shallow breaths, but I find myself taking big deep lungfuls of air and still not being satisfied, still feeling a bit like I'm out of breath. I've only noticed this happening when I am sedentary. Then my fucking arm went numb one morning. Totally out of the blue, I had just gotten up, got on my bike and was cycling to work. First my fingers got pins and needles, then it traveled up my arm and my arm was then mostly numb and sensitive feeling for about 6 hours. Then my lip swelled up again a different time. And sometimes I get a bright red all-over body rash, and sometimes I now get patches of hives too. Oh, and the breathing thing is now accompanied by a very subtle tightness in my chest when it happens. Which is maybe three or four times a day. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT ANY OF THIS COULD BE? Any leads or thoughts welcome. I've been to a couple of different doctors and am booking another appointment for next week too. One suggested stress/anxiety, one fobbed me off with 'it's probably nothing', and another suggested a slight allergy to something and put me on a waiting list to go to an allergy clinic. Some other info: - I'm vegetarian but about six months ago had my iron levels checked and they were fine - I've tried excluding dairy from my diet which wasn't hard as I don't eat a lot of the stuff anyway. This had no effect - I'm currently trying to exclude gluten, on day two I have had no rashes or hives even though I didn't take an antihistamine, but I did have the breathing problems, so not sure how much of this is coincidence - I am working 7 days a week at the moment but not sure that I would describe myself as 'stressed'... - It happens in my home, my work, my other place of work, outdoors, indoors, other peoples houses... almost everywhere... Oh and just in case you thought you had it figured out, the symptoms occur every single day with one exception: I recently went to Berlin and not a single symptom occurred there. I drank beer, ate bread, cheese, was arguably not totally unstressed as I was pushing my broken-ankled boyfriend around in a wheelchair in 30 degree heat all day, and was wearing the same clothes I would wear at home, the same shampoo etc. So yeah. Maybe it was sheer coincidence but that seems unlikely. Anyway, it would be great if any of you had any ideas so that when I go to the doctor next week I have stuff to talk about. It's getting quite worrying. Yours breathelessly, Salks
  4. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    Hi! Sorry. It's really boring. I take an anti histamine every day, and if I forget, my right foot tingles and I get hives. That's about as exciting as it gets. I'm not dead, I'm just super busy with two jobs and art commissions and band stuff and university. Aaaaaargh. I can't wait to graduate. It's gonna be sweet. How are you all? HEALTHY? x
  5. Assange

    Would be really interesting to hear everyone's opinion on this. Currently the media seems to reckon he'll be granted asylum but then the UK police will simply storm the embassy and take him. I was watching a live videostream but it was fucking appalling and after the guy with the camera told a female police officer to take her clothes off, I decided against watching any further. So if anyone has any better links to share.... New Statesmen has an interesting take. If only all rape allegations were investigated this thoroughly, eh?
  6. Idle Thumbs Brighton meetup 2012!

    I don't normally look like this, I think this was the exact moment that I realised I knew the random guy you'd asked to take the photo, and then about five minutes later I realised I knew everyone else in the pub too. Also then I realised I know Empika IRL and he's been to my house before and I didn't know he was an Idle Forumer. W TT FFFFF
  7. Idle Thumbs Brighton meetup 2012!

    I'll be there.
  8. Life

    My boyfriend's ex is mental. Genuinely mental. I think she has paranoid personality disorder kind of mental. Genuinely batshit insane. When I barely even knew my boyfriend (we'd met once at Glastonbury through friends of friends) and I'd never met her, she saw me in photographs with him (not even standing together in any of them if I recall correctly) and apparently decided to belittle me and scorn me out of insecurity. When he refused to engage in this behaviour (she used to do it to all his female friends, not just me) she then became convinced that the reason he was defending me was because we were sleeping together. They ended up breaking up a few months later because she found out he was at a party that I was also at (we shared the same friend group), and she accused him of only going to a party that all his fucking friends were at because I was there (also his friend). The whole time this was going on I had no idea because nothing was happening between us, and also I had a boyfriend. Something like two years after they broke up we did actually end up getting together, which I guess confirmed her suspicions or something. So now it's maybe three or four years later, I don't know, and I found out she got with another guy who is 18 and a friend of mine (she's 33) who dumped her after a week because all she did was bitch unrelentingly about me, in between telling him that she wanted to marry him and that he was better than her ex boyfriend (why would you say that to someone, I don't know). So yeah... finding out that she's a fucking mental case who hates me and always has since she first set eyes on a photograph of me was pretty weird. And after half a fucking decade or whatever, I'm still on the forefront of her mind all the time for something I never did. Bizarre.
  9. Assange

    Did everyone see this? Circadian: it should be the initiators response to err on the side of caution generally, but most of the time sex is initiated mutually, together, so you don't really have one person initiating who feels responsible I guess. Christ, I hope not, because that would be pretty much non-consent from the start ¬¬. Reading that Reddit thread a while back where people who had committed a rape posted their stories, really opened my eyes to how something that is initiated together and mutually agreed upon and mutually enjoyable, can suddenly take a nasty twist because an assumption was made by one, things taken a bit further, and then everything changes in a matter of seconds. I can't say that I believe everyone who makes a human error of judgement is a rapist at their core, though I don't think that that necessarily lessens the impact on a victim and that's not what I'm trying to suggest. Mistakes happen in every area of life and to assume that good people should be incapable of making an error of judgement in the bedroom where already people are likely to be a bit mixed up, fog-brained and over-excited, seems a bit much. I don't think those mistakes should have to go unpunished or unjudged, btw, but I don't think they necessarily always indicate what should be thought of as a rapist. (NB I'm not talking about the Assange case here, just generally throwing an idea out there). I think to say that no mistakes should be tolerated ever shows a gross mistrust in the ability of humans to not make a dumbfuck mistake, whether or not they generally err on the side of caution. But maybe I am wrong, I have been amazed by the amount of people who seem to think that in every case it's black and white and people should just fucking know. I'm also aware that lots of people get angry and defensive when discussions about what exactly rape is or isn't. "Rape is rape" is a popular way to simplify it and shut down discussion, but the problem for me is that actually, sometimes rape isn't rape. For instance, in the UK a woman BY LAW can't be a rapist. Or how a violent sexual assault that involves violation of someone using something other than a penis is not considered a rape by law, and is punishable by a maximum of ten years instead of the life imprisonment max term of rape, even though for me that scenario would in essence be a type of rape. So for me, what is and isn't rape is something I'm not happy about and I think to suggest we've reached some point where we've got exactly the right formula is a bit presumptuous, particularly when we've got such a bollocks system behind it all to back up the fact that we probably don't have it quite right yet.
  10. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    DAMN YOU ARMCHAIR GENERAL. 5"9 and 134lb, so BMI is allegedly 19.8. I usually eat a decent amount, but when it's hot (which it rarely ever is in the UK, so basically when I go on holiday to hot countries) my appetite drops off totally. So in Berlin when it was super hot and I had no symptoms, I ate very little. Then my boyfriend went away and I tend not to bother eating much when nobody is around to eat with, and I noticed that - again - my symptoms didn't seem so bad. So then I decided to eat very little every day and for the past few days have been living off a couple of bananas and a salad, and my symptoms have disappeared again. So I'm almost afraid of eating properly again in case they come back ¬¬ But more than likely it's a coincidence, so I'm waiting for something crap to happen again. Also it could just be the B12 kicking in or something. Is it just going to be some weird thing I have to live with for the rest of my life with no idea why, Dr General?
  11. Online guitar resources

    I recommend watching this. It explains a lot of music theory in a very interesting and easy way. I also recommend seeing a proper guitar tutor if you can afford it. Having theory explained to me by a knowledgeable person of whom I could ask questions and discuss things made it so much easier to understand.
  12. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    EXCITING UPDATE. Ish. I went to the allergy and immune system dept for some tests today. Apparently my allergic-type symptoms are, in 96% of cases like mine, not related to an allergy. They think it's indicative of some sort of thyroid disorder and although my thyroid levels came back fine in a blood test I took a while ago, they're doing other tests as apparently sometimes... I don't know. Just, sometimes. It could also just be unexplained, forever. But they're going down the thyroid disorder-of-some-sort route for now. Exciting! I bet the blood tests come back fine though ¬¬ Does anyone know the answer to the following question: if it IS related to a thyroid thing, why is it that it wouldn't have been picked up in my first blood test? I'm not exactly sure what it was for, my doctor said "thyroid levels" I think. What else can they test for in order to check for thyroid issues, and what issues would they be that wouldn't have affected my blood thyroid levels (I don't know if this question makes any sense).
  13. Assange

    That's pretty full on dickmunch city if that's true. But I can still see how "mistakes" happen (for lack of a better word) and so in other cases perhaps it is less clear cut. Have you ever read Assange's old blog or his OKcupid? It paints a sad picture :-/
  14. Assange

    Well they can't, but I can understand why it would be presumed that it would be okay to do that. Fair enough in Assange's case I don't think he had much of a case for that, having not built up that much of a relationship with the woman beforehand, but then his brain works differently to mine. Personally er... maybe TMI but ¬¬ when I have been woken up in that way by my long-term partner, I have always found it to be a really wonderful experience - and we never discussed it beforehand. Similarly, having woken others up in that way (¬¬ sorry TMI TMI TMI ¬¬) has been well-received, because it's always been in the confines of a trusting, loving relationship where we (think we) know each others boundaries. So I guess I can see why someone might take that experience and apply it incorrectly to someone else, or think "oh man I'd like if someone did that to me, so maybe I'll wake my girlfriend up that way!" and it goes horribly wrong. But then that doesn't make that person, necessarily, a rapist. On the other hand I think my consent with partners is pretty much implied, and if I was woken up that way and I didn't like it I would comfortable enough with them to say "oi fuck off, I'm sleeping now" or whatever, and not being fucking traumatized to death by it or think of it as anything other than annoying that I'd been woken up for a while. Then again, if a guy did that to me on week one... I would not like it so much, perhaps. I guess it's all about building trust and an understanding of each others boundaries, so I can see where people can go so badly wrong on this without realising the gravitas of their actions. Anyway so in answer to your question, I guess if B thinks A would consent to it if she was awake and would enjoy it, and then goes ahead with that and is wrong, so long as he could prove that he genuinely believed that and had some sort of a reason to, it would be less likely to be deemed a rape by the courts. I wish we had some sort of a system where it could be recognised that rape can happen without, necessarily, a rapist. A guy (for instance) can make that mistake and cause a woman (for instance, also) hurt without being a dreadful person, but without that lessening the impact of what has happened through her eyes. Instead we just have this system where it seems to be either "yeah he's a rapist and you got raped", or "well, it's a bit nuanced really so you didn't get raped after all", with the occasional actual rape conviction occurring. Maybe something like the Swedish system that recognises different levels of sexual crime against a person would be beneficial in helping to get more convictions, but then apparently Sweden's track record on convictions isn't that great anyway. I have worded this message poorly but I hope you know what I mean.
  15. Assange

    Thanks Sal. Well by UK law then the alleged incident is not necessarily going to be rape either, since he could make a case for believing he reasonably had consent, I guess. The storming thing - have you read the letter? It was an incredibly embarrassing and very threatening. Some bits of this are nuanced but that is not. They made a serious threat to take a serious action that would result in British embassies across the world also being at threat. You don't just "revoke" the status of an embassy, particularly not to get someone who has not yet been charged, even, with a crime. Christ, imagine if Governments always just did that whenever they wanted to get someone who was seeking refuge in an embassy - what would be the point? The threat they sent was unbelievable, I think that was one of the things that really sent out a clear message that this is about more than just a sexual assault allegation. Whether or not that's true, god fucking damnit that's what it looks like now. It's not my place to judge whether the allegations are true or not, but if they aren't and it is a set-up then I would have thought it a very clever one... I've seen repeated accusations of Assange supporters (even when they're supporting his asylum rather than actually commenting on the allegations against him) as being rape-enablers. It's been so hugely divisive, and enabled his supporters to be widely mocked in the press about a really sensitive issue, and given the Anti-Assange and Anti-Wikileaks crowds an easy stick to beat everyone else down with. Also, Sweden is super liberal and super feminist, so it won't have gone down well there. In addition, he looked like a hero to a lot of people before this happened - now he looks like a pathetic rapist to many people. Details of anyones sex life are going to make people look at them in a new light - god knows if some of you people knew things about me you'd think I was batshit insane, I'm sure. Sex is a great tool to use to control and sway people. Look at Christianity...
  16. Assange

    Interesting, when I read that article the other day comments were locked, which I found extremely annoying because then people can't debate the content which I already find questionable in parts. They've opened them up now though and there are some really good points below. God, this whole debacle really is one of the most amazing things to watch unfold. Further reading:
  17. Assange

    On the first point Sal, under English law (http://en.wikipedia...._in_English_law): " So actually I'm not entirely sure if it does *necessarily* constitute rape (legally speaking, that is) that he initiated sex with someone if he could show that he believed she would give consent, which is the one that most people seem to be focusing on. Do you know what the other scenarios are? I'm at work and don't want to research rape too much ¬¬ but I remember there being one in which pinning-down occurred. So I'm not sure about that one, but in Sweden it isn't actually being pinned as a rape but as a minor sexual offence, right? Can someone confirm? I've already typed "rape" into google too many times today... Regarding point four, Sweden has actually interviewed suspects away from home ( for instance) so I'm not sure what to make of this as it seems to be untrue. Point five raises a good point, I've seen Assange interviewing the Ecuadorian president and it makes my skin crawl. I'm assuming he's cosying up to him to save his own skin and I guess he has been left with very few options, so while it's hugely hypocritical, I suppose to an extent I can understand it. However it's all very well pointing out that Ecuador has human rights issues, but remember that Sweden has been implicit in the shipping of suspected terrorists to third countries previously, where they were tortured, Britain faked some documents in order to start a war that killed around 100,000 people, and the USA has fucking torture camps and Bradley Manning. I'm very disheartened about the world, I do think every government anywhere will do as much as it thinks it can get away with. However, it doesn't make it much less irritating to see Assange cosying up in such a hypocritical way. I don't know about the other points. I would certainly be very worried if I was Assange and I'm not really convinced that with a red notice out on him and Britain threatening to storm an embassy in London, that this is as simple as a being wanted for questioning over sexual assault allegations. But I do wonder how much of it is two very real things - Assange trying to worm his way out of a sexual assault conviction, and Governments wanting to silence him - coming together to form a clusterfuck of false information, lies and bullshit. I also wonder if the women have any chance of having a proper trial ever, considering that apparently the Swedish authorities interviewed them together which is ridiculously bad practice, and one of them deleted favourable tweets about Assange after bringing the case. Looks dodgy as fuck and does not support her case at all. Sadly though, in lots of rape cases the victims do dumb shit like that afterwards because they're afraid of not being believed. It still boggles my mind that people who go to the police about rape are not first briefed about how important absolute truth is in their statements. A lot of cases get through out of court here because the victim lied about having taken drugs for instance, and even if they tell the truth afterwards instead of getting caught out lying, they are still no longer considered reliable witnesses to their own rape.
  18. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    Yeah I wondered that ¬¬ I'm seeing her again in a few weeks after my blood test (to check that my B12 levels have increased while on supplements) so I'll do it then.
  19. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    Nope, partly because I'm used to it and partly because I've looked up my symptoms and know that they probably aren't going to kill me ASAP. Especially because I assumed it was anxiety, which is harmless. So I wasn't in the least bit anxious. After a few hours I was weary and bored of the symptoms which didn't seem to be improving and were making it uncomfortable to continue working. Only my hands were shaking badly, my legs were a bit wobbly. I had a really bad sinus headache on one side of my face yesterday, and my neck hurt and what felt like my carotid artery ached on the same side, making it hard to turn my head without pain. That lasted about an hour, and it's weird because I don't have a cold or sniffles at all. Maybe this all points back to an allergy somehow? Or at least some of the symptoms. I checked the pollen count yesterday and it was high. Also eating nothing seems to appease the symptoms, I've felt much better since consuming only a pot of chickpea and feta salad every day, but then I'm not sure if this is a temporary lull in my symptoms (and I did get that nasty sinus headache yesterday but also that could, and probably is, totally unrelated). The symptoms also were less severe in Berlin where, due to the heat, I barely ate anything (my appetite dies in hot weather). So maybe digestion-related. I don't know. Maybe it's lupus.
  20. Online guitar resources

    Youtube is actually excellent for free guitar tutorials. You can pretty much search for and find anything you want on there.
  21. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    Actually nm again ¬¬
  22. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    AG: I had an ECG last week since one day at work was so bad, people could even see me shaking. That was perfectly normal :-/ Sometimes the symptoms go away for a few days and I think they've gone, and then they come back. My arm did its weird cold tingly thing again just two days ago. I know this is going to sound insane but I think if I don't eat anything I don't get the symptoms as badly. Like in the past week I have eaten extremely little (partially due to heat, which kills my appetite, and then due to actually doing it on purpose to test the results it has on my symptoms). In that week I've had hardly any issues with my breathing... But then, it could just be one of those stages when the symptoms go away for a while anyway. I bought a heart pressure monitor so I could figure out what was happening during various symptoms. When my arm or leg goes numb, there is no change to my resting blood pressure or BPM (which are all in the 'ideal' range). When I have breathing issues/feel my heart beating fast it usually escalates to about 145/81 which is much higher than normal, but my BPM is usually still fine. Maybe I bought a shit blood pressure monitor, I don't know.
  23. Post your face!

    https://fbcdn-sphoto...2_5521682_n.jpg https://fbcdn-sphoto...7342_2704_n.jpg https://fbcdn-sphoto...882422188_n.jpg https://fbcdn-sphoto...3_8153098_n.jpg This gives you a solid idea of what I'm like as a person, probably. But also this one, and bonus Idle Thumbs 8-slot Bag: https://fbcdn-sphoto...6_n.jpg<br /> (Oh, apparently I can't just show JPG files in this thread, what? )
  24. Assange

    He may easily be guilty of the crimes he's been accused of, but take a look at the unprecedented manhunt for him based on something he hasn't even been charged for, and a crime for which the cases are usually woefully neglected or badly managed or or just dropped on lack of evidence/caring... I think it's pretty obvious to see he's a victim of conspiracy of some kind, although the extent of it we don't know yet.
  25. Assange

    Yeah Nach I agree. I'm wary of a lot of what I read probably being smears (he bullied some dude's cat and didn't flush the toilet ever!!!) but also I'm aware that someone of his position is probably somewhat of a dickhead, and there have been rumours of him talking of Jewish conspiracies... and there was a quote about Feminism that made him seem a bit ¬¬ Nonetheless, the issue of what's happening to him in terms of the manhunt, the fact they've issued a code red for him which they didn't even do for Gaddafi, and how the law may or may not be being manipulated to the end of some very powerful people... that's terrifying, and a separate issue. But then it quite often gets confused because at the heart of it all there's a lot of confusion. Nobody seems clear as to whether or not he's actually been charged, or what for, or what happened, or what Sweden is and isn't allowed to do. Someone said to me that the reason Sweden rejected the invite to interview him in the Embassy was because they are not allowed to do that, someone else told me that's not true; they interviewed a murderer in Serbia via videolink just a few weeks ago. It's the confusion at the heart of it, I think, that it part makes it so difficult to separate the two issues at hand, because inevitably every conversation turns into people discussing the intricacies of the case when someone else gets them wrong.