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  1. Carmack is definitively an engineer but I think he somehow really understand game design too. Of course not on a large scale (like new concept or something) but how to make a game fun and enjoyable.

    For example Q3 was a really simple game, no complexe game design rules, really straightforward, but the physics, the pads, weapon ballance, everything was well crafted to make the game fun to play.

  2. There is not so many details about the game so it's difficul to judge it right now.

    However I'm really impressed by the technology (see here). It's difficult to really review an engine just with some videos and comments but it seem really powerful and give lots of freedom for the artists.

    The doom3 engine was not really successful with third parties developers, but with the bad press around Unreal engine with the lawsuit by SK it seems that the id Tech 5 can have good chances to convince lots of developers. Plus even if Crytek what to suppoprt consoles, at the current time there is nothing "real".

  3. I think you're right Spider, The should al least reconsider a redesign of the console when the problem will be solved and the "garbage" ones are all gone.

    But in fact, I am even not sure if people outside video game community really know about the problem. Maybe they heard about it but the information can be quickly forget.

  4. In fact I was more disturb by the first comment of the author of this blog entry than the trailer of RE5.

    Yes… I am more comfortable with the zombies being white. In fact, ALL zombies should be white from this day forth.

    I can totally understand that the trailer touch some alert nerves. It really a sensitive subject and more than one person will jump on it and scream racism. But it's obvious after 5 minutes of internet search (for Video Game newb) that this game it's absolutely not White vs Black.

    And I am pretty sure that Chris fighting against villagers is only the first part of the game and this discussion will be complety vanished after few hours of gameplay.

  5. A Lego MMO would be just great. After it all depends how the developer will build the game.

    Like Marek said, it will be the best user generated content ever. The world can be totally constructed by the user.

    The problem is what core gameplay the developer would like for the game. If they decide to do a WOW clone, it will be definitively not user driven. All items will be predefined.

    I want to build my lego house, my lego pimp car, my lego giant robot and my lego dinosaurwhich will eat everybody :D

  6. I agree that the interface of the Xbox 360 is not really clear.

    It's not a bad one. We can navigate pretty easily, there is some sort of logic, but each time I want to do something, I have the feeling I search for it and not go for it.

    Don't get me wrong, it's not that I spend hours looking for something. But this is the few second of hesitation or sometimes a mistake by going in the wrong menu that said the interface could be easier.

    In contrast the Channel menu of the Wii is a bit more chaotic but much more straightforward. And the user can organize the channels as he wants.

    It's even suprising that the save menu, the preference and the message board are not channels.

  7. On PC HOD was critized also mainly because he had a crappy resolution (320*240 if I'm right). On Playstation the review of the game was better.

    In fact this game is great, it's maybe short, but it's like a good movie, we can replay it several time and the magic is still here.

    Now Eric chahi work on nothing related to video games if i'm right.

    I heard he was a photograph but I'm not really sure.

  8. I think there was a game with the captain tsubasa licence which was similar to tactic RPG if I'm right (on the NES or SNES). It was pretty unique and like the football game are very successful it's strange that a publisher try another gameplay with the football game.

    For example I don't like football game but with a friend we also think it could be interresting to be only one character in the game, manage our contract with club, have trainings etc ... and during a game have a camera like a third personn game to be more in the action. We could also use our character on online game with other people. Just an idea during a drink night :rolleyes:

  9. I don't see lots of GTA clone this year, there was more last year with true crime, the new gameplay of Jak II etc ...

    I only see getaway 2 which seems pretty similar to the first one (slow car physics, and avergae gameplay). I hope they will continue to improve it because they are very far from GTA.

    There is also dead rush where you drive a car in a city full of zombie and monster but it's not really a GTA clone.

  10. If you want to remember HL without replay it, you can download Half life done quick :)

    About the 7th guest guy, I thought he was hire by iD to work on the physics engine.

    On Moby Game the story of 7th guest is credited to Matthew Costello,283/

    he worked lately on the italian job (wow!)

    This is Graeme Devine who work now at iD and was lead programmer on the 7th guest.

  11. And Llama, how is what you said any different from what he said?

    for what ? for the sentences "stupid people who don’t have any taste" & "people who don't really know video games so can't see if it's a shitty game or not" ?

    In fact the result is the same because they buy a bad game but the process is different. In a case they buy it because they like it and in the other it's because they don't know what they play.

  12. I think companies are defining the mass market as "stupid people who don’t have any taste" as opposed to "people who are every bit as hardcore as the core but don’t have as much money." I think that there’s a mix.

    Perso I will change "stupid people who don’t have any taste" by "people who don't really know video games so can't see if it's a shitty game or not".

    It's true for lots of publisher especialy with Vivendi. But for example EA create real game for mass market, now they not really deep and often pretty simple but they are fun et they are really good in a certain way. In the same way we can say that Konami is mass market with titles like MGS or Dance² but they are quality games. I really think that things change.