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  1. So I just started implementing the very basic controls:

    - Units follow the line with their group

    - player can change the direction at any time

    - player can reorder their unit in a group




    Next task is to be able to split a group, merge them and the ability to get new unit in a group

  2. Game is done:







    My theme is based on the Three Moves Ahead


    The concept I want to develop is a minimalist RTS where you command small groups. Basically you draw lines to direct your little groups on a play field.

    The idea will be that you can also sort them by size and if they hit an enemy and their size is in the correct order (gradual) it creates combos and bigger attacks.

    In short you give orders and order your little soldiers.


    I usually work on game jams alone and since I'm not an artist and tend to make the game visually abstract or simplistic.

    However if some musician wants to pitch in, that would be very welcome.


    Good luck everyone!

  3. There is a performance hit, but you don't need twice the framerate. That's a common misconception. For a system with shutter glasses, you want about twice the usual refresh rate on the monitor, but that doesn't mean Quake needs to be running at 120 fps or whatever.

    You don't need twice the framerate, you just need to render 2 frames instead of one which is nearly the same (and basicaly what toblix said). OK you don't need to recalculate the whole scene again, it's just the same snapshot of the world but from a different perspective. You also don't need to draw the same surface. But overall the performance is an issue.

    Recently somebody of Sony said that it was not a problem. If the game feature a 2 player splitscreen mode, it could display 3D without performance hit. Too bad that PS3 games feature a splitscreen are difficult to find. I just guess that doing splitscreen is also a pain in the ass.

  4. I loved Bioshock 1 but I was bored to death by Bioshock 2 so I couldn't finish it. I was curious to play Minerva's den because I suspected it would a short Bioshock story. And I liked it very much, it's sweet!

    No really, the DLC is way better than the game itself. The rythme is good, the story more focused, the topic more interesting (to me).

    In fact what bothered me with the DLC is what annoyed me in the game so it's not your fault scoops. Here's my problem: What I loved in Bioshock 1 is that between the small repetitive fights with the splicers there were the Big Daddies. Suddenly I had time to plan my fights, trying to see how I will approach it. When the fight starts most of the time it turns like I didn't expected it so I had to improvise. In bioshock 2 it was too much of that, you had the prepare for a fight with a big daddy followed by several big fights with wave of splicer when getting the adam, finished sometimes by a fight with the big sister. Oh god, please shot me in the head.

    So ok Minerva's den has these repetitive fights but if I put that aside it was a great experience with a very polished level design. And the last part is also a very nice touch.

    But there is still one thing that bothered me and I would be interested if it's a guideline of the Bioshock franchise: Do you have to do a shitty final boss? No seriously! The boss is better than the blue thing of Bioshock but still

    Just a bunch of Big daddies that come for no reason? And the guy who suddenly have a health bar bigger than all the big sister combined together?

    So I would be in fact very interested how much discussion there were about this final boss? Do you thought about alternatives a bit less action oriented?

  5. If you are interested in buying a 3D TV set, there is the Samsung TV:

    The price is reasonable (less than 1000 €$) and overall the TV is good. However the stereoscopic 3D is not the best in town because of the strong ghosting. Because of light leakage, your left eye sees a bit of the picture intended for the right eye. All Tv seems to have this effect. On the Samsung one, it's very visible. After few minutes you get used to it but it can be very visible with very contrasted pictures.

    For the sickness due to the 3D, usually this go away after some time watching some 3D content. Some muscle in your eye are solicited more than usual so it gets better over time as these muscles get stronger. But it can be also due to bad 3D content.

    Right now on PS3 there is not much 3D game. There is game like wipeout and super stardust. It's nice to play them in 3D but Wipeout is kind of terrible example on how to not make a good 3D game. Pain is only partly in 3D, it's really just a curiosity. In fact the best game at the moment is Motorstorm 3D Rift; it's far from perfect but the game have some really nice 3D moments (some jumps are great).

    But SotC and Ico will have the same problem than the other PS3 games compatible with 3D: They were not made for 3D (make a good stereoscopic game is more than thinking how the game could be in 3D, it's very difficult).

    I can predict that Ico will probably looks better in 3D than SotC because of the number of indoor scenes and with some interesting camera moves. SotC will probably not be as impressive. The landscapes are too big (which weirdly enough doesn't work so great in 3D if there is not enough layered objects). It's also a third person game which would probably give less good moments. But still I'm very curious to try some scenes like the bridge one or the flying dragon...

  6. It's probably known by everybody in britain but I really recommend the Secret Life of machines

    Basically it's a show that explain how stuff works or were made. It's really well done and instructive.

    It start to be a bit old (end the 80's) but damn these episodes are good.

    I post that here now because I was hoping to find some DVD on the double rainbow internet but it seems it doesn't exist in PAL and the NTSC version cost an arm.

    The creator of this TV series even redirect to a torrent file.


  7. Finished it in one seating. I couldn't stop playing. Limbo just offer a great experience. It's definitively a game I would play again.

    The game have so much qualities but one thing I really like after playing is how they use their physics engine. The game rely very often on physics and momentum but you never have the feeling to play a physic-based game "look our shiny physics". Nothing seem forced and it feels really natural. The physics in the game is just a given because I was so immersed.

  8. Quick comment on the discussion about the new design of the 360.

    The first design was really thought through and I have to say it was an amazing job from Microsoft. It was classy and appealing. There is an excellent article published in 2005 about the work of the design team:

    There is nice tidbits:

    The Xbox team cast a wide net at first, bringing on a dozen firms two years ago to brainstorm ideas. Armed with an array of concepts, the team made several trips — to Japan, Europe and the United States — to see what people liked. Patterns arose in the responses. People wanted a softer look than the original console. They wanted Microsoft to tone down the logo. They loved the use of chrome as an accent color.
    Apple Computer's iPod is mild, executives said. Mild will still look fresh five years from now. Wild and aggressive will seem dated.
    Microsoft hit the road again, testing the colors last December on focus groups in Japan, the United Kingdom and Texas. People felt the gray was wishy-washy and vague. Reaction to the white was extremely positive — particularly in Japan.

    With the new design Microsoft do a U turn with the new design that we could call XBox180. Does it mean that what they wanted to achieve is a design that will be dislike by many people, outdated in 5 years and hated in Japan?

    Gimme J back!


  9. Yeah it was near the end of the event. I remember.

    I started the applause in fact :) It was nice to see somebody finishing this level (from what I saw lots of people just ignored the purple coins). I told you that only 3 persons did finish but I'm not really sure in fact, nobody really counted.

  10. The last level of that demo was a nightmare, we were only 3 members (out of a fucklot) to finish it… Come on, try to jump, jiggle your wiimote and dodge things coming at you with a timer running low…

    Wait... are you the guy we applauded when you got the star?

  11. How big budget did Heavy Rain actually have?

    It's amazing how David Cage can talk himself to have such big budgets, because even though I don't know the actual budget figures, but this looks like a biiiig budget game. At least the marketing engine of Sony is behind it totally.

    From a french article it seems the development budget was around 18M euros.

  12. Not so long ago I was thinking that a real cinema club could work because of these kind of stories.

    A small cinema with just one room, but created to have a comfortable cinema experience.

    Like a gym you would not by a simple ticket but a membership. It would immediately filter all the jerks and you will just watch the movies with other cinema lovers.

    One of the member is a jerk, just cancel his membership, he will not come back.

    Because you know and trust your customers and you deal with a smaller crowd you can do a lot of things:

    - Get the coats at the entrance that you don't have to bother with them during the movie.

    - Have clean seats!

    - You can reserve your seat from the cinema club website

    - Your customers could even ask for specific movies (new of old).

    - But also small details, like they know how tall you are so your kid of small wife will not have a giant in the seat in front of them.

    Yes I know, I like to dream. But it would be so cool...

  13. Finally a real podcast software for your iPhone:

    I'm not sure why they posted a picture of the idle thumbs podcast. Just randomly or because it fits the purpose of the software "for audiophiles"?

    Anyway I found it funny so I share with you! (yes you behind the screen, who read my words and hear a voice in your head telling my words)