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  1. Another World Not As Good As Flashback?

    AW on GBA ! Excellent. ... But this is only an amateur who did the convertion and it's seems the roms was removed from the website after Eric Chaih complein about it. It will be so cool if a publisher was interrested by the project
  2. Eric Chahi Interview

    I think Eric left the gaming industry mainly because Heart of Darkness was a really exhausting. If I rememeber this is the only game he made with a team. I think he only want to make game without problems with other people like team members or publishers, like this is nearly impossible today to do that he prefer working on something else. I contact him some months ago to be consultant on one of our game (the gameplay was inspired by Flashback and Another World) but he was too busy to work with us. But he gave us some short advices. He seems to be a really nice person with some great artistic skill and programming.
  3. Nightmare before christmas screenshots WTF

    Yeah the game is fun five minutes but I think the gameplay associated to the rubber things is too light right now. In fact I'm agree that this is really not this kind of game they should use for the licence, exactly like Fight Club which is ... ridiculous .