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  1. Interject now if you disagree, agree, or wish to remain neutral!

    Yes this is an attempt at being objective, which Thumbs likes to steer clear of, but even attempting one of these lists is an admission of a desire for objective judgement. There's no point in trying decide a "subjectively best" game.

    I like your criteria actually and I think that if any good discussion is to come from a list like this, a common base of discussion will be needed. So I guess I'm on board.

  2. How is this still a topic with so many different people with so many different preferences playing games?

    This is more or less what I wanted to say. Why does there even have to be something that is "best"? There are a ton of these lists, for games in particular, and every forum and every site does polls to calculate which one is superior. Does it ever lead to any good discussion? Rarely, if ever.

    If we were going to have this kind of thing, it should just be a thread called "post your favorite game" and you would have to back it up with actual reasons and a screenshot or two.

    Grim Fandango kicks most games in the metaphorical nuts though.

  3. Metro pisses me off more than any free newspaper because the metro station I go to every morning has annoying people trying to give me Metros and even after months of saying "no, thank you" they are still trying. KILL THEM.

    Oh boy, let me tell you how much I like that stuff!

    There are always five or six guys from two papers when I get off the bus to go down the subway, where there might be one or two more, or perhaps the nice gentleman who thinks I will buy bread and bakeries from a fucking man in the subway.

    The ride is smooth for a while, until I get to school, where the fun begins again. Go up the escalators and be greeted by five people trying to sell you mobile phone subscriptions. After quickly escaping them there's the next group of newspaper-peddlers, about four or five people. Then, if you're lucky you'll even bump in to the fine vendors of free student lifestyle magazines. Then, finally, there may or may not be the occasional stray Asian exchange student who'll catch you by asking for directions and proceed to invite you to Bible seminars.

    This has been going on for years. Feels great to vent about it though!

  4. I hope I'm wrong really, but I can't help feeling like something's gone wrong and they're just not telling us.

    I essentially feel the same but hold out hope that they're just working on perfecting it and perhaps filling in the bits that Wright has skipped over in all the demos. The "now-I'll-cheat-to-get-to-the-UFO bits" as I prefer to call them.

    Also, a spark of inspiration struck me (it hurt):


  5. omg... I can't believe DNF will be released before Spore

    I heard a rumor that they're actually the same game! :tup:

    Oh man, this is gonna be so awesome! Create your own stripper! Write your own one-liners! I can't wait.

  6. While I loved the Fallout combat, I think it's a good thing that Bethesda is pushing it in a new direction, trying to match it better to their vision of what Fallout 3 needs to be. Considering how awfully wrong it could have gone, I think it's a fair compromise to have some real-time components and some sort of turn-based stuff.

    And honestly, the charm of the original Fallout combat is looked back upon through some very rose-tinted glasses. It didn't really work at times, like when you got blasted in the back by your allies or when you started combat in New Reno and half the town got chained in to battle by stray rounds, making for some endless turns.

    What was fun was focusing on the crotch of that slaver, only to miss and blast his gut clean off, and then looting away after you took the rest of the gang down by pure chance as well. What was fun was getting your ass handed to you after trying to pick-pocket a Bozar off a guard. I think Bethesda can accomplish this stuff, because even though pure turn-based combat is gone, there's still targetting, there's still stealth and there's still a million things we know nothing about yet.

    What's been bad about their combat in the past might not even come back to haunt them too much on this project, since Fallout tradionally has had quite a few ranged weapons and number three doesn't look like an exception. Something that is discouraging to me though, is the way the writing and voice acting in Oblivions ended up. If something's going to ruin Fallout 3 for me, it's probably not going to be the combat.

  7. Not having read the book, I still hated the trailer, probably mostly because of how generic it was. I'm guessing it'll turn out mediocre at best, but on the other hand, the book will most likely be very easy to find around the release, so I'll pick it up then.

    I just read World War Z by Max Brooks, whose Zombie Survival Guide was discussed earlier, and found it a pretty good experience overall. It basically details the zombie apocalypse and is written as a series of interviews and stories from key survivors. It's pretty well thought through and tries to stay as factual as possible given the nature of interviews, even fictional ones.

  8. I'm in the same boat as far as being taunted by the release date. Going to pick it up right away on Friday, even considering buying a wheel...

    I'm actually mostly excited about customizing my car, with the livery looking incredibly powerful.

    I actually find Gran Turismo pretty forgiving, especially the later versions, since you can coach your car along in B-Spec and earn cash for upgrades like that, if you find races to hard to start with. I guess you have to find the general handling to your liking though, which I do. The games just feel very responsive and nothing unpredictable is going on.

  9. I can't wait for the humiliating urine related scenes. People pissing themselves left and right and then the ladder to the pool dissapears and Jimmy drowns in front of all his friends, after swimming around for a few days.

  10. This should be fine for a Mac since (as I recall) they only support one mouse at a time, so when you hook up your external mouse, the pad will be disabled automatically.

    By default they accept both pad and external input simultaneously, but you can set it to turn the touchpad off automatically, in the system settings.

    I've been pretty tempted to install Windows just to see how well Half-Life 2 runs, but since the MacBook just sits next to the PC when I'm at home I never feel like I have enough energy to start fooling around with it. It's bound to happen though.

  11. I wouldn't worry though. Blizzard aren't known for making errors of judgement when it comes to style.

    While I agree and greatly look forward to Starcraft 2 and any other Blizzard games, they have been bleeding talent for a while. Though their legacy makes recruitment a cakewalk, they could suffer for not having all their old top people around.

  12. Honestly, I'm perfectly happy with only having Zelda to play for the Wii right now. If there were any big new releases coming this summer I'd probably get distracted and not play any one game much, thus getting nowhere in any of them and in turn burning myself out. If Metroid and Mario come out this winter, I'll be very satisfied with my purchase.

  13. I'm just waiting for someone to enable emulated 3D acceleration for Windows while in OS X. Very much looking forward to being able to play my old 3D stuff without having to reboot. The only thing I'm playing on the MacBook right now is Broken Sword 1, and obviously it runs without a hitch.

  14. I had a weird impulse like that this Wednesday. Yesterday I actually went out and got a Wii - even after I had promised myself I'd hold off until Super Mario Galaxy...

    My friend code is 4065-5771-6634-3960 and I'll probably start going around adding people later today.

  15. Bit disappointed about the free/paid-for split, but being able to try out the paid-for content by joining another person's game is brilliant.

    Dude, if there ever was a time not to complain about paying for extra content, this is it. It's all kinds of awesome and proof that DLC really can work as it should, in the right hands.

    Very much looking forward to breaking out Crackdown again and getting those last 20 something agility orbs I still haven't found. I'll probably end up paying for the extra good stuff as well.

  16. I'd love fluid animation to go along with the beautiful art, but it's not happening. Not at the moment at least. The producer of both the HD remakes had this to say:

    There are no new frames, [...] adding frames is beyond the scope of the project. It does seem like higher resolution will make it more of an issue, but I’m not sure if it will really will in practice. Maybe it will just not be that big of a deal though, we’ll see.

  17. As a sprite graphics related sidenote, did people see those beautifully detailed sprites that capcom will be using in SFII Turbo HD Remix? I'm still holding out hope they have animations to match them.

    There won't be any new animations, so it'll probably look mighty choppy when played, albeit very high res. I think they said something about some minor, minor balancing but it won't be noticable for anyone but the die-hards. Filling in the animation would probably have skyrocketed the costs and Capcom just wants some quick cash with that project.