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  1. I just started Bioshock! It's pretty great! Yay!

    I have a feeling I won't get to play it for much longer though, as school starts again this Friday and a friend of mine gets married Saturday. Why would you ever get married when you could play Bioshock instead? Crazy. I still have to get them a gift too...

  2. It looks really good, but some of it sounds... not so good. The wolf howl for example, is so incredibly familiar that it bothers me deeply, hearing it. They'll have to spruce the sample up a bit or find a new one before release.

    Not really digging the wolf much at all to be honest, though it has the best name. It just comes across as slightly off, but the rest of the gang seems ok. I especially like how when the soldier gets "taken over" by Mantis and is left hanging, something resembling puppet strings appears to be holding him up.

  3. I wasn't going to buy Bioshock, but a couple of weeks ago, when the marketing push started, my opinion began changing. Give it the week that's left until release and I'll probably have to get it, even though it looks much too scary for me.

  4. Well the real problem is, why doesn't it automatically enable the custom URL? Otherwise the link to your profile page is some crazy 20 digit number. Like anyone is going to go "Oh yeah, 232384972839479, that guy's great!" and besides, there's no way for others to know your serial number if you aren't already friends.

  5. PS: We gots no Oath on dem Steams, innit.

    Hoooly shit, Steam Community is terrible so far. They should have worked on it for three more months before opening to the public. You had to manually go in and pick which URL you wanted for your ID. I picked Oath, so now it works!

  6. Oh, much like how Hollywood doesn't pump out the shame shit every summer and has it sell? I do agree that quality will probably rise somewhat, but I too can only base this on hope.

    As long as titles such as Transformers continue to get sales, even after a series of terrible licensed games this year, there's not much speaking for the general consumer gaining a sense of quality all of a sudden. This is most likely because those buying the titles we're talking about are kids with parents that aren't in to gaming at all.

  7. You and the game just started off on the wrong foot, give it another chance. Besides, the fact that there's no stupid "push the left analogue stick to move"-tutorial means you can actually play it multiple times (I played for several hours) without suffering. Anyway, that's pretty much how the game begins in the full version as well.

  8. Since he was lead designer on Oblivion, I'll hold Rolston responsible for the poor main quest and the wooden acting. Didn't he have a storytelling rule like "a character that has gained the player's trust can't betray the player"? In some quests there were characters that tried to trick you and all, but those were all beyond obvious and not a very fun experience.

    Maybe I'm wrong and he's a swell guy, but from what I know, Rolston sounds like he should rethink a couple of things.

  9. An RPG like fallout might work, but for the "where to save" thing. Imagine loading it up to find that everyone hates you :D

    Oh wait, that's like real life ;(

    For games like Fallout there could be time limit. Like, "play 25-35 minutes and your turn is up". Of course, if you're wandering across the desert you should finish that, or just generally get yourself out of any other particularly tricky situation.

    Doesn't the Wii support transferring save games on a flash card? The PS3 does (even with PS1 and PS2 games I think). The best thing is if you can just upload your save-game somewhere.

  10. In addition to the great games such as Gears, Crackdown, Viva Piñata and Dead Rising that you'll undoubtedly be getting I think you should pick up PGR3. Even though it is a racing game and a launch game, it is not terrible. In fact it's actually great and one of the most involving "arcadish" racers I've ever played.

    Even though PGR4 is coming out soon and Forza 2 is available, if you can find PGR3 for a decent price you should scoop it out of the cold unloving bargain box and tenderly place it in your 360, for it will bring much joy to all.

  11. Maybe it was an admission of guilt, but if so it was heavily veiled.

    I think it's more like "we've been doing this and it's not going work for much longer but we're not going to apologize because we aren't the only ones responsible and we are in fact going to change". So it's an admission of guilt without any actual remorse.