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  1. Paprika is very enjoyable, though the story feels slightly contrived at points. Actually it's not so much the story as the pacing, which I felt was a bit uneven (the story is pushed forward all too much at a few points). I liked Perfect Blue more, but everyone should try and watch this too.

  2. It'll be some time before I have enough spare to get to Jerusalem, but I asked my housemate, who's played 6 of the nine assassinations so far, and he says his copy does fine when he's at the bureau in Jerusalem.

    We're playing on a 60GB Euro PS3 that was bought secondhand this summer. Not sure if the firmware is updated or not.

    Well it only seems to happen every once in a while now, but Jerusalem on a whole is the city with the most slowdown for me. Rest of the game runs pretty smoothly.

  3. I just remembered I used to play a whole lot of Shufflepuck Cafe for Mac when I was a kid. Just looking at the title screen brings back memories... I think I played it in black and white though. Anyway, it was a great little game where you basically faced off against the computer in fierce rounds of air hockey. Sounds pretty dull, but all the character had different personalities and playing styles. The difficulty was very high so you could keep playing for long stretches of time just to beat that one character that bugged you. Not sure if I ever beat it.


  4. I'm having a lot of fun with it, though I'm starting to feel the repetitive nature of the game reveal itself after only the second assassination. The PS3 version seems a bit shoddy as well, with a fair bit screen tearing (which I can accept) and game ending crashes every now and then (which is harder to bear). It even hangs on the loading screens at times, which is really frustrating if you've just crossed the entire kingdom and entered a city, only to have to repeat it again.

    Near the Assassin's Bureau in Jerusalem the game grinds to a halt, not going above 5 fps for some reason. Is this in the 360 version too or just a bug in the PS3 version? I've checked the disc and it's as clean as can be.

    Bugs aside, just going about the cities and taking out rooftop archers is a blast.

  5. Well, there's nothing wrong with doing a blog for a while and then wrapping it up when it runs out of steam. It's what 'JC Barnett' with Japanmanship and it was probably a good move. But his blog is still archived and all of the great posts he made are still there.

    He's started blogging again. :getmecoat

  6. There is a

    gnome in the transmission house of the second (?) hunter encounter, when Alyx is trying to talk to Magnussen and you have to turn the power on.

    That's the last place I saw one, so you could probably grab that one and keep it in the car.

    My memory might be deceiving me though.

  7. When you start to escape you'll pass in front of a slideshow machine that talks about the project and mentioned Black Mesa

    Yes, I know. How does that change anything I wrote? :getmecoat

  8. I meant Half Life 2: Episode 2...

    Both games mention each other faculty, I don't remember the name of each, but in Episode 3 you should visit a site built buy the company who build the portal machine. And near the end you see a slideshow that mentions the company behind Black Mesa and Gordon. Who know maybe we'll find the portal gun in Episode 3

    As far as I see it:

    In Ep3 you'll probably get to visit the Borealis, a ship supposedly owned by/carrying equipment from Aperture Science Corporation. Aperture (the creators of portal technology) is/was a competitor to Black Mesa from back in the day, when they both were going for military contracts from the DoD. The Borealis disappeared some time ago, due to teleportation, and has recently been spotted again. Now the Combine are very interested in any technology might help them set up teleportation since they're cut off from their homeworld, so they're hunting the Borealis.

    Regarding what you wrote:

    Yes, in Ep2 you get a glimpse of the Aperture containers being loaded onto the Borealis. I don't really know what references to Ep2 there are in Portal, besides certain remarks made by GLaDOS that mention "they" which might mean Combine.

    The company behind Black Mesa is Black Mesa, unless you're referring to the Gman's involvement which may have other corporate interests behind it.

  9. Just played through the normal campaign in one sitting and I have to say that Portal is probably the funniest game I've played this year.

    Oh, and Valve will begin selling weighted companion cubes later this year!

  10. That's not really the criteria. Any game where you could complete all the levels, or many of the levels on the first go would just be shit.

    My point wasn't that a game that is difficult is a game of trial and error. Rather, I meant that N specifically is a game that has levels that are designed in ways that surprise the player and thus necessitate replaying parts over and over. In many levels you are punished for behaviour you've previously learned and then try to apply again. I would say that meets the requirements for calling something trial and error.

    As for easy games being worthless; I don't agree.

  11. Scans.

    Skepticism gone.

    I want.:worship::devil::worship:

    When you thought it just sounded like a really, really good game, you turn to the last page and see the music selection and voice acting. Damn! :tup:

    This thing is going to be a beast in every sense of the word. Can't wait.

  12. I thought the NeoGAF forums were very high quality, but the questions asked so far are meh.

    They're really, really not. There's tons of good content but way more noise. A lot of people just seem to post to have posted something, and with 25,000 registered users, it just doesn't work very well. There's a lot of effort going in to being the next big gimmick there, so in turn there are lots of sensationalist posts too.

  13. The Oscar Wilde bit had me in stitches :tup:

    The little disclaimer in the credits regarding that was good too:

    Also Oscar Wilde never used the phrase 'unreasonable dicks', that was entirely made up for comic effect although he did once describe a friend as a 'blinkering cockslot'