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  1. My 360 scratched up Forza 2 for me when the game came out. I guess the machine was getting pretty hot, even though it sits by itself, because the fans went into overdrive and caused the disc to wobble slightly and hit the lens. Managed to get the disc exchanged where I bought it, after some nagging. Microsoft wanted 19 euro, but were apparently aware of similar problems.

  2. He was this bloated thing...and ...and there was blood, and bodies – everywhere I turned, some new horror confronted me. And suddenly he was on us; we couldn't shake him. Jeremy fell first, and then I ran. I admit it: I ran, left my fellows to die. I couldn't face that thing; it was all just too horrible. He hit me with a glancing blow as I fled, but even that was enough to take my arm almost clean off. I had to have a healer finish the job....

    What kind of adventurer is named Jeremy?

  3. Sooo, everybody's getting it but nobody will be playing tomorrow?

    I haven't pre-ordered but I think I'll be picking it up straight away. I've ordered a Dual Shock 3 from overseas and I'd rather play with that from the start, but since it isn't here yet I'll be forced to endure jiggling Snake around on the ground without any rumble for a while.

  4. I guess this is turning in to the official "post your life" thread, so I'll contribute. Finished up school for the year and some other stuff, played a bit of GTA IV. Applied for some jobs and was told I could start working in August, which means I'm strapped for cash for a few more months, but with a lot of spare time to post stuff here.

    It felt sort of weird not even checking the forums out for a month or two. Tomorrow I'm going to the release party for Battlefield: Bad Company, so maybe I'll post some pictures!

  5. Quite cool, but it could have gone a bit quicker in the opening stage - it took me so long to figure out the conceit, I would have given up if it wasn't thumbs-recommended.

    Yeah, a bit slow and a bit hard to see what you were doing or what the game was getting at. If it hadn't been about 2001 it would have been completely worthless, but in the context of the film most of the things that were bad actually worked, at least to some extent.

  6. I'd definately recomend it to anyone that has the previous titles. A good RTS with 9 races and decent balance, as well as new maps makes Nick a happy boy.


    For anyone who doesn't have all the previous content (like me) there'll be a complete pack with all the expansions and the original game for sale in about a week, on March 21.

    Edit: Whoops, didn't see the stuff about an unofficial package. Anyway, this is more expensive and more official.

  7. With one day to go until release, all the online retailers started listing March 15 instead of February 28. Is this just Sweden or for the whole of Europe? I'm getting sick of waiting for this to arrive :shifty:

    Bloodless? I thought that was only in Japan? Boo to that. I've been playing sporadically whenever I get the chance, (just past the 4th boss) which is unfortunately not often as it's exam season right now. Still, very fun game. I think I like Killer 7 a bit more, but that's probably because there was more focus on narrative in K7. Without the blood though, I could see a lot of the charm being sucked out of the game. How comprehensive is Wii region locking? Full-on, or like the 360 where it only applies to a few games here and there?

    The US got an edited version with blood, as every other version just has black ash instead. The Wii is fully region locked though, so even if I wanted to play with blood there's no easy way to do it right now. Hopefully someone comes out with a boot loader or something that doesn't require soldering, since Nintendo Europe sucks so hard it's unbelievable.

  8. Hah, I saw the trailer for Pure the other day and the only thing that came to mind was "someone should do Motocross Madness 3". I loved both games, but since it's been a while I'm not sure how well they hold up. Microsoft should push out a third one anyway though, and do another Midtown Madness while they're at it.

  9. Storyline: Baffling/non-existent

    Characters: Retarded (at best)

    Gameplay: :tup:

    Yeah, but the gameplay wore really thin after a few levels and they never changed it up, even slightly. The last boss was terrible too. Decent game overall though, despite what it sounds like from reading all these complaints.

  10. Yeah, I wonder if that could've been handled differently. For example, would a playable recap be possible?

    What would have been neat is if Ep. 2 had checked your account to see if you finished Ep. 1. If you had you'd get another introduction to the game. I didn't really feel that I needed to see the stuff I did in Ep. 1 again, even if some time had passed since I played it.

  11. So... You want Soul Calibur to become a "tit fighter" game? :erm:

    I didn't mean volleyball in the Dead or Alive sense, though now that I think about it the screenshots from Soul Calibur indicates that it would probably turn out that way. I was thinking more along the lines of the innocent and fun volleyball from Tekken 3, which is why I brought that game up.

    Really, I just thought it would be kind of fun to play volleyball with Voldo and Vader...

  12. I enjoyed this episode a lot more than most of his latest videos. The fact that he is so passionate about Silent Hill made it more meaningful, in my opinion.

    Yeah, it kind of shows when he doesn't care much in some videos. Like he'd rather have reviewed something else, but the deadline was coming up and he was halfway through some game.

  13. You didn't show your working. I think you may be tellings fibs sir! :deranged:

    Average distance is about 30 times Earth's diameter, which is 12,742 km (again, on average). 30 times 12,742 equals 382,260 km. An old DS measures 149 mm by 85 mm by 29 mm. 29 mm is 0.029 m and 382,260 km is 382,260,000 m. Divide the distance by the size of the DS and get 13,181,379,310.

    Actually, I may be off by a fair bit, since I think the distance between the two is actually core to core. :getmecoat Also, you could stack the machines in other ways, which I don't account for either. This doesn't even begin to account for the structural integrity of the staircase. In other words, it's total failure!