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  1. BenchGuys.Net...

    Well, if it's for phishing, they might send out false emails - like PM notifications and such - and get you to go to that site instead. After you're there they'd like you to go directly to the login screen and after that they'd have some personal info on you. It all seems rather unlikely given what needs to happen, but it might. After they have that first password they can start trying to get control of other accounts you have on the web, since most people use similar or identical passwords everywhere. After a while of doing that they might have made some money - if you're unlucky.
  2. Xbox 360 titles under £16!

    The NTSC releases for both games are compatible with PAL 360's. VG+ have a blog where they test new releases for PAL compatibility, which can come in handy. Hopefully they haven't been telling me lies and I'll have something more fun than two DVD-shaped doorstops come next week. Edit: Yeah Play-Asia works too.
  3. T-minus 53 days and not counting

    Army of Two is multi-platform though, isn't it?
  4. Xbox 360 titles under £16!

    I bought Lost Planet and Viva Pinata for what converts to a grand total of £48, and that's with shipping from the US. It's still in the mail though. Unfortunately the sale I got it from is no longer available.
  5. I refuse to vote until it's possible to choose all the pages.
  6. BenchGuys.Net...

    That is so weird. It looks like they're after passwords though, since the whole page is a mirror of the Thumb except for the login link. That takes you to their (cleverly disguised) login screen. So yeah, probably a phishing site where they swap the main page around every so often and then hope for a few passwords before moving on?
  7. Members: 1,500

    How many are actively using the forums though? In Swedish, this means Lead-Lady (as in the metal). Now you know.
  8. Check out my blog!

    Nice, bookmarked. Maybe add it to the Thumb Finger, if anyone but me still uses that (and I only use it occasionally at best)?
  9. My hard drive asplode

    No, it does backup too.
  10. Happy Birthday Marek

    Yes exactly, what did you get? Happy birthday! Birthdays are fun and nice and sunshine and great, yay.
  11. Well, in Oblivion they did the procedural stuff once and then packaged that and sent it off for people to play. In Spore the procedural content is constantly being delivered to the players, generated in real-time, so it actually makes a difference because you can't run out of content. Technically they might have a lot in common, but in practice Oblivion wasn't procedural since all content was pre-packaged. If that was what you were asking, because I'm not sure.
  12. It's always been like that though, since before the buyout.
  13. How did you find Idle Forums?

    So if you're a dog browsing the web, does it move in dog years, internet years or is there some scaling factor involved? Please, I have to know!
  14. Securing a Wii

    I imagine something like that, but Miyamoto would most likely get a taste of the shiv too. Probably some poor ocean as well.
  15. Securing a Wii

    Think of the kids though, her death on their consciences forever. Some head trauma and you've probably got a grade A serial killer right there.
  16. Wii number exchange

    Not to be too harsh, but this definitely isn't doing anything right.
  17. Sixaxis controller wins emmy... what?

    I think it has to do with that Nintendo's products differ in that they only use a single motor for powering the vibrations, while the Immersion patent covers multiple motors for rumble. Maybe they're still shareholders, but this is off the top of my head too.
  18. I'm not sure whether we're still talking about this (I think not) but the PS3 is a two-faced beast. In a lot of photos it looks very pretty - suave some would even risk saying - but in the next batch of pictures it looks like a piece of shit plastic toy that would go for a few bucks down at the local grocers. It can't be lousy photography because I've experienced it more often than that would allow, so I'm wondering if I'm alone on this sentiment?
  19. Movie/TV recommendations

    That is also true.
  20. Movie/TV recommendations

    As if most movies have a significant point to make. Kill Bill does what it sets out to do, entertain through looking cool and funny, with lots of throwbacks. Children of Men is probably the best film I've seen in the last two or three years, I was completely immersed and it was really an emotionally draining film for me. It really hit home in a significant way, without ever making me think it was being overly dramatic. Superbly done both technically and aesthetically. Two big green thumbs, way, way up. :tup:
  21. Idiots at work

    It's how he finishes with "as for the time being" which makes for a very unnatural ending to a sentence, in my opinion at least. The rest of the message throws you off as well, but that bit sort of makes my eyes twist and turn in a funny way.
  22. Yes. Perhaps even something lower than 720p too. I don't mind the noise the 360 makes, it's about on par with my computer. Wouldn't complain about a larger hard drive though, but I don't care about HDMI either, as VGA is fine for me. That said, I like having the latest gadget, so I hope there'll be some not too expensive ways of trading my current box for a new one in stores.
  23. How did you find Idle Forums?

    I think it was a link from Mixnmojo. When I found the site, the first Mecha-Goose epic had just been published and I liked that so I hung around for a little while and then started posting my own stupid shit on the forums. I bet everyone was thrilled
  24. Let's all celebrate with new avatars!

    Ugh, I feel so unnatural without Gordon representing me Edit: I changed my mind, I'm going with Donald on this endeavour, even though I didn't make it...
  25. Photoshop Contest

    I decided to take the ear bud concept to the next level.